144 Economic Dissertation Topics To Impress Your Professor

economic dissertation topics

Economics is all about making choices when faced with uncertainties and scarcity, while ensuring that the available resources are allocated efficiently. It started in the 1770s and has now become an important field in modern society. If you are working on an economic dissertation, which is the longest project and paper in college, getting the right topic can be challenging. Indeed, most of them get stuck even before commencing the task. To help you out, we have picked the hottest 144 economic dissertation topics that you can count on top-quality work.

Awesome Microeconomics Topics for Your Dissertation

  1. Minimum wage in the UK: Is it still relevant?
  2. Is the German retail sector becoming less oligopolistic? A comprehensive review of three leading supermarkets.
  3. What are the conditions for the existence of a knowledge firm in the US?
  4. Are UK firms more innovative compared to those in the rest of the EU? A qualitative analysis.
  5. What are the implications of the EU regional policy on small enterprises in the UK?
  6. Gathering personal data online: How can it help improve the performance of medium enterprises?
  7. Supply-consumer demand in the beauty industry: A case study of the US market.
  8. Cost of production vs. ethics of labor: How do we draw the cutting line?
  9. What are the most important factors for the economic growth of an emerging economy?
  10. Freelancing: What are the implications on the modern workforce?
  11. Economic recession impact on small businesses: A case study of Brazil in South America.
  12. Small companies competing with international business.
  13. What is the impact of illegal immigration on the US labor market?
  14. Exploring the path of growth and success of a small company into a multinational.
  15. Does firm size impact the profit of a company? A review of the airline firms in the US.
  16. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the national economy of a country of choice.
  17. Technology: How does it impact global growth of a country?
  18. The macroeconomic determinant of the US house prices.

Macroeconomics Economics Dissertation Ideas

  1. How do interest rates impact consumption in the US?
  2. The impact of dollar value changes on the global economy: A case study of the Asian Tiger Economies.
  3. Macroeconomics variables in developing nations.
  4. Keynes’s macroeconomic theory application in a country of your choice.
  5. The rapid development of blockchain technology and impacts on global economies.
  6. Are cryptocurrencies and mobile money threatening the existence of banks?
  7. Reimagining a national economy with no or decimated impacts of central banks: The ultimate impact of cryptocurrencies on the globe.
  8. Income inequality and its relationship to minimum wage and a country’s GDP: A case study of Spain.
  9. The implications of long-term unemployment on the economy.
  10. Free healthcare insurance: What is the impact on economic growth?
  11. Perfect competition in developed countries: Theory and practice.
  12. Is renewable energy the future for the globe: How is it related to economic growth?
  13. Fuel as a crucial economic driver: Can renewable energy replace petroleum?
  14. The Chinese economy: A quantitative analysis of the main trends.
  15. The impact of the economy on the social aspects in the UK.
  16. Most stock exchanges now demand sustainability reporting for all listed companies: What are the expected economic impacts? A case study of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  17. What is the role of macroeconomic policies in the microeconomics of a country? A qualitative study.

Political Economy Topics for Your Dissertation

  1. The political and economic impacts of BREXIT for the EU.
  2. The economic effect of BREXIT for Britain.
  3. Ethical issues when dealing with wages and salaries in developing nations.
  4. A comprehensive review of the negative implications of corruption in the government departments of a country of your choice.
  5. The political economy of the gulf countries on women labor.
  6. What is the connection between the productivity of a country and the justice system?
  7. Capitalist economic model: How sustainable is it? A case study of a country of your choice.
  8. Corporate factories in developing nations: What are their impacts?
  9. The relationship between media and the economy of a country: How does the presence of media impact micro and macro-economics.
  10. Tax evasion by international companies: What are the implications on national economies?
  11. The impact of terrorism on a country’s economy: A case study of Syria.
  12. Taxation and how countries are using incentives to grow their economies: A case study of Hong Kong.
  13. Is it possible to overcome global tax evasion?
  14. How effective is the World Trade Organization in promoting the global economy?
  15. Understanding China: A comprehensive review of the country’s reforms after 1967.

Interesting Dissertation Topics in Economics

  1. The relationship between economic growth and inflation.
  2. Effect of micro finance initiatives on households: A case study of Singapore.
  3. The relationship between inflation and stock returns.
  4. The relationship between economic growth and employment rates: A case study of Canada.
  5. Bond returns and inflation: Exploring their relationship in a rapidly growing economy.
  6. How has AIDS impacted the development of African states?
  7. The impact of advanced technological tools on the growth of the agricultural sector: A case study of the Netherlands.
  8. How do competitors on the supply chain networks impact a product: A case study of India.
  9. Labor market changes: What are the implications of the entry of international companies into the local market?
  10. Comparing the factors driving economic growth in China and the US over the last 20 years?
  11. Why do the big companies in the US prefer to locate their operations in Asia? A case of Apple.
  12. Comparing the economic growth factors during the 20th and 21st centuries: What has necessitated the big shift?
  13. A comprehensive overview of the different economic models and their applications.
  14. Fiscal policy: What does it mean and how is it applied? A case study of France.
  15. Behavioral economics: A case study of Israel.
  16. The implication of nationalization on economic growth of a country of your choice.
  17. A comprehensive review of Abu Dhabi’s economic performance between 2000 and 2020.
  18. The effect of technological development in Germany.

Economic History Dissertation Topics

  1. Back to the basics: Should US history be taught in high school?
  2. How did Switzerland become a rich country?
  3. A review of the history of the beer industry in the US.
  4. A comprehensive analysis of Facebook Company from an economic viewpoint.
  5. A thematic analysis of the economics of pornography.
  6. Analyzing the efficiency of slave agriculture in the American South between the 16th and 18th centuries.
  7. The colonial economy: What made the UK to easily expand across the world?
  8. The impact of the internet on e-commerce companies.
  9. A qualitative review of the economics of slavery in the US.
  10. How did industrial production change between the 19th and the 20th centuries?
  11. A comprehensive analysis of the Great Depression of 1930: What were the main causes?
  12. Comparing the economic recession of 1930 to the recession of 2007-2008.
  13. Analyze the Icelandic Economic Crisis of 2008: What was the impact on the global economy?
  14. A theoretical review of Keynesian and classical macroeconomics: What are the main features of each?
  15. A comprehensive analysis of the US economy over the last 50 years: What changes have been reported in the employment, GDP, and inflation rates?
  16. What factors determine self-employment levels in the UK?
  17. Regional comparative advantage in natural resources: A closer look at Europe.

Finance Dissertation Topics List

  1. Economic potential of Africa: Is it a giant awakening?
  2. How is FTSE impacted by interest rates?
  3. Evaluating the effectiveness of micro-financing and poverty levels in developing nations.
  4. Social inequality: What are the main differences between income and wealth?
  5. Analyzing the drivers of new consumerism in the US.
  6. What are the main determinants of corporate debts in the US?
  7. Electronic banking services: A case study of Australia.
  8. Emerging trends in foreign direct investments in emerging markets: A case study of Indonesia.
  9. Factors underpinning regional development and profitability.
  10. Economic rent and transfer earnings in the US.
  11. How can profit optimization be achieved: A case study of the manufacturing sector in the UK?
  12. Privatization of national corporations: When is it a good idea?
  13. A review of the application of ethical rules in an economy of choice.
  14. European debt crisis of 2011: What were the implications?
  15. A thematic review of the impacts of gambling in a country of choice.

Interesting Economics topics for High Grades

  1. How does globalization result in mergers and global cooperation?
  2. A comprehensive review of the gender wage gap in South America?
  3. Impact of employment in economic growth: Comparing Brazil and China.
  4. Tourism is an important economic driver in France.
  5. Analyzing the economy of modern higher education in the United States.
  6. Industrial revolution: How did it set the basis for the modern global economy?
  7. Modern travel demand in Europe and the impact on local economies.
  8. Stock markets as important sources of capital for global corporations.
  9. The relationship between the global economy and the unending conflict in the Middle East.
  10. Forecasting global economic changes: How effective are the current models?
  11. Chinese industrial production: How does it influence the global economy?
  12. World Bank: What is its role in the global economy?
  13. Should governments turn to crowd-funding to raise funds for their projects?
  14. Offshore company expansion as a strategy for growth into a multinational.
  15. A comprehensive review of capital and financial structure of the Australian companies.
  16. The main causes of political uncertainties on asset prices.

Economics Topics on Health

  1. Do SMEs hit higher profit rates compared to government owned-firms in the EU?
  2. A comprehensive analysis of economic impacts of health insurance.
  3. What are the main drivers of the economics of the pharmaceutical industry?
  4. A review of the health industry performance during the COVID-19 pandemic era.
  5. Smoking ban: How does it impact global economics?
  6. How is poor health of people in developing countries related to poor economic performance?
  7. Revenue collection in public hospitals: How can it be optimized?
  8. Free healthcare: Can it be justified?
  9. Perfect competition: How does it work in the healthcare industry?
  10. A review of how world hunger is impacted by economics.
  11. Healthcare spending in the Netherlands: What factors impact the finances of healthcare organizations?
  12. Reviewing the economics of blood supply in the UK: How does the supply and demand impact the cycle of this business?
  13. What role do private healthcare organizations play in the healthcare economy of developing countries? A case study of South Africa.

Environmental Economics Dissertation Topics

  1. A cost-benefit analysis of environmental regulations adopted in the US.
  2. Economics of clean drinking water: How does it impact a country’s GDP?
  3. Analyzing the evolution of organizations that deal with climate change.
  4. A review of the impacts of greenhouse effect on local and global economies.
  5. The EU Emission Trading System: What impacts has it achieved so far?
  6. Waste management procedures in the UK: Are the costs a major cause of reduced economic returns for companies between 2015 and 2020?
  7. Is it possible to grow a manufacturing firm without causing negative impacts on the environment?
  8. How does the cost of running an eco-friendly company impact its competitiveness?
  9. The new environmental, social and governance reporting models: A thematic review of the different models recommended for different industries.
  10. Analyzing the implications of risk aversions in public goods.
  11. Rethinking environmental regulations: A comprehensive review of environmental values during natural disasters: A case study of catastrophic flooding in Queensland, Australia.
  12. A review of the main motivation of American investors targeting China.
  13. What are the economic impacts of biological invasion?
  14. The willingness to pay for recycling wastes in Sweden: A qualitative review.
  15. Measuring the cultural and economic impacts of historic heritage places: A case study of Georgia, Europe.

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