211 Biology Topics For Excellent Paper

Biology Topics

Finding an ideal biology topic can be frustrating. We are here to make that easy for you. As long as you understand the main topic of discussion, it becomes easier to know what to write about.

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Biology Research Topics

These are some of the best biology research topics that will make you interrelate the natural phenomenon from how different organisms function. They are also easy to research on.

  1. What if terrorists could use the Ebola disease as a biological destructive weapon – How will the world be?

  2. Evaluate the study of neurobiology and its relation to memory.

  3. Evaluate real creatures that never die of natural causes.

  4. The major causes of plant diseases.

  5. How does transplantation happen, and are there any precautions people should be aware of?

  6. The difference between warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals.

  7. The influence of genetics on obesity.

  8. Study the different chemical reactions that happen due to hormones.

  9. Which biological development has brought many benefits to humankind,

  10. The domestication of wolves – is it possible?

  11. The theories accompanying the origin of humankind.

  12. The major principles of human cloning.

  13. The key elements that have the highest impact on human eye color.

  14. Compare the different gestation periods in mammals.

Biology Paper 1 Topics

Biology has different papers. Hence, the ones in paper one are different from the ones in paper two and GSCE. You need to be able to differentiate to succeed in Biology.

  1. Define cell biology and its impact on the build-up of the human body.

  2. How do infections occur and the best steps to be taken once one is infected.

  3. Elaborate on Bioenergetics and its impact on the development of living beings.

  4. Evaluate inheritance, variation, and evolution.

  5. What is ecology and its impact on society?

  6. The composition of cell structure.

  7. What are the paleo diet and its impact on human living?

  8. Evaluate the effects of pollution on the world.

  9. How does immunity help to fight infections and diseases?

  10. Is meningitis an illness or virus – explain further?

  11. Evaluate the cell biology of Neurogenesis.

  12. How do cells lead to diabetes?

  13. Evaluate the expanding role in cell biology.

  14. The cell biology and extracellular matrix.

GCSE Biology Topics

Some people normally term GSCE biology papers as being complex. However, in the real sense, they ain’t too complex. You just need to find an ideal topic that you can do confidently.

  1. What is the regulation mechanism in stem cell biology?

  2. How does the brain and eye correlate in the proper functioning of the body?

  3. How does cell division happen in plants and animals?

  4. Define specialized cells and the nervous system.

  5. The interrelation between DNA and protein synthesis.

  6. Evaluate sexual and asexual reproduction.

  7. Elaborate on genetic engineering and selective breeding

  8. How do natural selection and extinction in animals occur?

  9. Evaluate leaf structure and functioning.

  10. Elaborate on photosynthesis and its impact on plant growth.

  11. Provide an in-depth understanding of urinary systems.

  12. How do exchange and transport occur in animals?

  13. The feeding relationship of organisms in the environment.

  14. The circulatory system in animals.

Aqa Biology Paper 1 Topics

These Aqa biology paper 1 topics, may seem complex. However, you can find an ideal UK writer that will help to fulfill your needs. As a student, you need to try your best to succeed in your papers.

  1. The interrelation between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

  2. Elaborate on the structures found in animals and plant cells.

  3. Describe differentiation between animals and plants.

  4. Compare electron and light microscopes in terms of magnification and resolution.

  5. How is genetic information stored in the nucleus of a cell?

  6. What processes occur during the cell cycle?

  7. Evaluate the stem cells in plants and animals.

  8. The factors that affect diffusion and osmosis.

  9. The difference between diffusion, osmosis, and active transport.

  10. The levels of organization in living organisms.

  11. The digestive system and how it works in the organ system.

  12. Evaluate the basic features of enzymes.

  13. Evaluate the various components of blood; plus its adaptations.

  14. What happens in coronary heart diseases?

  15. How are patients treated during heart failure?

Biology Extended Essay Topics

These topics are based on different plant and animal phenomena. These deal with the earth, plant tissues, animal cells, and much more. Would you want to do more research on natural processes? These topics will help you.

  1. The evidence supporting life evolution on Earth.

  2. The metabolic and molecular similarities between plants and animals.

  3. Tracing the ancient people migration events.

  4. Describe the different plant tissues and their functions.

  5. The difference between benign and malignant cancer tumors.

  6. Evaluate the process of transpiration and translocation in plant tissues.

  7. The factors that affect transpiration in plant tissues.

  8. How do stomata and guard cells function in the control of gas exchange?

  9. How are pathogens, viruses, and bacteria spread in plants and animals?

  10. How do pathogenic bacteria and viruses cause body damage?

  11. How can the spread of diseases be reduced or prevented?

  12. Evaluate the role of the immune system.

  13. Which is the process in which white blood cells destroy pathogens.

  14. How does vaccination maintain the population level?

Interesting Biology Research Topics

Do you want to get an interesting biology research topic? These are the best for you. However, you need to do thorough research to ensure you get an answer to all the phenomena. This also includes issues related to vaccination.

  1. Evaluate stress and its effects on immunity.

  2. Describe the human immune system and its resistance to diseases.

  3. How do asthma and other allergic reactions happen?

  4. Evaluate the prevention of graft rejection.

  5. What is society’s perception of vaccination?

  6. Plant diseases management by modern technology.

  7. The preventive measures of plant pathology.

  8. What are the major aspects and functions of photosynthesis?

  9. How do hormones become a factor in depression?

  10. What are the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy?

  11. The biology behind bipolar disorder.

  12. The current development of oxytocin science.

  13. How do cardio exercises influence hormones?

  14. How can oxytocin be used to treat psychopathic disorders?

Research Topics in Biology for Undergraduates

Are you in university or college and wondering the best research topic you can work on? These topics can be ideal for your research paper or research project. They will help you formulate an ideal questionnaire that you can use in your research.

  1. Evaluate the use of melatonin in therapy medication.

  2. Evaluate the possibilities of human cloning and transportation.

  3. The different types of cloning on animals and plants.

  4. The Genetic Disorders associated with animals.

  5. How best can cloning change medicine.

  6. How can DNA modifications affect humans?

  7. Is it possible for cloning to reduce aging in humans?

  8. Evaluate obesity and the genetic grounds behind it.

  9. Is homosexuality genetically based?

  10. Does public opinion influence scientific progress?

  11. Is it ethical to test human beauty products on animals?

  12. How does veganism influence meat production?

  13. The ecological and evolutionary factors that influence animal behavior.

  14. How do animals and plants adapt to changing environments?

  15. How does the environment influence the diversity of species?

Biology Research Topics for High School

Are you in high school and wondering the best topics you can use for your biology paper? These topics deal with finding the relation between different phenomena and how some things are formed.

  1. Make a comparison of the types of cell production.

  2. The major functions of enzymes.

  3. The process of photosynthesis – how does it convert carbon dioxide to oxygen?

  4. The major differences in plant cells.

  5. Factors that influence gene inheritance.

  6. What is the importance of human nutrition?

  7. The life of dinosaurs and how they became extinct.

  8. How does the nervous system work?

  9. The impact of biodiversity.

  10. The major applications of microbiology.

  11. How do soil pollutants emerge?

  12. What kills bacteria?

  13. Elaborate on the immune’s systems defense mechanism

  14. How does yeast become versatile?

Biology Research Topics for College Students

As a student in college, you need to find an ideal research topic to progress on. These topics deal with human biology and its various applications. You will get a deeper understanding of Biology if you dive into any of these researches.

  1. What causes food contamination?

  2. The major aspects of biotechnology.

  3. The major protozoa types.

  4. The best way to understand animal health?

  5. Factors that influence human health.

  6. The structure of the mechanism.

  7. The filtering of blood by the kidneys.

  8. Is human population growth out of control?

  9. What would happen if all bees died?

  10. The major effects of deforestation.

  11. The best methods for disposal of wastewater.

  12. Why is it important to conserve biodiversity?

  13. The major causes of toxic algae bloom.

  14. The causes and risks of indoor air pollution.

  15. The best ways to ensure food security without harming the environment

Cell Biology Research Topics

Do you know how broad cell biology is? Well, cells help in the multiplication of animals and plants. Cancer is also correlated with cells, hence cell biology is familiar.

  1. How do cells reproduce in the body?

  2. How does communication occur between cells in the body?

  3. The chemical composition of DNA.

  4. What makes us keep memories?

  5. The difference between cells in plants and animals?

  6. Which are the best to do biological research ethically?

  7. The major function of cilia.

  8. The best way to treat glaucoma.

  9. The major roles of the nervous system.

  10. DNA translating in our bodies.

  11. How are proteins broken in the body?

  12. Evaluate the modern technology of DNA analysis.

  13. How can cloning, change the aging process.

  14. The genetic disorders and related treatment.

  15. The models of orientation in the visual cortex.

Biology Topics to Research

It can be hard to find a unique biology topic to do your research on. Hence, you should try to research a topic that interests you and will ultimately help you in your studies. The topics are a mixture of plants and animals phenomenon.

  1. Which are the ethical aspects of experiments with stem cells.

  2. Robotic technologies and neuroscience.

  3. What are the best strategies for improving brain activity?

  4. How do gut bacteria influence the human brain?

  5. What causes a migraine? – How does it occur?

  6. The major reasons for the shortage of raw metals.

  7. The molecular biology in cancer treatment.

  8. The personal genome in modern medicine.

  9. Which is the molecular evidence of human’s origin.

  10. The mechanism of resistance in animals and plants.

  11. Which are the animal behaviors caused by evolutionary factors?

  12. What increases the chances of extinction in animals?

  13. Evaluate the phenomenon of bioremediation.

  14. Which are the best ways to improve metabolism.

  15. The hormone disorder and constant depression.

Marine Biology Research Topics

Marine creatures are amazing. Hence, we need to find the reasons for some marine phenomena. This is also ideal if you are willing to specialize in marine creature’s investigation. Human activities also play a big role in the survival of sea creatures.

  1. What is luminescence in marine vertebrae?

  2. How do dolphins communicate?

  3. How does the sea temperature affect marine life?

  4. The major impact of overfishing.

  5. The survival tactics of aquatic organisms in coral reefs?

  6. What causes high mercury concentration in fish?

  7. How does overfishing deplete resources?

  8. How do water resources replenish?

  9. Which are the major contributions of biology in the world.

  10. The formation of corals and how it occurs.

  11. The major types of species in the sea.

  12. Which are the major threats to marine creatures?

  13. What are bacterial contributions to biological processes?

  14. How do whales evolve- and their lifecycle?

  15. How do starfish survive in the sea.?

Popular Biology Research Topics

These are some of the most popular biology research topics. They target what is happening in the world and how best to make people understand the phenomenon.

  1. How does obesity occur in housepets?

  2. Evaluate camouflage mechanism in sea animals.

  3. The major natural disease resistance in plants.

  4. The major fertilizers and influence on plants.

  5. Issues of human ecology in terms of population, resources, and the environment.

  6. How will plant nutrition research help to meet human needs?

  7. The scientific perspective of hypnosis.

  8. How do addictive substances affect our genes?

  9. The major advantages of transgenic crops.

  10. Describe the factors that contribute to genetic mutations.

Molecular Biology Research Topics

These are some of the most complex biology topics. Hence, if you want to dive into them, be ready to do thorough research on them. However, don’t fear the topics, our UK writers can help you.

  1. How does xenolmport influence natural metabolism?

  2. Which is the development method to rationally design anti-cancer drug combinations.

  3. Evaluate DNA synthesis and RNA interference.

  4. Which are the biological suggestions of generic variations in rice?

  5. How can you measure the mutagenic effects of UV light?

  6. What is the importance of measuring plasmid loss in bacteria?

  7. Calculate the activity of alkaline phosphatase.

  8. How can you make a static cytokinetic channel out of spreading waves?

  9. How does the regulation of cell polarity occur?

  10. What is cystic fibrosis?

  11. The biochemical analysis of restriction enzymes.

  12. How to measure the mutagenic effects of ethidium bromide.

  13. The novel antimicrobial peptides from fish blood.

  14. The structural evidence for Scc4-dependent location of cohesion.

  15. How are bacteriophages used in the application for biocontrol?

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

Evolution is an interesting subject. Hence, you can try to research the topics and know how certain phenomena came to be. They are also exciting to research. Imagine learning how something came to be?

  1. Evaluate sexual reproduction in animals?

  2. Why does cancer persist and how?

  3. Is there any scientific reason as to why it is important to study human beings?

  4. The impact of aging in society.

  5. What are herbaceous plants – influence on the environment?

  6. The impact of evolution on different species.

  7. How can a species look similar to the other?

  8. How do bees communicate with each other and humans?

  9. Compare the process of endotherms and ectotherms.

  10. How do animals adapt to their natural habitat?

  11. The evolution of stamina in animal locomotion.

  12. How can selective sweeps cause diseases?

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