112 Graphic Design Dissertation Topics For Your Perfect Assignment

112 Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

Art students write about graphic design dissertation topics to showcase their impressive and creative thinking skills. As a graphic designer, your role is to plan and practice conveying messages with textual content. And this is the most effective and innovative method to connect with consumers in the current world.

Whether complex website page layouts or simple business logos, graphic design takes different forms. Other visual design examples include posters, magazine covers, and business cards. Writing a dissertation using intricate and unique graphic design topics is essential for learners that want to excel in their career in this sector. It’s also vital to research graphic design to impress potential employers.

This article lists 110-plus graphic design topics while describing the parts that a good dissertation in this field comprises.

Parts of a Good Graphic Design Dissertation

An excellent dissertation in this field comprises several parts that students should focus on when writing. Here’s a breakdown of the primary sections of a dissertation on this subject.

  • Introduction: A good dissertation about a graphic design topic has an opening that creates an excellent impression while encouraging the audience to read the rest of the paper. The intro should be brief to capture the audiences’ attention.
  • Problem statement: This section highlights the research question and its background. It also tells the readers why the dissertation is essential.
  • Objectives and aim of the paper: This section tells the readers why your topic matters. It explains the intent of your research and your desired outcomes for the project.
  • Methodology: Here, you describe the methods you use to research the topic. Also, highlight the available techniques while comparing them to choose a viable option. For instance, you can include print media, software, and other platform media details for completing your dissertation.
  • Literature review: This part comprises details of previous studies and the scholars behind them. It also has a theoretical framework for the dissertation, providing insights into your starting point, ideas, and concepts.
  • Limitation: In this section, you highlight the scope, ideas, and limitations of your study. Also, you specify the objectives you attained from your research.

Writing a thesis about a graphic design topic requires relevant principles’ knowledge, and strong writing skills. If you are not interested in writing and don’t want to waste your time on a boring task from a professor, you can pay someone to do your assignment and enjoy the activities you love.

Top Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

Maybe you want to write a thesis paper about a top topic in this academic field. In that case, consider the following ideas.

  1. The latest trends in graphic design
  2. How to use PowerPoint in graphic design
  3. Subliminal messages and advertisement
  4. Visual design concepts in the 20th century
  5. Digital art’s evolution over the years
  6. How graphic design can help online service providers generate more sales
  7. How multimedia design affects the world
  8. Graphic design and repetition theory- How they affect consumers’ behavior
  9. Graphic design and changes in online gaming
  10. Color selection, graphic design, and human psychology- What’s the connection?
  11. Application and relevance of design theories
  12. How consumers perceive web designs
  13. How web graphics create trust among visitors
  14. Using negative spacing and graphic design to affect the consumers’ subconscious minds
  15. Famous graphic designers of the century
  16. How does TV influence graphic design
  17. How computers affect graphic design
  18. Using graphic design in computer game interfaces to draw more consumers
  19. Balance as a graphic design basic- How does it create impressive visuals?
  20. Online graphical design tools versus conventional designing programs
  21. How visual heuristics assist in segmenting the attention of the viewers
  22. Graphic design and political satire
  23. How graphic design tools have revolutionized the industry

These are some of the top ideas to consider for a thesis topic in this subject. Nevertheless, research your chosen title extensively to write a comprehensive paper.

General Graphic Design Dissertation Ideas

Graphic design is a growing study field with many organizations establishing departments and offices for expert designers. Here are general ideas to explore when writing a thesis paper in graphic design.

  1. Understanding graphic design
  2. How graphic design influence communications
  3. Qualifications of a professional graphic designer
  4. Is graphic design a career or a passion?
  5. Similarities between conventional photographers and graphic designers’ tools
  6. The essence of colors in graphic design
  7. Comparison between contemporary graphic design and photographic theory
  8. Understanding the visual design principles
  9. How graphic designers affect their field
  10. Factors influencing graphic design
  11. Developmental stages for graphic design
  12. The influence of technology on graphic design
  13. The graphic design’s role in social media
  14. Changes in graphical design tools
  15. Computer graphics’ evolution in the 20th century
  16. Is traditional graphic design critical in the digital age?
  17. The essence of computers in the visual design evolution
  18. Media forms in graphic design
  19. How print styles and typefaces influence the digital age
  20. Graphic design and its role in web design and development

These are general topics to consider when writing a thesis in this field. Pick any idea from this list and investigate it thoroughly before writing.

Best Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

The internet has many ideas to explore when writing a dissertation in graphic design. Here are the best titles to consider for your paper.

  1. Using color psychology to trigger emotions in graphic design
  2. The impact of graphical design tools on the industry
  3. Graphic design and newspaper adverts- How they influence the consumers’ buying behavior
  4. Graphic design and its use in promoting movie festivals
  5. Graphic design and its use in street art and social commentary
  6. How logos and organization branding affect sales
  7. Space and its use in design esthetics
  8. Color theory and its impact on graphic design
  9. Typeset techniques and principles as part of graphic design
  10. Creating environmental awareness using graphic design
  11. Graphic design software trends
  12. Cultural expectations and graphic design
  13. How visual imaging improves understanding
  14. Media design and new graphics
  15. Is desktop publishing dead?
  16. Web animation and graphic design- How they have shaped the internet content
  17. Newspaper ads evolution in the digital era
  18. Personality role in arts
  19. How experts use graphic design to create a set in the film industry
  20. Restaurants and theme design
  21. Graphic design and persuasion elements
  22. Commercial design- How to facilitate feedback when dealing with customers
  23. How visual hierarchy helps in creating customer e-commerce stores’ perception
  24. Art directors as transformational heads
  25. How graphic designs help in making directories
  26. How graphic design has revolutionized modern cinema
  27. Colorful classroom creation

These ideas can be the basis of a fantastic dissertation. Nevertheless, each of them requires adequate time to investigate and gather relevant information.

Exciting Graphic Design Research Topics

Maybe you want to write about an interesting topic in this field. In that case, writing about any of these ideas can be fun.

  1. Unique 10-minute graphic design projects
  2. How animation helps in creating beautiful postcards
  3. How the design language can trigger brand retention in customers’ minds
  4. Classic book cover re-interpretation
  5. Results and effects of graphic design in the consumer markets
  6. How graphic design helps in coloring kids’ books
  7. Secondary research and its use in exploring web design features
  8. Traits of a successful graphic designer
  9. Graphic design and its relationship with the pop culture
  10. How graphic design facilitates the creation of business cards
  11. Literature review of the graphic novel
  12. Graphic design trends over the last decade
  13. Theory application in graphic design
  14. How people perceive visual communication and design education
  15. How artistic sensibility affects the graphic design
  16. How banners facilitate message conveyance
  17. Average budget analysis in graphic design projects
  18. Is graphic design education important?
  19. How appealing products affect consumer choices
  20. Using graphic design to retarget ads and reach the target market efficiently
  21. Graphic design theory application

These are fun topics to consider for a thesis in this field. Nevertheless, perform in-depth research to write a winning paper about these titles.

Senior Thesis Graphic Design Project Ideas

Maybe you need a graphic design title for your senior thesis. In that case, select any of these ideas for your paper.

  1. How to use graphic design to boost e-commerce stores’ sales
  2. How graphic design can help consumers recall your brand
  3. How Apple uses graphic design to influence buying behavior
  4. How marketing agencies use graphic design
  5. Graphic design and commercial distinctiveness
  6. How limited financial plans affect graphics
  7. How graphic designers use psychological triggers to boost customer loyalty
  8. How video filters boost sales and customer attention in graphic designs
  9. How computer graphics evolved in the 20th century
  10. Graphic design and its use by clothing brands
  11. Why logos and visual design matter to businesses
  12. Graphic design and its use in creating a plant identifying application
  13. Gradient logo designs versus flat logo designs
  14. Advertisement and computer graphics- How they alter consumer behavior
  15. How contrast colors affect buying behavior
  16. How graphic design and brochures help businesses to attract more sales
  17. Developing a graphic design career
  18. The impact of graphic design on product packaging
  19. Vehicle wraps evolution and graphic design
  20. Exploring different techniques that graphic designers use to convey messages
  21. Graphical design application in advanced technology

These are some of the best ideas to explore when researching and writing about graphic design. While this may not be a comprehensive list, it has titles college and uni students can choose for their graduate and undergraduate papers.

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