234 HR Dissertation Topics To Spice Up Your Writing

hr dissertation topics

Students in Business schools are familiar with this concept of human resource management. While some may say that it is not a technical course like engineering, others view it as an extended version of rocket science! In either case, this post intends to help both amateurs and pros in the field of human resources.

Are you ready to learn something new today about HR? Then let’s dive in together!

What Is Human Resource Management?

HR management is a subject area that deals with how organizations identify and manage real-life scenarios concerning their employees.

Therefore, a HR paper will require a student to research the prevailing conditions in a workplace and how organizations work to alleviate them. It is more of employers and employees.

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How To Write HR Dissertation Papers

The process of coming up with such a paper is one most students enjoy. It is not like the tedious calculus or chemistry paper on the mole concept. Here is an easy to follow the procedure that will certainly interest you:

  • Begin by choosing an original HR topic that will add knowledge and understanding to the field
  • Proceed to write a brief narrative of the work which forms your abstract
  • Have a concise and appealing introduction that consists of the purpose, scope, and background of your research
  • Write a precise literature review exploring some of the relevant work and theories on the title
  • Formulate your research methodology with a straightforward research design including data collection, procedure, and tools
  • Present your data and analyze it using charts and graphs
  • Conclude with the findings and recommendations

Remember to consult your supervisor for the standard format of your HR dissertation paper. However, the illustration above works for all articles.

Now that you are ready with all you need to start writing, one thing remains a pain in the back – HR topics! Keep reading.

Sourcing Dissertation On HR Topics

There is an avalanche of sources that you can use to find great HR topics for your paper. Nonetheless, these topics should address a specific problem and be those that you can easily research. Some of the readily available sources include:

  • Human resource company websites
  • Journals and conference papers on HR
  • Regular news on business
  • Company reports

You are sure to find at least one or two ideas that you can use to write your paper. Remember that these HR topics should apply to real-life situations and those that try to solve an existing problem. An exciting and captivating HR topic will draw the attention of a reader faster than a boring one.

It is important to note that human resource is rapidly changing significantly with the advent of technology. Therefore, it is essential to always be up to date with the developments in the industry.

Look at some of the suggestions that our expert writers have prepared for you.

Custom Employee Engagement Dissertation Topics

  1. The role of horizontal communication in a workplace
  2. How managers can improve employee engagement
  3. Why strikes and protests develop as a result of poor employee engagement
  4. The role of labor unions in facilitating employee engagements
  5. Impactful employee engagement ideas for a peaceful workplace
  6. The pros and cons of a one-size-fits-all approach to employee engagement
  7. How to make new employees feel part of the team on their first day
  8. Why it is essential to communicate employer expectations early
  9. Fun activities of improving employee-employer relations
  10. Why allowing employees the flexibility of working from home improves productivity
  11. Considerations for an employee’s physical working environment
  12. How to celebrate employee accomplishments outside of work
  13. Why buying birthday gifts for employees goes a long way in motivating them
  14. How to maximize employee potential through strengths assessment
  15. Why the boss mentality kills employee engagements
  16. The role of coaching on improving employee engagements
  17. Why employees must own their roles
  18. The impact of asking advice from employees as an employer

The Best Employment Law Dissertation Topics

  1. Considerations for drafting an employment contract
  2. Why it is essential to read all the expressed and implied terms before signing a contract.
  3. What is the place of restrictive covenants in employee freedom?
  4. The importance of policies and procedures in an employment contract
  5. To what extent should a company seek the personal details of an employee?
  6. Discuss the equality law in employment contracts
  7. Remedies for discrimination of an employee in the law
  8. The role of a HR manager in advancing employee equality
  9. Procedure for dealing with unfair dismissal from work
  10. Why termination of employment contracts should always be a last resort
  11. Statutory leaves for employees: A case study of maternity leave
  12. Provisions for handling bullying and sexual harassment claims among employees
  13. Employers defenses for discriminatory charges
  14. What happens when an employee develops psychiatric injury at work?
  15. How to deal with breach of contract claims
  16. Why most injunction applications do not see the light of the day
  17. Laws governing workplace privacy and data protection
  18. The role of the Workplace Relations Commission in coming up with employment policies and laws

Top HRM Dissertation Topics

  1. Human resource management skills for a starting company
  2. Compare and contrast HRM policies in communist versus liberal countries
  3. How to manage diverse cross-cultural people as a manager
  4. Emerging Trends in the restructuring of human resource management
  5. How to address diversity and provide equal employment opportunities
  6. Ethics and morals related to human resource management
  7. The role of government policies in determining human resource management
  8. How human resource management affects the organization’s performance
  9. The difference in HRM practices between small and large companies
  10. How to develop good inter-organizational relationships as a HR manager
  11. The role of college degree courses in human resource management
  12. How teamwork makes human resource management a swift process
  13. Considerations for the recruitment and selection of employees
  14. The impact of technology on human resource management strategies
  15. How trade unions affect the development of HRM policies
  16. Human resource management and employee satisfaction
  17. Why training staff is crucial in human resource management
  18. Evaluation of different human resource management methods

Professional Dissertation Topics in HR For MBA

  1. A modern perspective of human resource in selected companies
  2. The role of HR in alleviating employee problems and dissatisfaction
  3. Why HR can be a discriminative aspect sometimes
  4. What happens behind the closed doors of a HR office?
  5. Control practices for practical human resource in companies
  6. The role of HR in driving change in a company
  7. What is the value of the human resource in developed nations?
  8. The implications of outsourcing labour to a company’s financial budget
  9. Do employees have bargaining power in front of a human resource manager?
  10. Human resource survival techniques during the economic crisis
  11. The implication of training and development in human resource
  12. Are soft skills necessary for today’s technological world?
  13. Consolidating budget versus training in employee sustainability
  14. Impact of flawed employee selection process on companies
  15. How organizations are keeping up with the changing HR practices
  16. Who replaces the HR personnel in a company?
  17. How to assess the value of human resource services
  18. The role of performance management in improving productivity

Human Resources Thesis Topics For Scoring High Grades

  1. Using technology to solve persistent human resource problems
  2. The part of a duty roster in managing employees
  3. What determines appraisals for employees?
  4. Why is it necessary to review and act on results?
  5. The aspect of subjectivity when it comes to appraisals
  6. Compare and contrast assessments in private and public companies
  7. Why motivation is necessary for job satisfaction
  8. Why the human resource manager is supposed to serve employees rather than the employers
  9. Differences between total reward and motivation of employees
  10. Productive responses to human resource decisions by employees
  11. Proactive ways of inducting new employees into an organization
  12. How does diversity lead to discrimination in human resources practices?
  13. The implication of the world as a global village to HR practices
  14. How cross-national diversity affects HR practices
  15. Why organizational HR values can bring it down or soar it higher
  16. The role of future planning in human resource management
  17. How motivation impacts retention levels of employees
  18. The aspect of self-actualization in human resource management

Top-Notch HRM Dissertation Titles

  1. How the economic needs of a man affect his HR expectations
  2. Psychological issues that affect human resource management
  3. Discuss how to use a contingency approach in dealing with HR problems
  4. Achieving equal employment opportunities for all
  5. The role of talent management in organizations
  6. Why incentive plans motivate employees
  7. Why most performance reviews are flawed
  8. How a performance management system can improve employer and employee motivation
  9. The role of a vision, mission statement, and organizational values in human resource management
  10. Practical ways of retaining the best employees in a company
  11. How to deal with a nagging human resource manager
  12. The role of respect in improving employee relations
  13. Reasons why HR managers make people quit their jobs
  14. Why companies should develop job descriptions for employees
  15. Survival techniques in a hostile working environment
  16. How to improve teamwork in a company as a human resource manager
  17. How to impress a human resource manager during an interview
  18. The impact of COVID-19 on human resource management practices

Interesting Human Resource Topics For College Students

  1. How working from home is making it difficult for human resource managers
  2. What is the right attitude for an understanding human resource manager?
  3. How to strengthen the employee value proposition
  4. Methods of selecting, tracking, and aligning human resource metrics
  5. Why companies should redesign their recruiting strategies
  6. How to develop sourcing strategies for critical positions in a company
  7. Innovative ways of improving performance management
  8. Productive Strategies for managing on-site and remote workers
  9. Why Human Resource as a course in university attracts many students
  10. The process of strategic workforce planning
  11. How do leaders contribute to developing their employees?
  12. Why there should be a healthy work balance for employees
  13. Technological advances that have eroded the work-life balances
  14. Strategies of offsetting the 24/7 demands of the workplace
  15. The role of communication in human resource management
  16. How to distinguish between work and family
  17. Why people must relax and recharge in a workplace
  18. Regulatory considerations for setting up a human resource company

British Human Resources Presentation Topics

  1. The impact of human resource on altering an organizational culture
  2. Why employees must have vacation time
  3. The role of flex time in any organization for employees
  4. Why over-worked employees should avoid the pitfalls of imbalanced work-life dynamics
  5. Establishing mental equilibrium among employees
  6. Why employee burn-out is a cause for unproductivity
  7. The implication of global market on human resource practices
  8. How to use texting, email, and instant messaging to improve employee relations
  9. Why taking work home increases productivity in a company
  10. Should employees answer late-night work messages from the managers?
  11. How to balance between work and pursuing your interests
  12. The impact of telecommuting on human resource management
  13. Health problems that result from over-worked employees
  14. Innovative human resource management strategies employed in 2021
  15. How managerial expectations affect the productivity of employees
  16. Why overriding employee culture can lead to demoralization
  17. How to make downward communication more effective
  18. Should HR managers follow up with their managers during weekends?

Top-Rated HR Topics For Dissertation

  1. The difference between part-time employees and contractors
  2. How to remove the burden of paying for training
  3. Why most companies evade employment taxes by opting for contractors
  4. How to lower commitment and risk exposure inhuman resource management
  5. The critical role of departmental managers in any organization
  6. How the HR contributes to streamlining operations and increasing company profits
  7. Why is it difficult to find the right candidate for a particular job opening
  8. Compare and contrast university graduates versus diploma graduates in a work environment
  9. Why are most managers bosses and not leaders?
  10. The impact of the number of employees in a company
  11. Why companies should invest in training human resource managers
  12. What determines promotions and accolades in a given company?
  13. Employment strategies with return on investment
  14. The impact of part-time employees being more transient
  15. What is the role of a company in paying for employee insurance covers?
  16. Why most programmers and web developers are hired on a part-time basis
  17. Political and social constructions that determine human resource policies
  18. How to build employee social interactions in a company

Easy HR Dissertation Topics

  1. The role of compensations in retaining high-quality employees
  2. What is the implication of high wages for a company?
  3. How to cater for the happiness and welfare of an employee effectively
  4. The implication of human resource strategies on retaining customers
  5. How do human resources in the hotel industry vary from that of the banking sector?
  6. The importance of experience in determining a Human Resource manager
  7. Why online human resource training are watering down the practice of human resource
  8. The role of aptitude tests in assessing the suitability of candidates for a post
  9. How long should it take before raising the wages of employees?
  10. Why attitude affects the effectiveness of employees
  11. The role of frequent training on the productivity of employees
  12. Prominent human resource scholars whose works are applicable today
  13. Why juniors should learn from their seniors in a work environment
  14. The implication of communication breakdown in the human resource department
  15. How to determine the right time for laying off some workers
  16. Why employers should first consider the families of workers before sacking them
  17. What are the challenges of human resource management in the film industry?
  18. Developing working strategies for realizing the potential in interns

Tip-Top Dissertation Topics In HR Management

  1. Why companies should provide fringe benefits to their employees
  2. Nonmonetary services that improve employee satisfaction
  3. The role of health care costs in determining salaries
  4. Should companies offer employees relocation assistance?
  5. The implication of giving company cars to employees
  6. Why medical and dental insurance plans are draining companies
  7. How long should a vacation leave take?
  8. Should employees engage in leisure activities during working hours?
  9. The role of education funding on the motivation of employees
  10. Why companies should offer their employees legal assistance plans
  11. Effective child-care plans that companies can offer their employees
  12. Why it is necessary to cut on the miscellaneous employee discounts
  13. Should companies provide free lunch packages at work?
  14. How the scale of economies are effecting hiring techniques
  15. Why taxation rules are affecting employment processes
  16. How the top management can motivate employees to create a positive employee behavior
  17. Discuss the various labor relations and regulations over the years
  18. Discuss the effect of the negotiation processes between the employees and employers

Researchable HR Dissertation Topics Examples

  1. How union membership is making most employees quit labor unions
  2. Why the legal frameworks and legislative backing are demoralizing employees from seeking justice
  3. How human resource management contributes to the political and economic implications
  4. Why labor unions are on a steady decline in the recent past
  5. Free market dynamics that are affecting human resource management
  6. What is the fulcrum of labor relations in a country?
  7. Why mostly companies oppose the unionization of workers
  8. The age factor in determining human resource managers
  9. Do virtual human resource meetings yield fruits as the physical ones?
  10. How to deal with errant employees
  11. Developing strategies for addressing employee concerns
  12. Why it is necessary to have a database for employees as a HR manager
  13. Latest systems and software for managing employees
  14. Are CCTV cameras in workplaces making human resource management easier?
  15. Why family businesses have a hard time running human resource functions
  16. An analysis of the various conferences held on human resource management
  17. Discuss the place of human rights in developing HR policies
  18. Should employees be part of the process of making human resource policies, rules, and values?

Outstanding Topics For Dissertation In HR

  1. How to achieve the 1/3 gender rule in the employment process
  2. Why managers are victims of discriminatory charges
  3. Are employees liable for accidental damage to company property?
  4. What should be the rate of paying overtime workers?
  5. Characteristics of HR technologies in the United States
  6. Existing debates on the effectiveness of the human resource position
  7. The influence of social media on the practice of human resource
  8. Discuss the communist-capital model of human resource management
  9. The impact of the internet on improving human resource decisions
  10. Evaluate the developments made from traditional to modern HR practices
  11. How perceptions and prejudices affect human resource management
  12. Problems brought about by the younger generations in the workplace
  13. Should the human resource manager determine how people should dress to work?
  14. How modern labour unions affect labor markets
  15. Why immigrants receive lower wages despite their hard work
  16. Why do gender wage gaps exist?
  17. How race determines one’s chances of employment in the United States
  18. Economic consequences of nepotism on HR management

You will have realized by now that HR topics are almost everywhere. That is why our experts had the ease of compiling this extensive list for you.

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