150 Social Psychology Topics for 2022

social psychology topics

Choosing a good research paper topic is one of the more important phases of writing a great academic assignment. As the first step, it will determine the rest of the phases of the researching and writing process. This list of 150 topics for social psychology research paper may inspire you or give you ideas of your own.

Social Psychology Project Topics for Middle School

Many young students find this area of study interesting. So, we have gathered several topics on social psychology that will inspire them to explore the field further without being too overwhelming:

  1. How do attitudes develop in children?
  2. What causes racism in young people?
  3. How do prejudices against specific groups develop?
  4. How do children develop nonverbal communication skills?
  5. How does prosocial behavior affect development?
  6. Can young people feel love?
  7. How do young people react to their parents’ acts of affection?
  8. In what ways does television advertisement affect consumers?
  9. Are young people prone to eating disorders?
  10. What are the early signs of schizophrenia?
  11. What impact does seasonal affective disorder have on children?
  12. How do children develop phobias?
  13. What are the symptoms of borderline personality disorder?
  14. How can parents prevent their kids from bullying others?
  15. What impact does bullying have on children?

The social psychology topics can be easily researched using online and print resources. But any student that chooses any of these topics must be sure to do the work and search for sources that are reliable and trustworthy.

Good Social Psychology Research Topics for High School

These social psychology issues topics are tougher and are designed for students that have learned the fundamentals of conducting good background research using both online and print resources. They are great for students at a high school level because they are challenging but not overwhelming:

  1. What impact does depression have on social behavior?
  2. How are eating disorders formed in young adults?
  3. How does social pressure lead to eating disorders in teenagers?
  4. Why do young adults develop personality disorders?
  5. Why do teenagers become antisocial?
  6. How do dreams influence daily behavior?
  7. How does social behavior affect a student’s academic performance?
  8. Do sports help students with anti-social behaviors?
  9. What are the most effective ways of dealing with social depression?
  10. Are modern counselors trained to deal with current depressive disorders?
  11. What causes homophobia in young adults?
  12. What effects does racism have on high school students?
  13. How do young people react to homophobia?
  14. What are the best ways to deal with social anxiety?
  15. What impact do marital fights have on young people?

Social Psychology Research Topics for College Students

As soon as students have developed a firm grasp of researching and writing methods, they will be required to take on bigger academic challenges. These social psychology term paper topics fit the bill perfectly. There are a lot of sources available online and in libraries:

  1. In what ways does the loss of a family pet affect children?
  2. How does the loss of a relative impact children?
  3. What cultural influences affect how families deal with death?
  4. How does divorce impact a child’s social relationships?
  5. Should teachers get to know their students more closely?
  6. How does placement in a special education class affect a child’s confidence?
  7. How do team sports help with a child’s social behavior?
  8. How is social cognition affected by depression?
  9. What impact does media violence have on a child’s development?
  10. How do gender roles on television affect young person’s relationships with others?
  11. How does child abuse lead to further violence in adults?
  12. How do compliments and appraisals affect a child’s development?
  13. What effect does parental affection have on a child’s confidence?
  14. How do different parenting styles affect children?
  15. How do children learn to respect the advice of their elders?

All of these social psychology research topics can be revised to fit a specific assignment. Be sure you organize your notes and choose the best arguments to structure and support your main point.

Thesis Topics in Social Psychology for Grad Students

Many issues have been debated since the start of this field of science. This is a list of major topics in social psychology perfect for graduate students seeking a degree in psychology:

  1. How do group sports help with depression?
  2. Does running or jogging with others help with weight loss?
  3. Are people more likely to stick with a healthy lifestyle if they join a gym?
  4. What effect does alcohol have on dating?
  5. How has the internet changed the way people interact?
  6. How do people come to know and understand themselves?
  7. How does divorce impact a child’s development?
  8. In what ways does self-esteem affect the way people behave in public?
  9. Does fashion sense elevate a person’s sense of worth?
  10. How does wealth affect the ways people interact with one another?
  11. How does professional therapy help keep couples together?
  12. Does dealing with reconciliation issues help couples after separation?
  13. How do genetics affect the way people form relationships?
  14. How do families deal with alcohol abuse by a member of that family?
  15. Can therapy help families that have experienced the death of a child?

The above research topic in social psychology ideas covers a wide range of areas that can pique the interest of diverse audiences. Choose something that explores a new field of study or challenges an existing theory. Our media dissertation topics may come in handy here.

Social Psychology Literature Review Topics

When it comes to social psychology essay topics, you should always turn to those that you are genuinely interested in. Just be sure you conduct ample research to ensure you present the most current information:

  1. How is social cognition with a family affected by outside factors?
  2. What roles do aggressive behaviors play in social psychology?
  3. What social influences can affect the way a person sees religion?
  4. Do city nightlights affect the way people interact in public?
  5. What effect has the Covid-19 pandemic had on people’s mental health?
  6. What is the bystander effect and what influence does it have in psychology?
  7. What are the biggest influences on child development?
  8. What impact do holiday gatherings have on family relationships?
  9. What effect does distancing oneself from the public have on his or her well-being?
  10. How does leadership impact the way employees work?
  11. What effect do company retreats have on work productivity?
  12. What is the most effective way to deal with physical illnesses?
  13. What are the social pressures that most affect adolescence?
  14. Is sex education bringing unwanted stress upon teenagers?
  15. How does one deal with affluenza?

Interesting Social Psychology Topics

Social psychology topics for research can be difficult to brainstorm. Students could struggle to find interesting ideas that meet the requirements of an assignment. You may find the following list helpful and inspiring:

  1. What impact did Albert Bandura have on social learning?
  2. What are the short-term effects alcohol has on human interaction?
  3. How does the kind of music one listens to affect his/her relationships with others?
  4. What is the difference bet altruism and prosocial behavior?
  5. How does climate emergency affect the way people behave?
  6. What impact does the change of terms from “climate change” to “climate emergency” have?
  7. How does war impact civilian behavior?
  8. What kind of social-psychological factors contribute to youth delinquency?
  9. How does cultural adaptation impact a person’s psychology?
  10. How has the culture of fear impacted how people interact?
  11. Why do people feel safe joining religious cults?
  12. What is the easiest way of adapting to a foreign culture?
  13. How does teamwork affect employee productivity?
  14. Should employees become friends outside of the workplace?
  15. How does weather affect the way people interact?

Applied Social Psychology Topics

You may not have known but there are social psychology topics for research paper in the field of applied practices. If you are interested in this field you should be prepared to conduct a lot of research before delving into any of the topics listed above:

  1. How do peace and conflict affect the human psyche?
  2. What social forces affect the way students perform academically?
  3. How does diversity in the workplace improve morale?
  4. What impact do school clubs have on a teenager’s mental health?
  5. How does crowding impact task performance?
  6. What happens to a person’s emotional state when criticized?
  7. What are the benefits of asking for help in the workplace?
  8. How does job satisfaction affect life satisfaction?
  9. Does the promise of financial compensation motivate workers?
  10. How do romantic relationships at work affect productivity?
  11. Does recognition affect the way a student performs academically?
  12. What happens to employee productivity after a promotion?
  13. What do SES indexes measure in people?
  14. What makes some people more attractive than others?
  15. Why are people attracted to celebrities?

Social Psychology Experiment Topics

If you want to push the boundaries of experimentation in this area of study, this list of social psychology research topics should inspire academic research that is original and interesting:

  1. How does sleep impact the way people behave in public?
  2. Does public transportation improve trust in people?
  3. How do political demonstrations divide people?
  4. Do public protests unify or divide our societies?
  5. How do people respond to pornography on the screen?
  6. What impact do racially-based crimes have on societies?
  7. How are people responding to police killings in the U.S.?
  8. What are the major approaches to social problems?
  9. How does metaphor in politics affect opinions?
  10. How does marital satisfaction impact validation approach?
  11. How do teacher-student relationships impact academic growth?
  12. Does inclusion help students succeed academically?
  13. How does parental inclusion help a student’s grades?
  14. How do juvenile correction institutions affect youth?
  15. How is social-emotional behavior impact sex differences?

More Social Psychology Paper Topics

One of the easiest ways of earning a good grade on a writing assignment is to choose a unique social psychology research topic to write about. The following topics in social psychology provide you with numerous ideas that span a wide area of subjects that fit your interests:

  1. How does police violence impact our trust in the legal system?
  2. How has the growing number of mass shootings affected society?
  3. How does attractiveness help people make friends?
  4. Do people who are defined as attractive have more professional success?
  5. What are the reasons behind the halo effect?
  6. What impact does educational level have on relationships?
  7. How does the use of foul language impact the way we view others?
  8. Are people who have positive personalities more likely to make friends?
  9. What does it mean to have a close circle of friends?
  10. Is attractiveness linked to friendliness?
  11. How do television advertisements affect consumerism?
  12. What causes sleep paralysis in adults?
  13. Does the use of foul language make someone seem more aggressive?
  14. How do people respond when social norms are violated?
  15. What impact do professional sports have on a city?

Social Psychology Topics to Write About

This last set of social psychology research paper topics can be used across numerous disciplines and academic levels. Modify them to suit your specific needs and don’t forget to conduct ample research before you start writing:

  1. What are the implications of discrimination against specific races?
  2. What occurs to people that have been discriminated against?
  3. How does community interaction establish trust?
  4. Do violent films make teenagers more likely to commit crimes?
  5. Is homophobia a type of religious prejudice?
  6. What does psychological bullying do to teenagers?
  7. What role does bullying play in violent adults?
  8. Does being the victim of bullying make a person prone to violence?
  9. Why do so many people avoid taking action when they see violent behavior?
  10. How do our social actions affect the way others see us?
  11. What impact do violent video games have on teenagers?
  12. How does leadership affect the way people work?
  13. What does prosocial behavior do the way people respond to politicians?
  14. What does it mean to be a good neighbor?
  15. How do humans process and store information they gather from their surroundings?

The above topics in social psychology research can be revised to fit numerous academic projects. Still, if you require more social psychology topics for research papers, UK Assignment Help has a team of academic experts that could create custom lists to suit your specific needs. Our customer support team is available 24/7 and can connect you with an expert that specializes in this discipline. And if you need topics in other areas, we can help with that too. We look forward to hearing from you.

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