177 Interesting EPQ Topics and Ideas To Choose From For An A+

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EPQ is a short form for Extended Project Qualification, and it is a qualification mostly taken by college students to improve and hone several skills like efficiency in research, time management, and discipline. As any EPQ topic can be chosen to be researched upon, the student is free to explore an area of interest.

Deciding upon what EPQ topic to, however settle upon can prove tasking, especially putting into consideration the fact that where high grades are scored, it assists in giving a favourable edge when applying for universities. This article explores the best EPQ topics and EPQ examples of titles across several schools of thought.

EPQ Ideas Economics

Different ideologies surround the distribution of wealth in Economics. This is why there are socialist and capitalist views. Below are EPQ questions that can be used as a guide for your essay that has economics as its subject matter.

  1. Why capitalism is the new normal.
  2. Balance of trade and comparative advantage.
  3. The implication of the current global financial market to the UK.
  4. What is the role of the government in competition and market structures?
  5. What is the economic theory surrounding wealth inequality?
  6. What Effect Does a Fast-Growing Population Have On The British Economy?
  7. Analyzing labour laws in the U.K and its disconnect with reality, with a concentration on the laws as it applies to the disabled.
  8. Consumer demand theory – The structure of a market vis-à-vis the system that comprises it.
  9. The positive unrealized and underutilized effect of immigrants in the British economy.
  10. The relationship between income and purchasing power and the happiness of a person.
  11. The need for new legislation surrounding the stock market in light of new technological advancements.
  12. Does improving the workforce have a direct effect on increased production of goods?
  13. A historical review of the trade policies and their effect on the economics of Britain.
  14. The need for equity among sexes, not equality, in the workforce.
  15. An Analysis on Economics, Supply, and Demand on Gas and the price hikes.
  16. Illegal immigration and the Economy of the United Kingdom.
  17. Unemployment: An Economic issue, yet an effect of political decisions.
  18. The effects of the uncertainty of exchange rates on economic growth.
  19. Borrowing, lending, and human capital and its theoretical controversies.
  20. The effects of labour policies on the economy and budget.
  21. A comparison of the different interest rates and credit systems in the UK and the rest of the world.
  22. The role of NFTs in the economy.
  23. Economic reasons as a tool to explain immigration laws as they currently are.
  24. What factors are responsible for the most influential international trade organizations?
  25. What impact, if any, does social media have on international economic relations?
  26. Does the household one comes from greatly impact the economic status of an individual later in life?
  27. Is there, and should there be a way to control how billionaires use their money?
  28. Can an economy operate capitalist and socialist ideologies at the same time?
  29. What effect has Brexit had on the UK economy?
  30. Does wealth have a direct impact on mental health?

EPQ Psychology Ideas

Psychology is the study of how the mind works and how human behaviours respond to emotions and feelings. The field, therefore, explores all aspects of human experience from how the brain functions to the reactions through actions. These good EPQ questions and topic ideas below touch on every aspect of Psychology.

  1. Do we remember dreams exactly as they happen?
  2. Do memories of dead loved ones alter when we recall them?
  3. How does social media fuel body dysmorphia?
  4. Are humans more genuine when hiding behind a screen?
  5. What are the long-term effects on the social skills of a child raised in a conservative home?
  6. The effect of the Covid-19 lockdown juxtaposed with how much emotional reliance and desire for affirmation is had in day-to-day interactions.
  7. The relationship between physical height and confidence.
  8. Addiction and its love-hate relationship with loneliness.
  9. What effects, if any, does homeschooling have on the social development of a child?
  10. Is there a relationship between neglect during childhood and abusive partners?
  11. The thin line between the genuineness of mental sickness claims and its use for a pass to wrong behaviours.
  12. The digitalization of reality and how man now exists as an island.
  13. The impact of feminism in the modern home.
  14. The relationship between having helicopter parents and Attachment issues in romantic relationships.
  15. Is feminism the reason for an increased number of divorces in the UK?
  16. Bullying: A Study on its relationship with the desire for affirmation.
  17. What role does the gender identification of a parent/guardian play in that of the child?
  18. Anorexia and Obesity: Fulfilling desires fueled by fluctuating acceptable body standards.
  19. Pet Peeves in romantic relationships and how they come about.
  20. Fatphobia: Genuine concern for health or a genuine distaste for difference.
  21. Is there such a thing as free will?
  22. The decision to not have children: Selfish or not selfish?
  23. The effect of advertising and marketing in altering behaviours.
  24. The effect of cold turkey therapy in battling addiction.
  25. What are the successful ways to deal with a panic disorder?
  26. What are the long-term psychological effects that may be noticed in children of alcoholics?
  27. Is it possible to survive without an internet connection after being exposed to it all one’s life?
  28. Is there a psychological explanation for the reason people hoard?
  29. Is there a relationship between overachieving and not caring parents?
  30. Do sight disorders have psychological effects later in life?
  31. Autism and its psychological effects on teens in high school.
  32. What are the psychological causes and effects of racism on biracial children in the UK?
  33. Body alteration surgery and its psychological effect on body image issues about ever-changing societal body standards.
  34. How to manage depressive episodes when stuck in an abusive home.
  35. The impact of respect given to children to their overall psychological health.

Criminal Law EPQ Ideas

The wide interest in Law is no doubt fueled by unending crime shows and the desire to re-enact certain scenes. But whatever the reason might be for an interest in using a criminal law question for your EPQ, below are interesting Criminal Law EPQ questions and topic ideas.

  1. Police brutality and targeted harassment of black people in the UK.
  2. The right of domestic abuse victim(s) in a marriage.
  3. The importance of the sustenance of capital punishment.
  4. Murder and Man-slaughter: A case to protect victims from avoidable deaths.
  5. An argument for the legalization of prostitution.
  6. A critical discussion on the criminal liability and punishment of corporations in the UK.
  7. A comparative study on the law concerning gross negligence manslaughter.
  8. Why there is a need for a reform of the criminal law in the UK.
  9. Labour law and its applicability to violence committed in strip clubs.
  10. Opinion evidence: A matter for the judge or the jury?
  11. Has pathology helped the convicting of murderers in the UK?
  12. How has forensic science impacted the British criminal justice system?
  13. What difference is there between the British criminal justice system and the American criminal justice system?
  14. Bio criminology: Its importance in cases concerning serial killers.
  15. What facts should be in existence before a person is declared- murder?
  16. Are the laws regarding cyber-crime efficient in tackling the current influx of cyber-crimes in the UK or is there a need for reform?
  17. Analyzing the laws surrounding children witnesses.
  18. Should male partners have any say as regards the abortion done by their female partners?
  19. Extradition and the factors surrounding human rights abuses.
  20. The internet, cancel culture, and the criminal justice system in practice.
  21. What is the reason for the age of legalization in the UK?
  22. Does the state have a role in determining marriageable age?
  23. What are the laws surrounding the residency status of minors trafficked to the UK?
  24. Is abortion murder?
  25. Suicide, and why it is still regarded as a punishable crime in several jurisdictions.
  26. Religion, and its role in the perception of emerging movements like feminism.
  27. Freewill: the positives, the negatives, and a study on the effects of teenagers.
  28. How criminal law has shaped supply chain management.
  29. The impact and significance of racism and criminal law.
  30. Why criminal law today needs a total overhaul.

Biology EPQ Ideas

Biology is another area that many decide to choose a topic for their EPQ from. This is because of the many conspiracy theories surrounding issues like evolution and genetics. Below are interesting EPQ ideas in the area of Biology.

  1. What are mutants, and how do diseases develop variants?
  2. A curious study on the identity crises in triplets where two are identical, and the third, not.
  3. A study on body metabolism and its role in body dysmorphia.
  4. Are there any long-term psychological effects that may be had by a recipient of another person’s organ?
  5. At what stage does incest begin to cause biological issues?
  6. How long does it take the body to become a skeleton, and what are the reasons surrounding the differences in persons?
  7. What are the beginnings of a panic attack, and what ways exist to deal better with them?
  8. Why do antidepressants have so many side effects on the user of said antidepressant?
  9. How do animals communicate with each other if their languages differ from their species?
  10. Does gender neutrality have a place in Biology?
  11. What does cannabis do to the body, and why does it cause hooded eyes?
  12. What are the courting behaviours of other species?
  13. BBLs and their long-term implications.
  14. What is the fetus, and when does life begin?
  15. What is the deadliest pandemic that has been experienced by man?
  16. What is the determinant for the most intelligent animal?
  17. What are the major causes of chronic diseases that pass on to generations where there hadn’t been a carrier of such diseases in the history of the family?
  18. Is homosexuality a social or genetic issue?
  19. Hair in animals of all species.
  20. The long-term effects of tattoos on the human body.
  21. Coronavirus and the impacts of coercive vaccination on bio-genetics.
  22. How biotechnology is contributing to finding solutions to a pandemic.
  23. Impact of artificial intelligence on the biological genetics of humans.
  24. Government policies on the biology of humans under increased surveillance.
  25. Do you agree that the human body has a price?

EPQ Architecture Ideas

Professors are often inclined to extend project ideas in architecture, especially where the research is one top-notch nature. Below are EPQs in the area of architecture.

  1. What is the link between physics and architecture?
  2. What are the possibilities of a smart city in light of a fast becoming smart world?
  3. Why are architectural materials made years ago said to be of more quality than is found now?
  4. What is the impact of Ancient Egypt on modern-day architectural structures?
  5. Has the recent demand for equality affected architecture?
  6. Does the kind of building lived in affect the character of the people who live in it with time?
  7. Can social housing solve the problem of homelessness?
  8. What are the major influences of current British architecture?
  9. Is the concept of green homes fully environmentally friendly?
  10. Should the government be allowed to make certain legislation as regards the shape of a building?
  11. Are there reasons surpassing the use of substandard materials that causes the collapse of buildings?
  12. Do buildings react to the emotions of their inhabitants?
  13. Can the architecture used in building increase social stratification amongst classes?
  14. What is the likelihood of a successful adaptation of smart space-efficient buildings in the Western world?
  15. Does the material used in the construction of tall buildings contribute to the fatigue in construction or is it solely dependent on time?
  16. What are the factors responsible for bridge design?
  17. How possible is it, ensuring standardized climate control in buildings?
  18. The relation between concrete, steel, and glass.
  19. Maritime technology, and its relationship with structure.
  20. Is it ethical to have a building costing millions of dollars in a low-class environment?
  21. The effect of an unstable road network on a building.
  22. Does architecture have a role to play in social dysfunction?
  23. A space for gardens: An argument for aesthetics or purpose.
  24. How can a home function without the use of carbon?
  25. The role of biomedical engineering in building construction.
  26. Large family buildings: privacy and its resultant effect.
  27. The role of architecture in redefining a city.
  28. An analysis of middle-class architecture.
  29. Minimalism and its place in modern-day architecture.
  30. The role of accessibility in motion-based architecture.

EPQ Ideas History

EPQ titles abound in History. The extended project ideas range from social history, political history, economic history, to cultural history. If you’ve been looking for good EPQ topics themed on History, find blow tons of them to choose from.

  1. The Holocaust: Discuss the lessons learned and how they presently shape modern-day politics.
  2. What historical effort is in defence of Popes during the Renaissance period?
  3. French Impressionism through the musical oeuvre of Claude Debussy.
  4. Detail the positive and negative evidence that point to the killing of the Princes by Richard III in the Tower.
  5. The historical evolution of journalism, from where it began to how it’s presently taking shape.
  6. Romantic poetical discourses on Irish Identity and what this means to Irish Historical Literature.
  7. During the Khmer Rouge, analyze the extent to which Pol Pot is responsible for the genocide.
  8. Assess the early modern historical review of the War of the Roses.
  9. Historical evidence from Shakespeare on the portrayal of Richard III.
  10. Mongol Civilization: Effects on present-day civilization and the impacts of myths.
  11. The Greek-Persian world and its historical impact from past civilization to modern-day civilization.
  12. The religious and cultural tactics and policies of the Romans in History.
  13. Explore the similarities of the Greek and Roman Gods and their impact on Christianity.
  14. Roman Wars and Conquests: How effective were the tactical assimilation methods.
  15. Relationship between war and civilization and how both affect spirituality and mythology.
  16. Relationship between mythology, culture, and civilization.
  17. What evidence do you have in support of the bombing of Hiroshima?
  18. Who are the founders of History and how did it spread?
  19. Racism: The toppling of slave owners’ statues and the erasure of racist history.
  20. What key historical moments favoured the British over the United States.
  21. The justification of religious warfare.
  22. Street churches in Mao’s China and their operations.
  23. Propaganda in UK History and impact.
  24. Should stolen artefacts be returned?
  25. What’s the basis of History to modern civilization?
  26. Historical fiction and the drive towards the future.
  27. The historical validity of marriage and family.
  28. History of sexuality and why it’s changing.
  29. Homosexuality during medieval times.
  30. Why all forms of history are pointing to the English.

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