181 Project Management Research Topics: Helpful List

project management research topics

Project management is using specific knowledge, tools, techniques, and skills to deliver something valuable to people. There are different types of projects that are normally undertaken to make an impact on society.

Most projects are normally used to help make the world or society a better place. The projects are normally efforts to create value through a unique product or service that wasn’t in existence before.

How To Do Good Research For A Thesis

If you want to succeed in your thesis, research project, or dissertation, you need to put your best foot forward. However, you will first need to consult your professor to see whether your chosen topic is adequate for your thesis.

  • Choose A Topic: The first thing is browsing through a wide variety of topics and finding the right one for your thesis. Let’s say you want to get an ideal project management topic. You can browse through all these topics and find the best that you can use. However, remember, you need to be interested in that field so that you can feel excited while doing the research. Furthermore, try to select a topic that has also been researched before by other scholars. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the same topic but at least something similar.
  • Search For Research Sources: Once you have known the topic you want to do. Try and search for the topic’s sources. Try and see whether you can find valuable information regarding the same. Your research needs to be based on proven facts and statistics. Hence, make use of Google Scholar, Google Books, or Microsoft Academic. You can’t miss finding something similar to what you are actively looking for. Also, remember to use numerous websites, online libraries, and much more. Remember to create short notes for the same.
  • Create A Thesis Statement: Once you have gotten as much background information as you wish, you can now create a thesis statement. Continue adding short notes with all the new information that you are getting. The purpose of the thesis statement is to explain what the entire research paper will be dedicated to. The thesis helps to explain the subject of your research, how you will reach your goal methods to justify your point, and what you expect to obtain as a result. Also, remember, your thesis statement needs to be approved by your professor.
  • Write A Draft: By now you should have gotten some valuable information. You can then use that to write a draft or a rough outline. This draft is equally important as the final version. The advantage is that you can add as many points as you wish and then simplify them as you go on. Know what to include and what to omit.
  • Write The Final Version: Use all the resources and try to write the final version. Remember to have your references, sources cited, and bibliography formatted. Remember, the final version should be presentable. You wouldn’t want to repeat your thesis all over again. Give it your best shot. Also, remember to proofread to ensure that the grammar is correct. That’s it.

Project Management Research Topics

Are you looking for the best research topics? You can use any of these easy topics to do your research paper, project, thesis, or dissertation. They are simple and straight to the point.

  1. The best technologies that can be used in project management
  2. How do soft skills and practical skills help in project management?
  3. How do teams impact the success of a project?
  4. The approaches used in project management.
  5. The effectiveness of change management.
  6. Evaluate culture management.
  7. Evaluate conflict management in society.
  8. The importance of using project management software.
  9. Analyze the principles used in project management.
  10. The project management dynamics.
  11. The major causes of project delays.
  12. The best way to carry out project activities.
  13. The factors that influence the choice of a project.
  14. How to cross align business and project objectives.
  15. The history of project management.
  16. The impact of stress on a project manager’s performance.

Interesting Project Management Research Paper Topics

Always choose a topic that spikes interest in you. This will help to build on what you already know and what you don’t know already. This is vital. Give the best of your capability.

  1. The impact of culture in a project being successful or failing.
  2. The impact of the organization to project management implementation.
  3. The project management trends that lead to its success.
  4. The impact of agile project management on IT productivity.
  5. Evaluate project risk management.
  6. Evaluate the procedures used in managing innovation and entrepreneurship.
  7. The impact of global leadership in leading to the success of a project.
  8. The importance of project stakeholder management.
  9. The impact of work and organization systems.
  10. How is the project investment analysis done?
  11. The best way to carry out the facility life cycle costing.
  12. The contemporary approaches used in project management.
  13. The challenges faced in information systems.
  14. The factors that lead to sustainable project management.
  15. Evaluate project procurement management.
  16. Evaluate the business requirement analysis.

Top Project Management Topics For Research

Project management is an interesting course unit. However, you may get trouble finding an ideal topic. You can choose any of these and start your assignment

  1. Discuss descriptive analytics and visualization.
  2. Evaluate project scheduling and control.
  3. How are project integration and procurement done?
  4. The basics for project leadership.
  5. Analyze hospital assets in the public sector.
  6. The effects of keeping financial records in SMEs.
  7. Evaluate the implementation of a project management API using python and blockchain.
  8. The importance of soft skills in project management.
  9. The effects of cultural diversity on project performance.
  10. Evaluate the in-depth risk management assessment in procurement.
  11. The impact of organization characters in the success of a project.
  12. The importance of a great leadership role in the success of a project.
  13. The effect of the planning and scheduling style in project management.
  14. The most popular leadership style used by project managers.
  15. The importance of the initiation stage of a project.
  16. The various project management phases/stages.
  17. The impact of project length on management control and quality.

Project Management Topics For Research Papers

Are you planning to start your research paper soon? Familiarize yourself with these topics before you settle on the one to do.

  1. The importance of the managerial process in project management.
  2. The importance of project length on management control and quality.
  3. The relation between project management and project success.
  4. The similarities of the project management practices.
  5. The relation between green building and project management.
  6. The evolution of project management over time.
  7. The influence of uncertainty on project success or failure.
  8. The importance of critical path analysis in project management.
  9. Evaluate the PMBOK guidelines.
  10. Why do project managers follow the PMBOK guidelines in their line of duty?
  11. The project management software tools used to enhance efficiency.
  12. Common project management risks and attitudes.
  13. The major differences between Agile and Scrum approach to project management.
  14. Public procurement challenges in project management.
  15. The stakeholder approach to successful adoption of projects.
  16. The project management best practices in Europe’s financial sector.
  17. Explore the leadership qualities for successful project management.

Research Topics For Project Management

Are you looking for research topics for project management? Why not start with these! Any management assignment help should be useful, including these topics. They are ideal, straight to the point, and easy to research.

  1. The major trends related to project complexity.
  2. The process theory for project management knowledge accumulation.
  3. The impact of project management to good utilization of resources.
  4. The importance of stakeholders in various projects.
  5. Evaluate the most important stages in the project management process.
  6. The effect of holding virtual meetings when running different projects.
  7. The major issues that affect most projects.
  8. The major conflicts that arise in work teams.
  9. The relation between job enrichment and employee performance.
  10. The best methods used in corporate growth.
  11. Change mobilization in companies.
  12. Why do people fear taking risks?
  13. The effect of staff productivity.
  14. Procedures took in choosing the executive in a company.
  15. The impacts of social responsibilities in businesses.
  16. The benefit of cost-benefit analysis in project management.
  17. Is space tourism a great consideration for tourists?

Research Project Topics In Business Management

Business management is diverse. Here are some of the best research project topics that you can start with. However, remember to use credible sources to collect data.

  1. The impact of social responsibilities on the performance of the organization.
  2. The effect of employee commitment or organizational performance.
  3. The impact of a reward system on boosting productivity.
  4. The role of management in motivating workers.
  5. How do wages and salaries boost employees’ performance?
  6. The impact of change management in the banking sector.
  7. The influence of employee motivation on employee’s job performance.
  8. The best employee motivations.
  9. The influence of strike action on employees’ performance.
  10. The impact of insurance companies on the growth of SMEs.
  11. How can communication be used to enhance organizational performance?
  12. The influence of knowledge management on organizational competitiveness.
  13. Evaluate the capital structure and profitability of a business organization.
  14. How is time management a tool for organizational survival?
  15. The impact of the pricing policy on the profitability level of an organization.
  16. The impact of collective bargaining in companies.
  17. The impact of commercialization on public enterprises.

Topics For Project Management Research

Do you want to do qualitative or quantitative research? You can use any of these topics to do your thesis, dissertation, or research projects. However, remember to do proper research.

  1. The best practices for energy efficiency in construction.
  2. The implications of labor shortage in the construction industry.
  3. The effectiveness of virtual teams in organizations.
  4. The importance of staff motivation, as shown by Google.
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of job specialization in the banking industry.
  6. The effectiveness of salary bonuses on staff motivation.
  7. The impact of recruiting directly from colleges.
  8. The impact of effective communication on business success.
  9. The tools and criteria used for assessing staff performance.
  10. The strategies new companies can take to double their profits.
  11. The best way to improve employee performance through training.
  12. The relation between leadership and change management.
  13. How do companies develop their organizational culture?
  14. The relevance of the modern workplace in work efficiency.
  15. The latest trends in construction automation.
  16. The major causes of project delays.
  17. The impact of growing up in minority cultures.
  18. The effects of government subsidies for agriculture.

Research Paper Topics For Software Project Management

Are you in the software development field? Well, here are some research paper topics for software project management. They are not as complex as you would assume.

  1. Evaluate the visualization of database schemes.
  2. The impact of integrating debugging and software development.
  3. The ethics of android employee tracking.
  4. The best way to improve students’ skills in software development.
  5. Are the skills acquired in college efficient for students to work in software development companies?
  6. Challenges faced by new software developers on the job market.
  7. The impact of regular Google updates – search engine algorithms.
  8. The importance of using voice recognition systems in enhancing data security.
  9. Is blockchain technology the new solution to data security threats?
  10. The importance of software testing in quality assurance in the online store.
  11. The critical components in software projects
  12. The most critical predictions in software development.
  13. The challenges of accurate project status reporting.
  14. Software projects management and project escalation issues.
  15. The challenges of accurate software projects status reporting.
  16. The risk avoidance in bidding for software projects.
  17. Evaluate the life cycle management theory.
  18. Combining process and structure approaches to managing software development.

Construction Project Management Research Topics

These are some of the simplest project management research topics that you will ever stumble upon. You just need to do proper research to ensure you meet the goal of the project.

  1. Evaluate the girasole as a web-based software project management tool.
  2. Analyze the impact of eco-friendly consideration shown in planning construction projects.
  3. The essentials needed n house construction.
  4. The best door construction frames.
  5. The major changes that have occurred in the construction industry over time.
  6. The best way to maintain different types of houses.
  7. The risks found in construction management.
  8. The procedures to be undertaken before starting any construction.
  9. What is construction automation?
  10. The use of technology in construction.
  11. The best workers’ ethics during construction.
  12. The rules that govern construction worldwide.
  13. The importance of business information modeling to construction companies.
  14. The importance of infrastructure asset management in construction.
  15. Evaluate the trade-off between project cost and schedule.
  16. How is quality managed in construction projects in developing countries?
  17. The role of social media in construction management.

Cost-Benefit Analysis Project Management Related Research Topics

It is important to do a cost-benefit analysis to see whether the project you want to do is viable. Otherwise, it won’t be. Here are some of the best topics that you can start with.

  1. The cost and benefit of using prescription drugs.
  2. The cost and benefit analysis of shifting to green energy in homes.
  3. The cost and benefit of fishing restrictions.
  4. The cost and benefit of using speed cameras to control traffic in towns.
  5. The cost-benefit analysis of marijuana legalization.
  6. The cost-benefit analysis of state-level alcohol taxes.
  7. Compare the cost and benefit of investing in space explorations
  8. The cost-benefit analysis of the regulatory environment in businesses.
  9. The major steps in the cost-benefit analysis.
  10. The major problems and solutions of the cost-benefit solutions.
  11. Cost-benefit analysis in project management.
  12. The main cost issues in project management.
  13. The integration of e-commerce in business.
  14. The smart health prediction software with data mining.
  15. The importance of using budgeting tools when running tech projects.
  16. The future of remote teams.
  17. The modern improvements cause shifts in the remote work environment.

Agile Project Management In IT Industries

These topics are not complex. You just need to be up-to-date with the latest trends in technology to ensure you gather as much information as possible

  1. Big data analysis application in the eCommerce industry.
  2. Analyze the Google search engine algorithms.
  3. The use of cloud storage in the banking industry.
  4. Is the 5G wireless system the future of IT?
  5. The risk of cryptocurrency to the traditional banking system.
  6. How did cloud technology alter the data storage industry?
  7. Can virtual reality substitute actual reality?
  8. How did Steve Job change the world?
  9. The latest IT technologies that are used in project management.
  10. The software used by NASA to monitor space vehicles.
  11. The most popular software used in project management.

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