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  • Mary, PhD. An excellent writer. A terrible cook. Relies heavily on take-away pizzas which don’t affect her writing.
  • Kevin, MBA. Loves ice-cream and singing in the shower (much to his neighbours’ horror and dismay).
  • Donald, MSc. An avid collector of toy trains. Has an elaborate setup in his own living room.
  • Sarah, MA. A visionary and a tireless perfectionist when it comes to writing, she is also a huge fan of vintage movies.
  • Michael, PhD. Draws inspiration from scuba diving and snowshoeing. A regular volunteer at a local dog shelter.
  • Susanna, LLM. A fan of wholesome food. When she is not writing, she spends time in the conservatory looking after tropical plants.
  • Fran, MRes. Also fluent in French and German. Never missed a single deadline.
How We’ve Made It. So Far. The road has been long and winding, and yet, it’s you who are making it worth every twist and turn.
Conception of the Idea It was at a flamboyant New Year’s Eve party at Piccadilly Circus that some two university graduates came up with the idea of helping other poor souls with their academic struggles.
Our Very First Client It all started with a simple website, designed by the founders’ self-taught designer friend. The first client didn’t take long to materialize and he walked away with a brilliant paper in his pocket.
The First PhD-Holder on the Team Locating the best experts wasn’t an easy task, but the eagerness shown by our recruiters made the process meaningful, exciting and result-effective.
Celebrating the 100,000th Order It was never our intention to become popular with students and graduates just for the sake of it, but once it came our way naturally, we couldn’t help but smile with joy and gratitude.
Site Relaunch Upon some deliberation, it was decided that our site needed a long-awaited revamp. So we let our imagination run wild and came up with this very design. Quite striking, isn’t it?
Let’s Be Friends Today might just as well be the most landmark date on our timeline. Why? Because you’ve come here, and we couldn’t be happier about it.