155 Exceptional Discursive Essay Topics To Try

Discursive Essay Topics

Do you have a discursive essay to prepare, and getting the right topic is proving challenging? Selecting the best title for your essay can be challenging because it requires a lot of research and a deep understanding of the respective discipline. For others, it is simply a lack of confidence and materials for research. So, what is the way out?

To help you get high grades, this post provides a list of 155 hot topics that you can use. Consider using them as they are or tweak a little to fit your preference. Do not just select any topic for your discursive essay; select the best.

How to Select a Good Discursive Essay Topic

Before we can list the best topics to write a discursive essay on, it is important to answer the question, “How do you pick the best?” Here are some expert tips:

  • Interesting to You

No matter the study discipline, the topic you select should be interesting. This can help you to develop a stronger attachment with the work, increasing the chances of crafting a high-quality paper. If you select a topic that is not interesting, the chances are that it will become challenging midway.

  • Relevant

As a college or university student, every paper you do should help push you higher into your career ladder. Therefore, it is important to select topics that are relevant to your field, especially the latest happenings. For example, a student pursuing international relations might want to explore areas such as the recent withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan, the recent Israel-Hamas war, or the American policy on climate change.

  • Enough Materials

As you select the topic, it will be an excellent idea to also think about the resources that will be used to prepare it. If you do not have ample books, journals, and other publications, there is a danger of getting stuck.

  • Focused and Catchy

When your lecturer checks the essay, the topic is what you will get first, and, therefore, you should make it catchy. This makes the reader want to go deeper into the paper and see what you have to say. A good topic is also likely to earn you a higher grade.

Next, we will highlight the main essay ideas, starting with higher English discursive essay topics. We will also tell you why it is important to work with an expert writer.

Good Discursive Essay Topics for Higher English

  1. Should foreign languages be taught in all schools?

  2. Both safe sex and abstinence should be taught in high school.

  3. In education, are motivational theories effective?

  4. Teenagers and children should always speak out about domestic violence.

  5. Should the government ban all types of sports betting?

  6. Cheating during college examinations should be punished severely.

  7. Alternative sources of energy are excellent in addressing global warming phenomena.

  8. Good communication skills are crucial for success in business.

  9. Should we make recycling mandatory for all?

  10. E-books should not replace conventional books in college and university.

  11. Should we reduce the legal age for acquiring a driving license in the UK?

  12. Every business should invest in innovation.

  13. Competition: Is it a good thing?

  14. Are girls too mean in relationships?

  15. Is fashion important?

Discursive Writing Topics in Sports

  1. Can you keep children out of danger through sports?

  2. Girls should be allowed to participate in the same sports as boys.

  3. Should we legalize the use of steroid alternatives in athletics?

  4. Students should be paid for participating in school sports.

  5. All females should be banned from taking part in extreme sports.

  6. Alcohol and tobacco adverts should be banned from school sports events.

  7. The rules used to guide how coaches treat players are not strict enough.

  8. Parents should disallow their students from participating in school soccer.

  9. Should sports betting be made legal in all countries?

  10. Are video games sports?

  11. Is there a way of preventing injuries in soccer?

  12. Engaging in professional sports is a way of life and not a hobby.

  13. Being gay in sports draws a lot of attention from the media.

  14. Is it acceptable for a soccer coach to lose his/her emotions on the field?

  15. Sports can result in both positive and negative impacts on a person’s health.

  16. Chess: Should it be considered a fully-fledged type of sport like basketball and soccer?

  17. Do athletes experience stress?

Controversial Discursive Essay Topics for You

  1. Death penalty: Is it effective?

  2. What are the main causes of war?

  3. Should we abolish all tobacco products?

  4. Abortion should be abolished.

  5. Illegal migrants: Should they be granted the right of abode?

  6. What should society do to reduce payment inequality between men and women?

  7. Capitalism is the best economic model.

  8. Should we use animals for research?

  9. BREXIT was a huge mistake.

  10. Computer games are bad for children.

  11. Ballarat Rebellion: Why did it end in just 30 minutes?

  12. Sex before marriage should be forbidden.

  13. Is homeschooling better than normal schooling?

  14. To succeed in business, communication is the most important thing?

  15. Fast foods should be disqualified as food.

  16. Parents are to blame for high levels of overweight and obesity among children.

  17. Is globalization really important?

  18. Should human cloning be allowed?

  19. Online dating has ruined the importance of traditional romance.

  20. Can politics be free and fair?

Interesting Topics for Discursive Essays

  1. Uniforms in school limit student’s freedom of expression.

  2. Should all steroid users be banned from all sports in the UK?

  3. Should all court proceedings be captured on camera?

  4. Same-sex marriages: Should they be banned?

  5. Does workplace diversity result in higher productivity?

  6. What is the main challenge for women in the workplace?

  7. Post-WWII America: How did it grow?

  8. Should parents select careers for their children?

  9. Reading non-fiction books helps to improve a person’s writing skills.

  10. Should famous people get involved in leadership, especially politics?

  11. Is Yoga a more spiritual event than fasting?

  12. Short dresses should be banned from schools and workplaces.

  13. Is space exploration a worthy undertaking?

  14. Do we really require social media to stay in touch with each other?

  15. Are vegetarians healthier than meat lovers?

  16. WWI: What was the potential of the Russian Army?

  17. Can virtual reality become dangerous to young people?

  18. Rock music: Is it related to Satanism?

Unique Discursive Essay Topics

  1. Do video games have an advantage for adults?

  2. Punishing students that include physical torture should be banned in schools.

  3. Is the global society becoming over-regulated?

  4. Should we allow students to rate their trainers?

  5. What is the biggest challenge faced by learners in college today?

  6. Movies are better than cartoons.

  7. Should America and Canada merge to form one country?

  8. Smartphones are excellent learning tools.

  9. Why do teenagers feel freer to talk on social media as opposed to face-to-face?

  10. Does the training offered in college prepare students adequately for the real world?

  11. To be successful, hard work alone is not enough.

  12. Is the taxation system in the US effective?

  13. Is college tuition in the UK too expensive?

  14. Is studying Shakespeare in college a good idea today?

  15. Without faith, life is incomplete.

Good Discursive Essay Topics in History

  1. What was the impact of colonization on the Native Americans?

  2. The main causes of the American Revolution.

  3. History of racism in the UK.

  4. What role did women play in WWII?

  5. How significant are the measures adopted by the US to control terrorism?

  6. What issues caused major conflicts between the South and North, resulting in the American Civil-war?

  7. Were Egyptian pyramids constructed using slave labor?

  8. Did WWII spur the creation of a new set of professionals?

  9. During WWII, soldiers were the main spreaders of the Spanish Flu.

  10. The results of WWI caused WWII: Is it correct?

  11. The Second Civil War in South Sudan resulted in the creation of the independent republic of South Sudan.

  12. Spanish-American War: Was it the cheapest war in history?

  13. Why did the Soviet invade Afghanistan?

  14. The Haiti Revolution of 1791-1804: Was it the only successful rebellion of liberated slaves?

  15. Socio-economic and political revolution: What is the main difference?

  16. The Panama Canal made the country one of the fastest-growing nations in Latin America.

  17. Mexican-American War: Why did America Carry the Day?

  18. How are the weapons of ancient Asian Civilization reflected in their culture?

  19. How did the decolonized African states try to decolonize their history?

List of Discursive Essay Topics in Sociology

  1. Should governments put some limits on the freedom of speech?

  2. Giving male workers paternity leave: Is it a good idea?

  3. Are there circumstances when torture is acceptable?

  4. Failed parenting: What is the right form of punishment?

  5. What are the main causes of single-parenthood in society today?

  6. Socialism or capitalism: What is more beneficial to society?

  7. Are women less privileged in society?

  8. Increase in youth crime in the society: What are the major causes?

  9. Is beauty more perceived than intelligence?

  10. Racial stereotyping: What are the implications?

  11. Society and culture: What is the meeting point?

  12. Modern technology: Has it made the globe a better place?

  13. Ethnicity: How does it impact social class?

  14. Is it possible to stop social violence?

  15. What are the psychological impacts of war on children?

  16. Family structure: Does it influence societal development?

  17. What is the best way to encourage society to have good morals?

  18. Is the gay culture a threat to the traditional family?

  19. Single parenting: Has it been accepted in society?

Top Discursive Essay Topics on Nature

  1. Why is underground water not considered clean for drinking?

  2. Tourism is one of the main reasons for animal theft.

  3. Should all countries make recycling compulsory?

  4. Plastic manufacturing factories: Should they be banned?

  5. Between the public and government, who is more responsible for disturbing nature?

  6. How does a vegan diet help the environment?

  7. Is global warming real?

  8. Can deaths caused by earthquakes be prevented?

  9. Is scientific advancement creating an imbalance in nature?

  10. Deforestation: How does it degrade the standard of life?

  11. Is it possible to dump nuclear waste safely?

  12. Can renewable sources of energy meet the growing demand?

  13. Imagining the globe in 2300: How will it be when the oil is exhausted?

  14. Should environmental conservation be introduced as a core course for all students?

  15. Does smoking outdoors have any impact on the environment?

  16. Should governments advocate for more artificial environments?

  17. Is it a good idea to buy bottled water?

  18. Are environmental awareness forums important?

Ideas for Discursive Essays in Nursing

  1. Who between nurses and doctors is exposed to more health hazards?

  2. Racial discrimination: Is it a major issue in nursing?

  3. Do nurses play a bigger role than doctors in defining a patient’s recovery?

  4. Should the government ban costumes that sexualize nurses?

  5. What is the right number of nurses to have in a hospital?

  6. Are female nurses more indifferent to patients than male ones?

  7. Night shift nurses and day-time nurses: Who should earn more?

  8. Nurses’ remuneration: Should their wages be at par with that of doctors?

  9. Are most nurses negligent?

  10. The importance of interpersonal skills in nursing?

  11. What is the impact of nursing theories in nursing practice?

  12. The importance of leadership and managerial skills in nursing.

  13. Sociological issues in nursing.

  14. Do nurses face racial issues in their course of work?

Use Essay Writing Help to Craft A-Rated Discursive Essays

Once you have selected the preferred topic to write a discursive essay on, it marks the start of the next phase, which is the actual writing of the paper. Here, you need to have top-notch research and writing skills to be able to prepare high-quality work. You also require a good mastery of the subject under consideration and enough time to work on the paper. Rarely do students have this combination, and their best way out is working with online academic writing experts.

The professionals offering academic writing services have been on this type of job for years and amassed enough experience. Indeed, they are likely to have handled similar types of paper before, and yours will be pretty easy to complete. The services are also cheap and the writers can work really fast to complete even the essays with the tightest deadlines. You can never go wrong with an expert holding your hand!

Get on top of your homework.

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