121 Original Science Fair Project Ideas To Try In 2023

science fair project ideas

If you’re searching for the most interesting science fair project ideas on the Internet, you have arrived at the right place! We have just finished updating our list of fair project ideas for 2023. We now have 121 original topics in all of the most relevant areas of science.

And the good news is that you can use any one of our topics for free. No need to give us any credits; just pick a topic and start working on your project!

What Are Science Fair Projects And How Are They Graded?

So, what are science fair projects?

A science fair project is a project that is completed by students and that involves conducting an experiment to answer a scientific question.

Science fair projects are usually done as part of a school assignment or as part of a larger science competition (on a regional or national scale). You can choose from a wide range of topics, from biology and chemistry to physics and engineering.

Even though every professor has his own grading criteria, you can expect it to be something like this:

  • Scientific accuracy (20 points): The project accurately reflects scientific knowledge regarding the subject.
  • Creativity (10 points): The project demonstrates originality in its approach to the investigation.
  • Clarity (15 points): The project is well-organized and easy to understand.
  • Evidence (15 points): The project provides clear and convincing evidence to support its conclusions.
  • Methodology (15 points): The project uses a well-designed experimental approach.
  • Analysis (15 points): The project analyzes the data in a meaningful way and draws appropriate conclusions.
  • Presentation (10 points): The project is presented in a professional and visually appealing manner.

Now that you have an idea of how your project will get graded, you surely realize the importance of choosing the perfect topic for your project. The good news is that we have 121 great science fair ideas right here on this page.

Science Fair Projects Topic For 2023

Take a look at our latest science fair projects for 2023 and take your pick:

  1. Measure the and water-holding capacity of different types of soil
  2. Build a solar still to purify water
  3. Construct a wind turbine
  4. Build a model of a simple machine to demonstrate the transfer of energy
  5. Study the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance
  6. Construct a simple motor
  7. Study the behavior of sound waves
  8. Measure the permeability of different materials
  9. Construct a seismometer to study the propagation of seismic waves
  10. Investigate the effect of salt concentration on the freezing point of water

Best Science Fair Projects

Our writers and editors have managed to come up with the best science fair projects you can find. Take a look at some extraordinary ideas right here:

  1. Investigate the effect of caffeine on reaction time
  2. Test the effectiveness of different types of natural pesticides
  3. Investigate the effect of different colors of light on the growth of algae
  4. Measure the effect of different types of exercise on heart rate recovery
  5. The effect of different types of packaging materials on the shelf life of food
  6. The effect of various types of music on our mood
  7. Compare the effectiveness of 3 natural remedies for acne treatment

Intriguing Science Fair Topics

Looking for the most intriguing science fair topics? We have a list of topic ideas that we think your professor will love. Here they are:

  1. The effect of different types of water on the growth of crystals
  2. The effect of different types of soil on the growth of mushrooms
  3. The effect of different types of cooking oils on food flavor
  4. The effectiveness of natural dyes on fabric colorfastness
  5. The effect of light on the behavior of nocturnal animals
  6. The effect of different types of materials on clothing insulating
  7. The effect of soil additives on the yield of a specific crop

STEM Fair Projects

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fair projects are research projects conducted by students in these fields with the aim of demonstrating scientific principles and concepts. And we have just the topics you’ve been looking for:

  1. Investigate the effects of different types of fertilizers on plant growth
  2. Examine the factors that affect the rate of osmosis in plant cells
  3. Investigate the effectiveness of various insect repellents
  4. Design and build a robot that can navigate a maze
  5. Develop a mobile app that helps people learn a new language
  6. Develop a computer program that can recognize facial expressions
  7. Design and test a bridge that can withstand different types of loads
  8. Create a device that can remove microplastics from water
  9. Identify the factors that influence students’ academic performance
  10. Analyze the patterns of traffic flow in a city

Science Fair Projects About Biology

If you want to work on a project related to biology, you’re at the right place. Here are some awesome science projects about biology:

  1. The effects of different light spectrums on plant growth
  2. Investigating the role of bacteria in the fermentation of food
  3. An analysis of the effects of air pollution on plant growth
  4. The impact of different soil types on plant growth and development
  5. Investigating the role of plant hormones in the development of plants
  6. An analysis of the effects of different temperatures on bacteria
  7. The impact of different pH levels on the survival of yeast
  8. Investigating the role of photosynthesis in the growth a species of algae
  9. An analysis of the effects of different water sources on aquatic plants
  10. The impact of different amounts of light exposure on fungi

Easy Science Fair Projects

Don’t want to spend too much time working on the science fair project? No problem! All you have to do is choose one of these easy science fair projects:

  1. Which brand of popcorn pops the most kernels?
  2. How does the amount of sugar affect the growth of plants?
  3. Which type of paper airplane design flies the farthest?
  4. How does temperature affect the rate of mold growth on bread?
  5. How does the size of a parachute affect its descent time?
  6. How does the shape of an object affect its ability to float?
  7. What kind of music helps plants grow the best?
  8. What is the effect of soda on teeth?
  9. Which type of salt works best to melt ice?
  10. The link between the angle of a ramp and distance travelled?

Cool Science Fair Projects

We have some pretty cool science fair projects for students of all ages. Use any of these topics for free and get a top score on your project:

  1. Build a pendulum wave machine
  2. The relationship between magnetic field strength and distance
  3. Investigate the relationship between current, voltage and resistance
  4. A 3D printing project that prints objects with different shapes
  5. Investigate the relationship between wavelength and frequency
  6. Build a wind turbine to generate electricity and testing its efficiency
  7. Use mathematical models to explore the spread of a virus
  8. The relationship between water hardness and soap effectiveness.
  9. Testing natural fibers for water filtration.

Excellent Ideas For Science Project

Can’t come up with any excellent ideas for a science project? Choose one of ours and stop wasting your time:

  1. Develop an algorithm to predict the likelihood of developing a disease
  2. Create a website that uses machine learning
  3. Study the impact of pH levels on the growth of bacteria
  4. Design a water filtration system using natural materials
  5. Build a spectroscope to study the properties of light
  6. Investigate the relationship between air pressure and altitude
  7. Investigating the effect of temperature on the rate of seed germination.
  8. Testing the effect of different materials on sound insulation.

Science Fair Projects About Physics

Here are some 100% original science fair projects about physics that you can use right now for your project:

  1. Build a simple electric motor
  2. Build a ballistic pendulum to study the conservation of momentum
  3. Build a rocket
  4. Build a simple spectrophotometer to study the properties of light
  5. Investigate the relationship between weight and friction
  6. The effect of air resistance on the trajectory of a projectile
  7. The effect of temperature on the pressure of a gas
  8. An analysis of the force of gravity on objects of different mass
  9. The effect of different materials on the speed of sound
  10. An analysis of the energy transformation in a simple machine

Good Science Fair Project Ideas

Are you looking for some good science ideas? There are some ideas that should impress everyone. Here is what you can make to get a top score:

  1. Build a model of a river delta
  2. A reaction kinetics experiment to study the rate of chemical reactions.
  3. A study of the properties of different types of rocks and minerals
  4. Make a simulation of a market economy
  5. A cybersecurity experiment to test the vulnerability of computer systems
  6. Build a homemade battery
  7. An IoT project that uses microcontrollers to process data
  8. A study of the formation of geological features such as mountains
  9. An examination of the impact of government policies on the economy

Science Fair Experiments Ideas

Do you want to experiment with something cool? Here are some cool science fair experiments to try:

  1. Compare the effectiveness of natural and chemical insect repellents
  2. Investigate the relationship between exercise and heart rate
  3. Test the strength of different types of magnets
  4. Measure the effect of pH on the rate of corrosion of metals
  5. Compare the effectiveness of different types of water filters
  6. Investigate the effect of music on concentration and memory
  7. Measure the effect of temperature on the viscosity of liquids

Ideas For Science Projects

Instead of wasting time searching for great ideas for science projects, why don’t you simply pick one of these ideas:

  1. A study of the climate and vegetation patterns of your area
  2. A simple distillation apparatus to purify a mixture of liquids
  3. Compare natural remedies for common ailments
  4. Sound frequencies’ impact on microorganism growth
  5. A study of the patterns and causes of earthquakes and tsunamis
  6. Compare the effectiveness of 3 cleaning products
  7. A chatbot that interacts with users

Interesting Science Project Ideas

Do you want to get a top score on your project? Take a look at these amazing science project ideas from our science homework help pros and start building your device right now:

  1. A simple weather station to track weather patterns over time
  2. A plant hydroponics system
  3. A homemade battery using fruits or vegetables
  4. A solar oven to cook food and study the effect of sunlight
  5. A seismograph to measure the intensity of earthquakes
  6. Build a balloon-powered car
  7. A compost bin to study the decomposition of organic waste
  8. A simple pendulum clock to study the accuracy of timekeeping
  9. A plant sensory garden to study the behavior of plants
  10. Build a simple electric motor

Our Latest Science Project Ideas

Check out our latest science project ideas right below and keep an eye on this list as we will be updating it periodically:

  1. Test the strength of different types of synthetic fibers
  2. Build a small-scale wind turbine to generate electricity
  3. Examine the effect of temperature on the rate of chemical reactions
  4. Study the properties and behavior of non-Newtonian fluids
  5. Investigate the effects of light on the growth of microorganisms
  6. Build a small-scale model of a solar water heater
  7. Investigate the effects of exercise on heart rate and blood pressure

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