133 Best Auditing Topics You Have To Try

auditing topics

Auditing requires the evaluation of the financial reports in an organization to get to the bottom of how finances have been used. This requires the calling of an auditor to help in the financial processing. This is essential for the smooth running of any company, organization, or institution.

Are you wondering, “What is an audit study?” It is a study carried out in various fields that permits researchers to examine and detect behavior in various individuals. This is with the aim of reasonable decision-making.

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Best Auditing Topics for Research Paper

Getting an ideal auditing topic can be frustrating. However, we have provided some of the best that will help you get a deeper understanding of auditing.

  1. Assess the auditor risk from different perspectives.
  2. Evaluate false financial reporting.
  3. The cutting-edge technology used in auditing.
  4. Contract auditing, outsourcing, and acquisitions.
  5. Correspondence with the general data protection regulation (gdpr) and security of data.
  6. The budgetary control system and budgeting as decision-making tools in organizations.
  7. Relevance of accounting data in improving telecommunication profits.
  8. Corporate financial organizations and the impact on management and tax planning.
  9. Effect of liquidity management on manufacturing firm’s efficiency.
  10. Existing gaps in reliability and independence of financial statements among auditors.
  11. Internal control system impact on revenue production.
  12. Internal audits impact the quality of financial reports.
  13. External factors and their effect on organizational cash flow.

Interesting Auditing Research Topics

Who said that auditing topics had to be boring? Well, here are some of the most interesting auditing research topics that you can try.

  1. Evaluate the Non- GAAP indicators.
  2. Which are the non-financial information disclosures by organizations?
  3. Which are Cam’s critical audit matters?
  4. The Impact of audit committees and boards.
  5. Fair value measurements and auditing accounting estimates.
  6. Relevance of accounting software.
  7. Risks in accounting system designs and analysis.
  8. Newest accounting software upgrades.
  9. The best accounting prospects in history.
  10. Dilemmas and ethics in accounting.
  11. The best ways to avoid fraud in finance.
  12. Challenges of implementing theoretical techniques in practical accounting.
  13. Management of debts in institutions.

Research Topics in Accounting And Auditing

Audit topics are broad and they can help you get a deeper understanding of accounting. Here are some of the best 13 research topics that can help you prosper in your studies.

  1. The importance of ethics of accounting.
  2. Auditing and its collisions.
  3. Impact of financial markets in a worldwide economy.
  4. Effectiveness of comprehending tax codes.
  5. Discuss Internet reliance accountancy.
  6. Financial markets and their commodities.
  7. Transparency techniques in organizational finances.
  8. Top accounting practices for eCommerce.
  9. Organizational influences on accounting.
  10. Onsite training techniques in auditing and accounting software.
  1. Standard tax minimization techniques in organizations.
  2. Management of individual earnings in organizations.
  3. Which are the most vital skills for forensic audits?

Best Audit Topics of all Time

Auditing is important for any organization. These are some of the best audit topics of all time. They are all broad and will help you get a better understanding.

  1. External auditors impact summary on corporate governments.
  2. Forensic audit effects on consumer products profits manufacturing organizations from 2012-2018.
  3. Exaggerated audit fees and auditors’ attributes in the banking systems.
  4. Audit roles in medium and small businesses.
  5. Functions of audits in escaping fraudsters.
  6. Executive compensation, audit price techniques, and corporate governance of banks.
  7. Credit reports and background checks among employees.
  8. Which loopholes are evident in advanced techs for auditing spheres?
  9. Causal factors of the 2008 global financial epidemic?
  10. How do diverse cultures affect the accounting theory?
  11. How to emerge as a professional auditor?
  12. Unsolved fraud cases in the audits
  13. How is fraudulent financial reporting done?

Auditing Dissertation Topics

Are you doing your dissertation soon? Look for a topic early enough to formulate your research questions to validate or nullify your hypothesis.

  1. What impact do global legal contexts have on auditor behavior? Literature synthesis
  2. An assessment of the changes and challenges facing fraud detection in a digital world.
  3. The effect of professional judgment on auditor conduct during an organizational-professional conflict.
  4. What effect does the inclusion of significant audit items in financial statements have on the company and its social image?
  5. A qualitative assessment of Islamic institutions in a traditional auditing environment.
  6. Evaluate the financial reporting audits that wreaked havoc on the global economy in the previous decade.
  7. Investigate the discrepancy between audit assurance progress and financial statement ambiguities.
  8. Do audit companies consistently hire for long periods and have a more significant impact on their professional judgment?
  9. How significant is the difference between theoretical academic constructs and professional competence among qualified public auditors in developing and developed countries’ audit disclosure quality?
  10. How can an auditor’s background help them get a better understanding of the businesses they’re auditing?
  11. A study of the organization’s environmental impact on international auditing standards implementation.
  12. Establishing a link between a slew of international accounting and auditing scandals
  13. Which are the latest innovative technologies being used in the 21st century?

Interesting Project Topics in Auditing

Why not try these interesting project topics in auditing? They are ideal, straightforward, and engaging. They will help you to think deeper and be in a better position in your career life or studies.

  1. Incentives for industrial development and economic growth.
  2. Examination of public limited liability companies’ procedures for appointing and removing external auditors.
  3. The inventory control system’s effect on organizational performance
  4. Banking industries around the world: merger and acquisition as a viable option for effective performance.
  5. Quoted manufacturing firms’ capital management and corporate performance.
  6. Examination of the tax identification number (tin)’s effectiveness in preventing tax evasion in countries
  7. The effects of the treasury’s single account policy on the performance of commercial banks.
  8. Financial performance in the worldwide manufacturing industry: liquidity, and foreign exchange fluctuations
  9. The impact of internal auditing on insurance organizations and its performance in the United States.
  10. Value-added tax and revenue generation effects in governments.
  11. The result of cost-reduction techniques and productivity in manufacturing companies.
  12. Investment and money demand in global economies, and the effect of their interest rates.
  13. The impact of dividend policy on micro-financial institution growth.

Auditing Thesis Topics

Doing a thesis can take a considerable amount of time. Hence, it is important to search for a topic that will be easy to research and work on. These 13 topics are interesting and simple.

  1. Standard analytical procedure for international auditing.
  2. The application of data analytics application in auditing and the perspectives of oversight boards.
  3. The prospect of employing business intelligence analytics in the audit of financial data contained in capital corporations’ financial reporting.
  4. Big data technologies are becoming increasingly essential in the processing of electronic data and creating computerized analytical platforms.
  5. CSR, sustainability reporting, and audit quality assurance.
  6. The audit quality indicators affect audit quality.
  7. The Major determinants of audit qualities.
  8. Increasing profitability: using the risk-based internal audit to achieve material cost recovery in the supply chain.
  9. Internal audit’s financial worth of error-seeking in December 2017.
  10. Auditing in the big data environment.
  11. Does internal auditing influence financial reporting?
  12. Evaluate the globalization of auditing standards.
  13. Which are the challenges for multinational audits?

Ideal Accounting Project Topics on Auditing

Accounting is a great discipline and is quite diverse. Hence, here are some of the best accounting project topics on auditing. They are all simple to ensure you succeed in project writing.

  1. What do you think are the challenges faced by external auditors in various countries?
  2. Does the legal audit requirements have an impact on the auditor’s performance?
  3. How is forensic accounting a tool for fraud detection?
  4. How are the government’s internal audits accounted for in various countries?
  5. How does auditing boost accountability?
  6. The various problems and prospects of auditing.
  7. How does internal auditing aid management?
  8. The influence of the audit system on enhancing corporate accountability.
  9. The effect of auditing in the authentication of financial statements of business organizations.
  10. What are the ethical issues associated with auditing?
  11. The various determinants of tax evasion.
  12. How does financial reporting affect the management of a business?
  13. The major impacts of inflation on decision making in an organization
  14. The best way to enhance public confidence in audit reports.

Auditing Topics For Dissertation in the University

Are you pursuing your Ph.D. in the university and searching for a dissertation topic? These are some of the best auditing topics for your dissertation.

  1. The audit difference between public and private organizations.
  2. Evaluate how continuous auditing influences organizational functioning.
  3. Major challenges faced by multinational organizations based on audits.
  4. The effect of the cost accounting approach on an entrepreneur’s ability to be productive.
  5. The analysis of the limitations of the multinational corporations about the foreign exchange rate?
  6. The role of leadership to transforming business ideas to success.
  7. An investigative analysis on the effect of financial reporting.
  8. Do public auditors widen the gap between academic constructions and professional excellence?
  9. Which are the decision support systems accessible for the online accounting work?
  10. What parameters should be taken into account in a financial disclosure of an electronic accounting environment?
  11. The impact of the structure of a firm on the shareholder equity.
  12. How do insurance companies add to liabilities?
  13. The role of a financial institution in a developing economy.
  14. Evaluate the importance of marginal costing technique in setting prices
  15. Evaluate auditing as a tool for effective internal control systems
  16. The importance of accounting information in improving profitability in the telecommunication industry.

Research Ideas for Artificial Intelligence in Auditing

Artificial intelligence has come to make life easier. Hence, its involvement in auditing will make tasks easier to perform.

  1. How are accounting firms investing in deep learning?
  2. The effect of AI on the auditing profession.
  3. The formalization of auditing through automation.
  4. Will AI lead to workforce replacement?
  5. How is audit judgment done in the form of an expert system?
  6. The impact of expert systems and decision support systems in auditing.
  7. The influence of information diversity on decision quality.
  8. A neural network for assessing the risk of fraudulent financial reporting.
  9. The deep learning applications and challenges in big data analytics.
  10. Evaluate the art of artificial intelligence in internal audits.
  11. The impact of digitalization on auditing.
  12. How is auditing research conducted in AI?

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