103 Unique IELTS Essay Topics and Essay Questions

ielts essay topics

As a reputable international testing exam that is most notable for the edge it places both school students and those seeking other professional needs abroad, IELTS dominates a wide range of space in the language testing proficiency exam, making it stand out as one of the necessary prerequisites for those seeking high-stake work, study, and migration across various English speaking countries.

For this, professional testing goes through a testing process of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. All of which follows a mainly designed pattern. For the essay, there’s the IELTS writing task that provides IELTS exam questions of which students are to answer accordingly.

IELTS Writing Topics

The IELTS is part of the testing process that deals with writing and covering topics of general interest based on whatever module you are working on. These topics are primarily from various common topics with a tip, instruction, or strategy on approaching your answer. Here are some writing topic ideas.

  1. Technology is fast leading the pace in innovation. Discuss two opinions on this
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of the gradual takeover of the internet
  3. In what ways is advertising being modernized
  4. Do you agree or disagree with newspapers continuing to stay relevant?
  5. What is your opinion on newsletters instead of newspapers
  6. In two opinions, is globalization contributing to the decline of specific world languages?
  7. What are the core effects of globalization?
  8. How important is education to everyone?
  9. Should online education be paid more credence than traditional education?
  10. In two opinions, how best can a government regulate taxing systems
  11. How does the banning of smoking improve a country’s system?
  12. In what ways can a dying language be revived?
  13. In two opinions, what are the foreseeable improvements of technology?
  14. Why is tax regulation necessary?
  15. How can free university education reduce student loan debts?
  16. In two opinions, what can generous funding in the arts do?
  17. How is the internet declining social interaction?
  18. Vegetarianism is the future. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this assertion?

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics for Test and Practice

Still, on the writing test part of your IELTS, there is a second part of the writing task where an argument or a particular problem is presented for you to write a formal essay response of at least 250 words.

  1. Of what importance is the role of police officers?
  2. In your opinion, should the police be defunded?
  3. How does globalization bring growth?
  4. How does technology complement education?
  5. Why is funding necessary for public schools?
  6. The decline of education is due to poor funding. Assert this.
  7. Discipline differs from Strictness. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this assertion?
  8. Give your opinion on why students should not be given homework
  9. Give your opinions on why students loan debts should not breed interests
  10. Do you agree or disagree with the cutting out of art and music from the school curriculum
  11. What are the possible effects of doing school work during leisure
  12. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion on students bringing computers to school
  13. Why does the government need to increase teachers’ wages?
  14. What are your opinions on the importance of education?
  15. What are your opinions on the economic background as a restriction to education?
  16. Do you think flogging is the best way to dispose of children?
  17. What is the importance of remote learning?
  18. Is hybrid learning more effective than remote learning?

Types of Essay Questions for IELTS Preparation

Just like every other testing exam has a way in which it is programmed. IELTS has its types of essay questions in the IELTS writing task 2. There’s the opinion, discussion, solution, direct question, and advantage and disadvantage essay questions. Here are some topics in which they can be identified.

  1. Researching about diseases is better than allowing them to occur. How do you agree or disagree with this?
  2. Discuss the impending social harm of constant food insecurity to a country
  3. What are the possible results of constant gentrification
  4. Could food insecurity be curbed? How can a government go about it?
  5. Ways to ensure the smooth function of free healthcare systems
  6. Of what importance is health insurance to people?
  7. Why should low-income workers be advocated for affordable healthcare insurance?
  8. Should everyone have access to full coverage health insurance?
  9. What are the cons of unequal healthcare insurance?
  10. Poverty is a political strategy to limit certain people. Do you agree to or disagree with this?
  11. What are the economic advantages and disadvantages of canceling student loan debt?
  12. Should student loan debt be forgiven?
  13. Discuss the importance of student loans succinctly
  14. Discuss some of the primary reasons for increased cybercrime activities
  15. Is getting a degree the only plausible way to job security?
  16. Is exercising the key to health or fitness?
  17. How has the internet brought more people closer?

Speaking Part on IELTS Topics

IELTS topics always range from a wide range of loose topics. Essay on IELTS topics does not come only from a particular source. Its sources cut across various disciplines and can take on any form.

  1. Describe the functionality of a website
  2. Describe the usefulness of Art
  3. Describe language and how it bridges communication gaps
  4. Describe the elementary importance of music and musical forms
  5. Describe any news piece you’ve listened to recently
  6. Describe any older person you know
  7. Describe the importance of respect
  8. Describe any informative book you recently read
  9. Describe what a productive day looks like for you
  10. Describe what a successful daily routine looks like
  11. Describe how effective communications can be had
  12. Describe any easy exercising technique you know
  13. Describe what family means to you
  14. Describe the importance of gift-giving
  15. Describe any exciting hobby of yours
  16. Describe the relevance of sports
  17. Describe why you may or may not find road trips interesting

Controversial IELTS Writing Task Practice Topics

For students and people looking to develop their IELTS writing test abilities, there are online writing tasks tests such as the IELTS Liz writing task 2, which happens to offer free IELTS essay topics and answers and other necessary tips. Here are some practical topics to look into.

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of running a successful family business?
  2. Skills vs. Knowledge, which is more important?
  3. Discuss character development in adolescence
  4. Describe the difference between large and small businesses
  5. What are the ways sustainable living can be promoted
  6. How can healthy eating be practiced?
  7. How can language learning be made more accessible?
  8. How can a global pandemic be mitigated?
  9. Sustainable ways to keep the environment clean
  10. Are e-books taking over paper books?
  11. Do reading and leisure go hand in hand?
  12. The social importance of traveling
  13. Do you agree or disagree with the censorship movement on art
  14. What is the future of traditional learning?
  15. Can education completely move away from traditional learning?
  16. Of what relevance is online learning?
  17. Should remote learning be encouraged?

Interesting Sample Topics on Writing Task 2 IELTS Essay

Sample topics for IELTS essay writing are not exhaustive. Each time, the examiners bring forth new test topics, and exhausting all available sample test topics will increase your abilities during the test.

  1. Why should salary be reviewed constantly?
  2. How can child exploitation be controlled?
  3. How can crimes in low-income neighborhoods be controlled?
  4. How can a government fight the poverty rate?
  5. What is the government’s role in poverty alleviation?
  6. What is the importance of poverty alleviation programs?
  7. Letter writing vs. Emailing. Which of them is more effective?
  8. Discuss how emailing is taking over letter writing
  9. Can emailing successfully wipe out letter writing?
  10. What are the internet benefits of reading?
  11. Why should reading be promoted?
  12. Discuss the causes of obesity
  13. How can obesity be handled
  14. Why do public healthcare systems need funding
  15. Discuss how fast foods cause obesity
  16. Advantages and disadvantages of single-sex schools
  17. Discuss in two points the importance of sex education in the high school curriculum

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