137 Architecture Dissertation Topics To Inspire Your Best Writing

137 Architecture Dissertation Topics

One of the central components of writing a crucial architectural project, such as a dissertation or thesis, is selecting the right topic. However, architecture is a vast area, so choosing the best dissertation topics can be pretty challenging. Therefore, how do you select the best dissertation topic for your architectural project?

A dissertation is the most extended (10,000-50,000 words), complex and comprehensive project that students have to do at the end of their course. It is mainly done at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels, and you MUST complete it correctly to get awarded with a degree. To help you get the best idea, this post provides a comprehensive list of dissertation topics in architecture. It also highlights useful tips and structure for preparing an A-rated dissertation.

Dissertation Writing Structure

To prepare a great dissertation, you need to follow the right structure. Many universities provide students with the structure to follow, but you do not have to worry if it is not availed. Here is one of the best structures that you should follow:

  • Topic: Consider selecting an idea that is interesting to
  • Introduction: At this early point of the paper, you bring out the thesis, problem statement, objectives of the study, and research questions. It also includes a brief highlight of the findings.
  • Literature review: Here, you review all the literature that is related to your topic and that you used to prepare the paper.
  • Study method: This part explains the method that you used for the Was the study qualitative or quantitative?
  • Results and Discussions: At this point, you bring out the results and explain them to the
  • Conclusion: This is the last part of the dissertation and acts as a summary of the It revisits the thesis and directly answers the research questions. This is also your opportunity to identify key gaps (if any) and call for further studies.
  • Finally, include additional parts, such as references pages

Expert Tips for Writing a Great Dissertation

After selecting architecture dissertation topics related to psychology, history, building design, facades, green technology or other areas, here are some expert tips for preparing a great paper.

  • Carefully follow your school department’s
  • Create a good dissertation
  • Pick the right resources, from recently published journals to books, for preparing the
  • Develop a strong thesis for your
  • Make the research study questions clear and easy to
  • Comprehensively research your topic and work with strong points to build your
  • Carefully structure the dissertation to strike a professional flow of
  • Prepare the draft first and keep improving it over it during the writing
  • Proofread and edit your dissertation several times to identify and eliminate
  • Have a friend or professional proofread the paper further and make additional
  • Prepare the final copy and submit it to the dissertation committee or
  • Practice or dissertation

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Eco-Friendly Architecture Dissertation Topics

Here are some of the best dissertation topics that you should consider for top grades. You can pick and use them as they are or tweak to suit personal preference.

  1. The impact of eco-friendly constructions on improving life on the
  2. What is the role of waste management in building design and construction?
  3. A review of the impacts of using sub-quality materials on the
  4. Why are more people shifting to modular houses today?
  5. How can you cut down the structural carbon footprint?
  6. A thematic review of the application of photovoltaic solar technology around the
  7. The use of solar cooling strategies in modern day
  8. A review of the strategies used to create space when all the convenient ones are already
  9. Green technology application in modern
  10. Sustainable development in architecture: What role does it play?
  11. What is the relationship between non-rectangular building science and its relation to architecture?

List of Dissertation Topics in Architecture

  1. The history of architecture: How the Neolithic Era architecture shaped the modern building and construction era.
  2. The place of religion in ancient architecture: A review of Persian
  3. The revolution of Roman architecture is the most important influencer of modern
  4. Looking at the construction industry in Europe: Architecture from a feminist
  5. A chronological analysis of technological advances in building architecture from the 19th
  6. Comparing the design and construction of the Eiffel Tower to Burj
  7. What construction techniques that were in use in 1500 are still applied today?
  8. Select a favorite historic gothic structure and use constructed edifice qualities to justify the choice.
  9. New age technologies and how they have impacted the design of
  10. Comparing architectural technologies used for modern dams designs to those used in the Roman Age.
  11. Safety rules and cultures: What changes have been noted in the past decade in the construction sector?
  12. What is the origin of the cement production and its impact in the construction industry?

Interesting Architecture Dissertation Topics

  1. Comparing the costs of constructing high-rise buildings in Europe to the
  2. Common problems in modern building architecture: A review of the strategies used to address them.
  3. Reviewing architectural mistakes of the
  4. What challenges do architects encounter when designing skyscrapers?
  5. Urban planning in Eastern
  6. Ancient Greek
  7. A closer review of 16th century English
  8. Building architecture in African
  9. The future of architecture: How will the industry look in the next 200 years?
  10. Peculiarities of French
  11. What materials were used in ancient gothic structures in Europe?
  12. Making architecture an
  13. Comparing theories behind resilient building
  14. Sustainable rural development in Eastern Europe: A case study of architectural structures in the Netherlands.
  15. Resource use optimization in modern building

Modern Architecture Dissertation Topics

  1. How does multicultural architecture link with the modern urban landscape?
  2. Installing the heating and cooling systems in modern
  3. Reviewing net-zero design principle in modern
  4. Modern-day structures: A study of Optimal Insulation of R-
  5. Retrofitting: Analyzing how it is applied in existing
  6. Micro-construction application in the
  7. Designing a new banking house in your
  8. An in-depth review of the design of the United States White
  9. Research the design of the United States Capitol
  10. The innovative design of the Golden Gate
  11. Transport problems in Mumbai: What are possible solutions?
  12. Concentric Model Zone by Ernest Burgess: A literature

Top Interior Architecture Dissertation Topics

  1. The emotional perception of fonts and colors in interior
  2. Using interior architecture to improve the well-being of residential care in residential units in the United Kingdom.
  3. Exhibition spaces: How do they reflect compatibility with spatial aesthetics?
  4. A review of interior architecture practices across
  5. Adapting existing buildings for spatial
  6. A review of the latest technologies in interior
  7. The famous 19th and 20th centuries’ furniture
  8. Reviewing the latest trends in 21st furniture
  9. Use of glass in interior building
  10. Interior design for cinematic spaces: A literature
  11. The modern apartment designs and the central role of
  12. A thematic review of interior design philosophers: A case study of Ruby Ross

The Best Dissertation Topics in Architecture

  1. Peculiarities of Islamic architecture: A closer look at gothic building designs in the Middle East.
  2. Latest trends in the design of performing theaters: A case study of two leading casinos in Los
  3. A review of the lighting technology used in Egyptian
  4. A comprehensive analysis of common problems experienced by designers when modeling skyscrapers.
  5. Virtual planning: What are the latest trends?
  6. Integrating culture in architectural designs: A case study of top three German
  7. Frank Lloyd Wright: A review of his contribution to the field of
  8. French architecture: How did it differ from English architecture in the 17th century?
  9. The importance of the study of materials in interior
  10. Maintaining architectural designs and origins during periods of transformation: A case study of Hong Kong.
  11. The impact of color and light: Using architecture to create soothing impacts on
  12. The architectural history of Washington,

Unique Architecture Dissertation Topics

  1. Analyzing how 3D technology changed the art of building
  2. How do you retain green cities in periods of growth?
  3. How does parametric building design differ from standard 3D modeling?
  4. How do you address metal fatigue in skyscrapers?
  5. How do you plan for a new urban park in your neighborhood?
  6. What are the main causes of delay in building construction?
  7. What are the best strategies for maximizing small spaces in residential building design and construction?
  8. Modern architecture and its impact on American
  9. The art-Deco of 1920s and 1930s: How did it influence modern architecture?
  10. Middle-class architecture: How are such structures constructed?
  11. Famous architects in history: How have they impacted the industry over the years?

Architecture Dissertation Topics in Risk Management

  1. City planning how to avoid water
  2. Strength and functionality of parliament buildings in earthquake-prone
  3. Best practices that urban planners can use to optimize safety
  4. Special advantages of investing in low-cost but high-strength buildings?
  5. Reviewing the application of the open-home concept in
  6. Analyzing the    limitations    of   computer   simulations    when   presenting   realistic architectural designs.
  7. How can architects manage risks related to the construction of high-end infrastructure?
  8. Implications of inclusive

Landscape Architecture Dissertation Topics

  1. Water scarcity in commercial and residential areas: A review of different strategies used in major cities.
  2. Inclusive and safe public spaces are crucial in building a healthy
  3. Maximizing green space in commercial
  4. Building design in flood-prone
  5. How to revitalize landscapes without negatively impacting the
  6. Urban agriculture
  7. Optimizing water drainage in urban environments: A case study of Ottawa in
  8. Comparing house affordability in Germany and the
  9. Rural landscapes in Ireland: How does modern architecture impact it?
  10. Reviewing the Three Magnets theory by Howard
  11. Renaissance architecture and culture in

Special Architecture Dissertation Topics

  1. Errors in quantity surveys and its relation to structural
  2. Design of earthquake-resistant
  3. Sustainable architecture: Recycling spaces in modern
  4. What are the main differences between the designs of houses in warm and cold climates?
  5. Changing trends in environmental technology: How have they impacted the construction of the residential structures?
  6. How do you build efficient and portable housing units?
  7. A comprehensive study of architecture in urban areas of the United States: A case study of Chicago.
  8. How is the wood used in modern architecture?
  9. The design of municipal buildings in
  10. The development of the Three Gorges Dam: Did architecture play any role?

Controversial Architecture Dissertation Topics

  1. The lack of national building codes in many developing countries: A case study of
  2. Trust issues in modern urban
  3. Are building codes in China flawed?
  4. Creativity in postmodern
  5. Collaborative urban building
  6. Canterbury is the epitome of Medieval Building
  7. Building a US-Mexico border wall: Why did the idea fail?
  8. Water heating technology: Can it inspire the next generation of architectural designs?
  9. Using bamboo architecture changed our understanding of how strength and function
  10. Can the development of bike paths on green spaces cut down cities’ carbon footprints?
  11. The development of lighter building materials is crucial in the design of larger
  12. Are computer designers transforming the traditional roles of an architect in the 21st century?

More Architecture Dissertation Topics Ideas

  1. Residential building interior design based on renaissance
  2. Reviewing the mistakes that architects make when selecting interior
  3. Eco-minimalist
  4. The impact of the great depression in the construction
  5. Analyzing the changes in the design of high-rise buildings over
  6. Renewable energy in home
  7. The application of green technology in the construction
  8. Comparing the impacts of architecture on environmental defense of the
  9. Using sunlight to cut down on energy costs for high-rise buildings: A case study of low-temperature regions.
  10. Virtual reality (AI): How has it impacted building design in the 21st century?
  11. Developing learning institutions in rural areas: How can high schools and universities employ modern architectural tools?

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