167 Outstanding Media Dissertation Topics For Students

media dissertation topics

Media is one of the most-studied topics, especially during the technological proliferation in most parts of the world. That is why it almost close to impossible to miss an issue on media during your college or university studies. But this comes with its fair share of challenges. Not all students can curate top-notch media dissertation topics for high grades. It is copy-pasting the already existing research topics on media and thus overshadows the original intent of research – to add new knowledge.

For you to excel in such a venture, seeking expert help from competent UK writers would be the best route to take. Nonetheless, our top ENL writers have compiled a list of 167+ writing ideas that will inspire you to write a world-class media dissertation paper. Have a look at them, and feel free to use any of them for your next college assignment.

Custom Media Dissertation Topics

  1. Why most students pursue undergraduate degrees in media
  2. The role of government intervention in the practice and efficiency of the media
  3. Discuss the primary function of media in addressing national security issues
  4. Describe the effect of an atmosphere devoid of peace on the operation of media
  5. Why do many students and professionals flood the media landscape?
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of the media curriculum for college and universities
  7. The role of media in achieving the growth and development of societies
  8. How can the press enable a business-friendly environment for investors?
  9. The impact of mass media allotting specific airtime to reports and discussions on terrorism
  10. How citizens can use the media to expose crime and sensitize others against criminal acts

The Best Social Media Dissertation Topics

  1. The role of international symposiums on social media
  2. How the use of social media is connected to deep-rooting changes in citizens’ self-concepts
  3. Compare and contrast social media versus mainstream media
  4. Discuss the use of social media among American during the coronavirus pandemic
  5. Analyze the trends and emerging narratives related to social media
  6. Evaluate the use of social media by age and gender among American citizens
  7. How do income levels affect the way different people use social media?
  8. Factors affecting the frequency of using social media in America
  9. Describe how people access social media using different web browsers
  10. The severe forms of online harassment among Americans

Advanced Social Media Dissertation Ideas

  1. What is the role of reading online blogs among US citizens?
  2. How social media is propagating false, incorrect, and inaccurate information
  3. The impact of information that is biased or meant to mislead deliberately
  4. A social network analysis of the #Coronavirus hashtag in America
  5. Discuss the impact of misinformation and COVID-19
  6. Discuss influencer marketing and consumer behavior post-COVID-19
  7. How social media has used a cause of hate speech
  8. Evaluate the behavior of social media in the new decade
  9. Harnessing social media consumption in fighting the covid-19 pandemic among the youth.
  10. Dealing with pandemic stigma: social media usage during covid-19 in America

Top-Notch Topics For Dissertation on Social Media

  1. Social media fake news in times of the covid-19 pandemic
  2. Trends in social media marketing in the United States
  3. Discuss social media addiction among teenagers in developed nations
  4. A pandemic problem: social media and misinformation
  5. The battle in understanding consumer audiences using social media
  6. How is the aspect of anonymity exemplified in social media?
  7. Social listening – what can brands learn from online conversations?
  8. Reading of online blogs by geo-location in the United States of America.
  9. Critical social media discoveries during the coronavirus pandemic
  10. Discuss social media and governance in the United States

Media Dissertation Topic Ideas For Students On Cinema

  1. The role of theatres and auditoriums in advancing cinema
  2. Discuss the role of technological advancements in the media on cinema
  3. How cinema is being used to inform and entertain audiences in the 21st century
  4. The impact of coronavirus restrictions on cinema halls
  5. Should media institutions have cinema labs for researching the field?
  6. How is cinema adapting in the age of online streaming platforms
  7. Discuss the interplay between audio and video in preparing cinema halls
  8. Are the charges in cinema halls shutting the doors too many?
  9. Why should institutions have cinema halls together with programs that advance the same?
  10. The implications of media studies on the development of cinema

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. The impact of the declining circulation rates of newspapers on marketing
  2. Malpractices involved in social media marketing
  3. The role of short videos and animations in social media marketing
  4. Why it is advisable to use posters and text-based messages in social media advertising
  5. What are the qualities of a social media marketer in the 21st century?
  6. Why should organizations invest in social media marketing over other platforms?
  7. Discuss the performance of brands using social media vis-à-vis other marketing platforms
  8. Compare and contrast sales made through social media marketing over mainstream advertising.
  9. What are the pros and cons of social media marketing?
  10. Implications of over-emphasizing social media marketing over other media

Hot Dissertation Topics in Media and Communication

  1. The impact of training on media and communication to journalism students
  2. The role of data repositories on social media consumption in America
  3. What is the implication of media and communication journals to the field?
  4. The development of social media sites and apps
  5. How influencers, brands, and bloggers converge
  6. Analyze extensive data mining and the challenges with social media
  7. The role of media and communication institutions to the practice
  8. Discuss the aspect of ‘breaking news in media and communication
  9. Is the media playing its role of information and education efficiently?
  10. Why more research needs to be done in the field of media and communication

Media Dissertation Titles on Films

  1. The role of film classification boards on producing clean content
  2. How films are eroding morals and traditions in society today
  3. The influence of film celebrities on teenagers and adolescents
  4. What is the role of the government in censoring films?
  5. Discuss the production process of movies and series.’
  6. What is the impact of location and weather in the shooting of a film?
  7. What determines the acceptance of a film to mainstream media?
  8. Are films manipulating children by using them as characters?
  9. Why it is challenging to manage obscene and immoral films
  10. Evaluate the general impact of cinema on society at large

Social Media And Mental Health Dissertation Topics

  1. The effect of online harassment on the mental health of an individual
  2. How social media is a crucial contributor to suicides among teenagers
  3. The role of social media in causing depression among youths
  4. Why are most social media users prone to living fake lives?
  5. The implication of body-shaming on social media
  6. Why spending too much time on social media can cause a mental breakdown?
  7. The impact of mental health awareness campaigns on social media
  8. How to deal with social media harassment and bullying
  9. Why most students using social media have a high self-esteem
  10. How often should one use social media to prevent mental breakdown

Digital Media Dissertation Topics

  1. The role of digital media platforms in political campaigns
  2. Discuss the rate of people living in rural areas accessing cyber cafes
  3. Why most people living in urban areas access social media from public hotspots
  4. How the use of media has generated a lot of market and academic research
  5. Discuss the acceptance, appropriation, and adoption of digital media sites
  6. Analyze immediacy, hypermedia, and remediation of digital media
  7. What is the implication of digital photography?
  8. How virtual reality is transforming the medical sector
  9. Discuss the use of mediated spaces in the technological era
  10. The role of the World Wide Web in digital media

Dissertation Topics On New Media

  1. The implication of ubiquitous computing in new media technologies
  2. Discuss the different theories and concepts in new media
  3. Critique the evolution from old to new media
  4. Analyze the traces left behind by media change in America
  5. What are the legal and ethical issues relating to digital media
  6. Appraise the various impacts of new media on the society
  7. Discuss what is ‘new’ about new media technologies
  8. Analyze the different new media technologies: A case of interactivity
  9. Discuss social media as ‘The Fifth Estate.’
  10. New media and group mobilization for action based on Clay Shirky’s works

Media and Cultural Studies Dissertation Ideas

  1. How media has been used to preserve culture and traditions
  2. The implication of media on eroding cultural norms
  3. Discuss the interrelationship between media and culture
  4. The rise of new media culture
  5. Discuss the convergence culture
  6. Evaluate the digital culture
  7. What new media draws from history
  8. Theories and practices of media culture
  9. A critical look at the effects of culture on media
  10. How culture inhibits media development

Sociology Media Dissertation Topics

  1. Discuss the statement that media has made the world a global village
  2. The implication of media on the interactions between people
  3. How media is a cause of conflicts among people
  4. The impact of media on how people view each other
  5. Areas of media sociology that needs adequate research
  6. Why media can be a crucial pillar in peace-building processes
  7. How media improves social relations
  8. Trends in media sociology
  9. Media sociology and peace of journalists and reporters
  10. Discuss the contribution of cybersecurity to media sociology

Social Media And Consumer Behaviour Dissertation

  1. Creative social media marketing techniques
  2. Principles of consumer purchasing behavior on digital platforms
  3. Writing compelling copies that attract consumers on social media
  4. Ethical and legal issues in social media consumer behavior
  5. Developing a powerful business beat
  6. Exploring questions for media morality in advertising
  7. Evaluate various ISO audit reports on consumer behavior
  8. Global economy dynamics in consumer behavior
  9. Why are most youths the majority of online consumers
  10. Accompaniments for effective social media marketing messages

Updated Media Studies Dissertation Ideas

  1. Discuss the ethics of web publishing
  2. The media’s role in monitoring security institutions
  3. Obstacles and challenges in media reporting
  4. Has the press lagged in its watchdog role?
  5. Impact of the media internalizing official perspectives on perceived threats to national security
  6. The climate of securitization after the September 11 attack
  7. Discuss the monopolization of media ownership
  8. The impact of ‘dumbing-down news.’
  9. The role of judicial deference to media independence
  10. The relationship between media and security institutions

Media Effects On Children Writing Ideas

  1. The role of video games on the behavior of children
  2. How television is impacting the development of children
  3. Why parents should monitor their children while using media
  4. Discuss the safety of children on social media
  5. How media has led to children kidnapping
  6. Should the watershed period be revised?
  7. The implication of online learning using digital media to children
  8. How children interact with the media
  9. Who is to blame for obscene images shown to children in the media?
  10. Media and erratic behavior among children

Social Media Trending Topics

  1. Cyber-attack simulations
  2. Selling of advertising space on social media
  3. Impact of subscription groups
  4. Using sponsored tweets
  5. Generating traffic for websites
  6. Social media and infodemic
  7. Trends of misinformation on coronavirus
  8. False conspiracy theories on Facebook
  9. Side-stepping news media interrogation
  10. Increased social media literacy levels

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