122 Hot Advertising Dissertation Topics for High Grades

advertising dissertation topics

“What are some of the best dissertation topics on advertising that I can use?” This is one of the questions that many students ask when starting the long journey of writing their dissertations. Well, we must indicate that getting good advertising thesis topics is never easy. Indeed, most university students get stuck even before starting their work. However, you do not have to get stuck because we are here to help. Keep reading as we unveil 122 PhD thesis titles on advertising that you can use for high grades.

What is A Good Dissertation Topic?

Before listing the leading thesis topics on advertising effectiveness, here are some useful tips on selecting the appropriate one:

  • Carefully review the guidelines from your lecturer on the dissertation topics.
  • Focus on the areas and topics that are interesting to you.
  • Follow other professional research papers to identify gaps and recommendations for further studies.
  • Follow the latest development in the marketing sector to identify emerging issues and trends.
  • Talk to your college professor for suggestions.
  • Read the field of marketing widely to identify areas where you can base the dissertation on.
  • Be creative and target areas that have not been researched by other scholars.

In the next section, we list the best topics that you can select for your dissertation. Go ahead and pick the most appropriate. You can also tweak a little to suit your preference.

Marketing Dissertation Titles

  1. Evaluating how television advertising impacts the targeted customers: A case study of the hospitality industry.
  2. What is the effectiveness of click-baiting people into sponsored advertisements?
  3. Analysing the core differences between organic and paid searches in online marketing.
  4. A comprehensive review of the most effective marketing strategies for start-ups.
  5. Content marketing in 21st century: How to create content that wins.
  6. Advertising vs. building brand equity: A comparative review.
  7. A review of top three companies that failed because of poor marketing strategies.
  8. Comparing TV ads to YouTube videos: Which is better?
  9. Evaluating the effectiveness of immersion marketing via VR technology.
  10. Emerging opportunities in sports marketing: A thematic review.

Digital Advertising Dissertation Ideas

  1. Evaluating the concept of print versus modern digital advertising trends.
  2. How do digital advertising platforms affect the buying behaviour of young people?
  3. The impact of internet advertising on company profitability.
  4. A comprehensive review of the processes and impacts of targeted advertising on children: A case study of New York, USA.
  5. Analysing advertising marketing campaigns on digital platforms: What is the level of efficiency?
  6. Assessing the millennial’s awareness of the placement of gambling ads on digital platforms.
  7. Comparing digital advertising strategies across cultures for different companies.
  8. The impacts of cartoons that promote good habits on buying choices among parents and children.
  9. What is the effectiveness of YouTube advertising on customer buying behaviour?
  10. Analysing the impact of digital marketing methods that annoy or motivate millennials.
  11. Assessing the negative and positive impacts of digital advertising in view of the message framing, product type, and regulatory focus.
  12. Why is informative advertising so crucial in the pharmaceutical sector?
  13. Assessing the response of bilinguals to online ads on various products.

Media Dissertation Topics

  1. Evaluating the effectiveness of social media marketing tools
  2. The impact of ICT on advertising practices in the UK.
  3. Marketing mix applications on Instagram.
  4. How social media advertising is shaping the society in the 21st century.
  5. Social media advertising impact on group mind and social pressure.
  6. Social media campaigns and revolutions on the world stage.
  7. Comparing the effectiveness of Facebook to LinkedIn advertising.
  8. The effect of social media advertising on food culture in the UK.
  9. Personal information security in social medial advertising.
  10. Ad blocking: What are the implications of user engagement in online content marketing?
  11. Consumer multi-homing: What are the impacts on advertising markets?
  12. Comparing digital advertising to millennials vs. traditional advertising to baby boomers.
  13. Evaluating consumer attitudes towards unethical methods of digital advertising.

Unique Advertising Dissertation Topics

  1. The fight for consumer attention: A review of the latest advertising trends on television and social media.
  2. What are the best advertising strategies for new pharmaceutical products?
  3. Comparing advertising strategies used by e-commerce businesses to banking organizations.
  4. Evaluating the advertising strategies used by companies going offshore.
  5. Modern business marketing tactics for new companies.
  6. Analysing the impact of advertising on consumer acceptability of new services: A case study of California, USA.
  7. Analysing the marketing and advertising among the top companies traded on the London Stock Exchange.
  8. A critical analysis of spam laws and targeted advertising in digital marketing.
  9. Comparing advertising methods used in the hospitality industry.
  10. The effects of advertising on sales performance of health and fitness products in the UK.
  11. What is the relationship between advertising and company’s brand image?
  12. E-marketing and advertising: A review of the customer purchase decisions in the UK luxury industry.

Interesting Advertising Topics for Dissertation

  1. Evaluating customer-centric marketing strategies in helping companies achieve competitive advantages.
  2. The importance of research when marketing company products.
  3. Comparing the advertising models used by multinationals to those applied by local forms.
  4. Analysing modern business marketing tactics and paradigms.
  5. The role of information technology in the evolving marketing and advertising approaches: A review of the health industry.
  6. Comparing digital marketing approaches across the world.
  7. Analysing customer’s responses to automated interaction in the automotive industry.
  8. The application of artificial intelligence in digital market in Europe.
  9. Reviewing the effectiveness of relationship marketing in the smartphone sector.
  10. Digital advertising: Does online marketing help build customer loyalty?
  11. Marketing wars and their impact on customer behaviour: A case study of Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
  12. Measuring consumer response to products launch by Samsung.
  13. Tactics used to gather consumer information for social media targeting: Emerging privacy concerns. A case study of the Cambridge Analytical scandal.
  14. How EU laws shape marketing for multinationals.
  15. Marketing ethics and corporate social responsibility: What is the relationship?

Creative Advertising Dissertation Topics

  1. Online search queries: How can a business benefit from them with targeted advertising?
  2. Relationship marketing in the Europe fashion industry.
  3. Corporate-funded advertisements: Should they be given higher priority over state-run ads?
  4. A review of the effects of banning smoking in advertising.
  5. Are consumers in the UK equipped to shield themselves from direct adverts targeted on them?
  6. How do financial organizations differentiate their services on the basis of social class in advertising?
  7. Brand advertising: Can it impact political campaigns?
  8. Using loyalty cards in your marketing strategy: A comprehensive review of its efficiency in the service industry in the EU.
  9. A comprehensive analysis of Apple’s advertising campaigns.
  10. Analysing the distortion of reality in advertising: A case study social media advertising in the UK.
  11. A comprehensive review of Audi advertising campaigns.
  12. A comparison of controversial aspects of top advertising campaigns used by leading companies in Europe.

Shock Advertising Dissertation Topics

  1. Communication, ethics, and society in advertising.
  2. Ethical advertising cannot drive sales: Do you support this statement?
  3. Banning junk food advertisements: Can it help address the problem of obesity and overweight among the youths?
  4. Use of propaganda in advertising. A comparative review of strategies used in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  5. Analysing the strength and weakness of radio advertising for new brands.
  6. The five principles of marketing: A review of their application at Nike.
  7. Comparing the impact of online advertising on consumer buying behaviour in the developed and developing nations.
  8. The impact of consumer beliefs on customer attitude from the viewpoint of social media advertising.
  9. Overcoming hate speech of unhappy clients: A review of common strategies.
  10. E-commerce and websites: Do they impact the behaviour of customers? A case study of the France fashion industry.

Easy Marketing Dissertation Ideas

  1. A review of overdependence on high-value customers in e-commerce platforms: A case study of Amazon.
  2. A review of emerging marketing strategies in line of new demands for environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements.
  3. Strategies used to make customers buy new products: A review of the fashion industry in Hong Kong.
  4. Multi-step versus single-step marketing strategies: Which is better?
  5. Striking a balance between quality and quantity in digital marketing: A review of top three brands on the market today.
  6. Branding strategies: Strategies and applications in sports.
  7. Branding strategies among the auto companies in the UK: A comparative study between quality products and brand loyalty.
  8. The link between development and performance of content marketing among the UK companies.
  9. A thematic review of top companies advertising campaigns.
  10. The theme of conservation on online digital marketing strategies.
  11. The role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.
  12. Religion and values: Doe they have impacts on the effectiveness of businesses on the globe?

Mobile Advertising Dissertation Topics

  1. Digital readiness and acceptance of mobile advertising among the millennials: A case study of the UK.
  2. A review of contemporary and vintage advertising: A holistic comparison.
  3. Characterizing advertisements that are made on UK newspapers.
  4. Mobile advertising campaigns: A review of the roles of permission and acceptance.
  5. Analysing the effectiveness of mobile advertising on e-commerce.
  6. Analysing the primary success factors in mobile advertising.
  7. A review of mobile advertising trends across the globe between 2010 and 2020.
  8. Perceptions about mobile advertising: A case study of the United States.
  9. Comparing the success rates of mobile advertising for start-ups and well-established companies.
  10. Evaluating the effectiveness of strategies used by companies to protect user data in mobile advertising.

Top Health Advertising Dissertation Topics

  1. A comprehensive review of the effectiveness of anti-drug advertising campaigns on millennials.
  2. A critical evaluation of McDonald’s company’s advertising changes between 2000 and 2019.
  3. Why is alcohol advertising legal while tobacco is not?
  4. A comprehensive review of ethical aspects of exploitation of infants in ad campaigns.
  5. The impact of the fast food adverting on obesity among children and teenagers.
  6. A review of emerging health concerns about digital marketing strategies.
  7. Digital advertising during disasters: A review of marketing strategies used by companies in 2020 during COVID-19 pandemic.

Sex in Advertising Thesis Ideas

  1. Analysing the portrayal of women in social media advertising.
  2. What are the dangers of using sex in advertising?
  3. A critical analysis of the changes in women images used in ads between 1950 and 2000.
  4. Sex imagery in ad campaigns: Is it unethical?
  5. Exploring the use of sex in advertising on teenagers.
  6. Sexual appeal in digital advertising and their impacts on customers.
  7. Sex as a tool in advertising.
  8. How do people view themselves in advertising? A comprehensive analysis.

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