180 Economics Dissertation Topics To Top-Notch Your Assignment

180 Economics Dissertation Topics

To make your dissertation sparkle and impress the evaluation committee or supervisor, it is very important to start with the right topic. However, identifying good economics dissertation topics is challenging for many students, making them grind to a halt even before getting started. You do not need to get stuck like others because we have the best topics for you.

An economics dissertation is done towards the end of college or university academic training and is the most comprehensive and complex piece of writing. If you fail, it implies you do not qualify to graduate and will need another year to write the paper again. It is that tough, which is why you need to do everything fastidiously, starting with a perfect economics dissertation topic.

To get you started, here is a list of hot 180 economic dissertation topics for top grades. You can use them as they are or tweak a little to suit your preference.

What Is Economics?

Economics is a broad social science discipline that focuses on how people and societies get what they want and need.

It involves studying how people divide and use their resources to produce services & products. It also extends to how these products and services are distributed and consumed. The two main categories of economics that every student should know are:

  • Microeconomics: This one focuses on understanding the behavior of individual producers and consumers.
  • Macroeconomics: Here, the focus is expanded to examine overall economies on the national, regional, and global levels.

Complete Economic Dissertation Outline

To prepare a great economic dissertation, getting the right topic is only the first step. Next, you need to develop an economic dissertation outline, which will serve as a blueprint for the lengthy paper. Here is one of the best:

  • Dissertation title.
  • Chapter One: Introduction: Here, you include the paper’s thesis, objectives, research questions, background of the study and a brief about the findings.
  • Chapter Two: Literature Review: This is an analysis of all the resources you used to prepare the dissertation.
  • Chapter Three: Research Methods: This section captures the research methods that were used during the study. So, was your study qualitative or quantitative?
  • Chapter Four: Results of the Study: These are the findings you got from chapter three. For example, if you used questionnaires, what were the results?
  • Chapter Five: Discussions: This is where you analyze the results from chapter four. Remember that the discussions will help you to directly answer the research questions and approve/disapprove the thesis statement.
  • Chapter Six: Conclusion: The conclusion is used to wrap the entire paper with just a few paragraphs. You should not introduce new items in conclusion.
  • Bibliography: This is a list of all the resources that were used to prepare the paper and comes at the end of the dissertation. Make sure to include even those that might not have appeared in the literature review, and follow the recommended formatting style.

Best Economics Dissertation Topics

Check out the following economics dissertation topics and pick the best option. Furthermore, don’t worry if you don’t have enough time or desire to write a paper yourself. You have a perfect opportunity to pay someone to do your assignment.

Hot Financial Economic Dissertation Ideas

  1. A thematic analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009: What were the main causes?
  2. What are the main economic lessons from the property market performance in the US in the 20th Century?
  3. Banks competition in the EU: What strategies do these financial institutions use to thrive?
  4. Comparing how social media has contributed to accountability in democratic and semi-democratic economies.
  5. Do small and medium enterprises (SMEs) reap more profits compared to larger corporations in Germany?
  6. Evaluating the effect of the 2-tiered tax system on new companies in Hong Kong.
  7. A review of capital and financial structures of companies in Australia.
  8. Is the adoption of blockchain technology by banks a good idea?
  9. Assessing the economic damage of war in Ukraine.
  10. A comparative study of the governance system and protection of investors in the US and Indian financial markets.
  11. What are the economic forces pushing the rapid growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) at the global level?
  12. A review of the crucial roles played by mediators in the UK mortgage market.
  13. What is the connection between accounting, finance, and economics?

Social-Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. Evaluating the distinction between trust and power in regional bloc economic systems.
  2. The role of the social and economic capital in rural India.
  3. What is the contribution of social entrepreneurship in the Democratic Republic of China?
  4. How has social media changed economic strategies for large businesses in Europe?
  5. Non-financial support of family members in building a successful business venture.
  6. Comparing the economic impact of Americans and non-Americans in the United States.
  7. A review of the most important factors driving the Chinese creative industry.
  8. What is the relationship between social and economic development? A case study of Japan.
  9. A comparative study of the economic impacts of venture capital and private equity in Singapore.
  10. Socio-economic status of volunteer organizations in the United States.
  11. The economic implications of racial segregation in the EU during WWII.
  12. Economic growth of the UK after World War 2.
  13. Racial segregation in South Africa: What economic problems did it cause?
  14. Gender equality and social-economic development: A case study of Germany.
  15. Social-economic position of women: How did this change between the 19th and 20th centuries?
  16. How can learning institutions employ social networks to promote entrepreneurial actions among learners?
  17. Analyzing the relationship between social and economic development: Is it linear?
  18. What were the main economic problems of the Soviet Union after World War II?

Top Economic Geography Ideas for Your Dissertation

  1. What role do regional and regional cultures play in defining the economic development of specific jurisdictions?
  2. Returning migrants: What impact do they have in supporting emerging economies?
  3. What impact does climate change have on the local economies of developed nations?
  4. Comparing entrepreneurial behavior in urban and rural areas in Brazil.
  5. A review of strategic placement of cities and impact on the development of countries: A case study of the UK.
  6. Economic impacts of migrations from developed to developing countries: A literature review.
  7. What roles do the local, national, and regional policies play in providing a good environment for investment?
  8. World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report: How effective is it for entrepreneurs looking forward to investing offshore?
  9. Analyzing the main reasons behind the regional divergence in assessing and classifying city economies in Europe?
  10. Economic lockdown from COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on urban life.
  11. Will COVID-19 result in a significant shift from cities to rural areas in the long term?
  12. A thematic review of regional diversification and its impact on trade.
  13. A review of the solutions adopted to address the challenges emerging from globalization.
  14. A study of the financial operations of multinationals in China.
  15. A comprehensive analysis of emerging theoretical perspectives of economic geography.
  16. Comparing economic drivers of the 20th and 21st centuries
  17. Decline in urban-rural divide and its role in economic change in the UK.
  18. Analyzing how COVID-19 impacted the property prices volatility.

Labor Economic Dissertation Ideas

  1. A review of essential factors used by Americans to measure job satisfaction.
  2. Gender inequality in the workplace: How does it impact productivity and economic growth?
  3. Comparing collective bargaining practices in India and the UK.
  4. Comparing strategies used by companies in Asia and the EU to keep their staff motivated.
  5. A critical analysis of how workplace satisfaction impacts personal output.
  6. How has digitization changed the modern structure of the labor market?
  7. Analyzing the significant concerns of people getting into the job market for the first time.
  8. A comparative study of employment satisfaction in the 21st and 20th
  9. Unemployment and urbanization in emerging countries.
  10. The link between employment rates and economic development: A case study of California, USA.
  11. COVID-19 has transformed the nature of the workplace: Comparing the productivity of top officials when working from home and office.

Interesting Economic Dissertation Topics

  1. Comparing post-COVID-19 economic recovery of Hong Kong and China.
  2. Designing just socio-economic systems.
  3. A review of the social-economic status of Macau in modern-day China.
  4. The internet and e-commerce: How will they change the geography of financial economics?
  5. Economic growth of Japan in the post-WWII period.
  6. Reviewing the history of economic development in Australia.
  7. The problem of poverty in Latin America.
  8. Analyzing the implications of COVID-19 on global trade?
  9. Socio-economics of minority groups in Europe.
  10. Evaluating the effectiveness of the measures adopted by the EU to address 2007-2008 economic recession.
  11. Analyzing factors that contribute to global economic recession.
  12. Comparing the US and UK responses to the Great Depression of 1930.
  13. A literature review of the Civil War impacts on the economy of the United States.

Institutional Economic Dissertation Topics

  1. Latent entrepreneurship: California versus Mexico.
  2. An institutional assessment of ownership and control in India.
  3. What are the educational aspects of promoting entrepreneurial capacities in developing nations?
  4. Analyzing the property market using institutional economies methodologies.
  5. What role do global institutions play in driving regional economic growth? A case study of the European Union.
  6. Government bonds in local and foreign currencies.
  7. A comprehensive review of the EU institution’s response to the Russia-Ukraine war: Are they effective?
  8. Financial constraints and export performance of SMEs in Germany.
  9. Analyzing possible implications of BREXIT on the future of regional blocks.
  10. Promoting SME growth: What are the roles of institutional networking?
  11. Permissionless blockchains use in modern finance: Can they result in the evasion of already installed policies and laws.

Unique Micro-economic Dissertation Ideas

  1. How do mergers and acquisitions impact the productivity of a company?
  2. Evaluating the efforts used by the UK to improve people’s purchasing power.
  3. The concept of the minimum wage: Is it still relevant in the 21st Century?
  4. What is the relationship between bond returns and inflation?
  5. The United States retail sector: A comprehensive analysis of the impact arising from new players.
  6. How does changing the labor market impact consumer purchasing power?
  7. Are UK companies turning out to be more innovative than those in the rest of Europe?
  8. The energy sector in the UK: An economic viewpoint.
  9. Does the size of a company impact its profits? A comprehensive analysis of the France market.
  10. The impact of antitrust legislation on mergers in the United States in the 21st
  11. A literature review of the forces behind inequality of income in Indian companies.
  12. Analyzing the main economic factors and how they impact the price of oil in Europe.
  13. What challenges do small enterprises face in a market economy? A case study of Texas, United States.
  14. Micro-financing initiatives and their impacts on individual households.
  15. A review of the effects of foreign trade activities on the economic growth of a developing country.
  16. What role do commercial banks play in developing agriculture in an emerging economy of {your} choice?

Great Micro-economic Dissertation Topics

  1. How do the rates of interest impact the consumption patterns in China?
  2. A review of the changes of consumer patterns in the UK after the Brexit vote.
  3. A study of the interest rates impacts on foreign direct investment in India.
  4. How did the Greece economic crisis impact the EU economy?
  5. Comparing macro-economic determinants of the property prices in the United States.
  6. Is the UK insurance system economic model viable for all sections of society?
  7. Tax burden and how it is shared between the sellers and buyers.
  8. The application of big data in the operations of behavioral economics at the macro level.
  9. What industries were the most affected by COVID-19?
  10. A study of the link between economics and politics at the global level.
  11. Africa macroeconomics and its performance.
  12. Reviewing the world problems through macroeconomic analysis.
  13. Importance of COVID-19 in resetting global economic partnerships.
  14. Coca Cola supply and demand analysis.
  15. The role of financial intermediaries in global economies.
  16. Reviewing the application of the theory of the firm under perfect conditions.

Economics Dissertation Ideas in International Trade

  1. A study of the relationship between international trade and economic growth of countries.
  2. How does a currency union impact trade? A case study of the European Union.
  3. Determinants and impacts of foreign direct investment in Hong Kong.
  4. Banana Crisis: What was the impact on Jamaica and UK economies?
  5. The implications of regional development policies in Turkey.
  6. COVID-19 and wage inequality: The case study of Japan.
  7. An evaluation of the roles played by the exchange rate regime in the Indian export market.
  8. How regional policies endorsement of startups can improve the development of a region.
  9. Factors that motivate US companies to run offshore manufacturing branches abroad: A case study of Apple.
  10. Evaluating the rapid economic growth of China between 1979 and 2020.
  11. The robustness of regional institutions in supporting industrial development.
  12. What is the future of banking in the light of the emerging crypto economy?
  13. Varying regional responses to digital money trends and the expected impacts: A case study of China and the EU.
  14. Regional innovativeness and its impacts on economic productivity: A literature review of the impacts in developing countries.

Environmental Good Economic Dissertation Ideas

  1. An economic examination of the programs used for waste disposal in the UK.
  2. Who bears the economic burden of man-made environmental disasters?
  3. Reviewing the evolution of institutions in the fight against global warming.
  4. Facilitating transition: Evaluating sustainable energy and technology adoption in industries.
  5. A cost-benefit analysis of renewable energy use in line with EU targets of achieving zero-emission rates by 2050.
  6. How does climate change impact total factor productivity?
  7. Assessing the effectiveness of the EU emission trading system (EU ETS).
  8. What are the economic costs of environmental impacts on human health?
  9. Is it possible to balance transport accessibility and environment?
  10. Analyzing the effectiveness of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting model in addressing global warming.
  11. Revisiting Kyoto Protocol: What are the main reasons that resulted in its failure?
  12. Global warming in numbers: Reviewing the main drivers of climate change and global warming and their economic impacts after 1900.

Agricultural Economics Dissertation Ideas

  1. Investigating the efficiency of Mississippi farms in their production models.
  2. Comparing water supply policies and their relevance to agriculture in India.
  3. Analyzing the impacts of agricultural policies on decisions taken by farmers in rural areas of the UK.
  4. Global food standards and their implications for EU farmers.
  5. Analyzing the vulnerabilities of agriculture-based businesses in Africa.
  6. Comparing agricultural and real estate returns for two states in the US.
  7. Comparing the production incentives provided to farmers in India and Ukraine.
  8. Heterogeneity in the food market: What does the growing demand for organic food show?
  9. Evaluating the demand for vegetables and fruits and its implications on the Americans buying behavior.
  10. Comparing food distribution channels in the UK to those in China.
  11. Pesticides use and maximum-residual limits requirements in the EU: Reviewing the implications on the supply chains of agricultural-based products.

Innovation and Development Dissertation Topics

  1. What are the most important economic development indicators for emerging economies?
  2. A comparative research of how innovation influenced the life of immigrants in the EU and the US
  3. Can innovation grow a country’s economy faster than manpower?
  4. How are innovation and economic productivity related?
  5. How does population growth impact development economics? A case study of India.
  6. Natural disasters impact on the development of local economies:  A case study of Hurricane Katrina.
  7. A comparative research of high-performing institutions in China and Japan.
  8. Comparing economic patterns of villages across France.
  9. A review of the residential preferences for millennials in the United States.
  10. A deeper look at economic development in Russia: Reviewing the main impacts of privatization.

More Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. Comparing the American growth model to the Chinese growth model.
  2. Methods to help investors to measure economic risks when investing in emerging economies.
  3. Brazil economy, economic growth, and inequality.
  4. Health economics and policy in Ireland.
  5. Managing weight using behavioral economic incentives.
  6. Pricing and decoy economics in business: How companies trick clients to buy more.
  7. Evaluating the exaggerations of gains from trade liberalization for less developed nations.
  8. Comparing unemployment level and impacts for Canada and the United States.
  9. Demonetizing small and medium-sized companies: What are the implications?
  10. What is the relationship between manpower composition and marital status? The case study of Germany.
  11. How can innovation be employed to promote eco-friendly economies?
  12. Evaluating the impact of climate-related policies on economic development.
  13. Compare the labor standards and policies of the top five universities in Europe.
  14. US labor regulations: Issues that require amendments in future.
  15. Comparing the fiat and crypto currencies and their implications on the global economy.
  16. Economics of education in emerging economies.
  17. Analyzing the impacts of bank failure on local economies: A case study of California National Bank.

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