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Many students struggle to choose political topics when asked to write academic papers and essays. Failure to select the right topic means many ideas can be scattered across a small write-up. And this can weaken a research paper. Therefore, students should be keen to select political science topics for research that suit their skills, interest, and initial requirements. If struggling to choose politics topics to write about, consider these ideas.

Interesting Political Topics

Political thoughts and study enable learners to understand the human experience. As such, most political science research topics entail the study of thought processes, history, sociology, philosophy, economics, and geography. Students can also study the evolution of governments and their impact on human behavior and culture in the modern world. Here are some of the interesting political science research topic ideas to consider.

  1. Cuba as a failed political and social experiment
  2. American democracy and Thomas Jefferson
  3. Communism in the U.S- Is it a red scare?
  4. Labor commentary and John Steinbeck
  5. Religion role in the politics of the U.S society
  6. International politics and budget deficit
  7. Free market legislating and the crisis of subprime lending
  8. Political science and field experiments
  9. Is the People’s Republic of China a case of political examination>
  10. Neoliberal globalization opposition
  11. Theory of Karl Marx versus practice
  12. Is global warming science a warning or a political conspiracy?
  13. Race and politics
  14. Gender and politics
  15. Public schools and censorship- Are politics involved?
  16. American politics and utilitarianism
  17. Legislating morality and pornography
  18. What are the main majority rule’s problems?
  19. Does the media have political bias? Check out more media research topics.
  20. American politics and Ben Franklin

These are some of the most interesting political science research topics. Pick a topic in this category and then research it extensively to come up with a brilliant paper.

Hot Topics in Politics

Perhaps, you want to write a research paper on a hot political topic. That’s because you don’t want the educator to conclude that you chose an outdated topic and therefore deny you the top grade. In that case, consider this list of political hot topics.

  1. The tension between the United States and Iran
  2. The impeachment of Donald Trump- What lesson can a politician learn?
  3. How the death of Qasem Soleimani affected the oil markets
  4. The increasing economic pressure due to the Australian bushfires
  5. Migration and displacement caused by climate change
  6. The changing consumerism in Asia
  7. The trade war deal between China and the U.S
  8. What is participatory democracy?
  9. The increasing terrorist violence in the Sahel region of West Africa
  10. How the Citizenship Law in India causes the increasing Right-Wing ideology
  11. Can Israel see Palestine as a state?
  12. Are countries fighting the COVID-19 pandemic alone?
  13. Causes of political conflicts in Syria
  14. How human rights have evolved in Rwanda
  15. Geopolitics- The dominance quest
  16. How the U.S foreign policy will affect African during the new president’s administration
  17. Analyzing the NGOs’ ethics in America
  18. How the Syrian war affected the country’s politics
  19. What causes planetary-scale poverty?
  20. How the IMF benefits the developing countries

These are hot political topics because they can capture the attention of most readers. However, you should take your time to research any of these topics extensively. Also, you should use the most recent sources to find relevant information that your audience will find interesting to read about.

Comparative Politics Research Topics

Comparative politics topics are some of the fun ideas to explore. That’s because writing about these topics entails analyzing political similarities and differences between countries. After the analysis, you come up with a comparative paper on your chosen topic. Here are some of the best comparative political topics to write about.

  1. Compare foreign policies of the UK and the US
  2. Explain how presidential and parliamentary democracy differ
  3. Compare and contrast socialist and communist governments
  4. Explain the similarities between Ireland and Scotland political parties
  5. A comparative analysis of democracy models
  6. National governance versus regional governance
  7. Individual liberty limits and government authority
  8. Legal and political antecedents to the affirmative action
  9. The destabilization and ethnic conflict of states
  10. Parties comparison- A behavioral approach
  11. A comparison of cultural pressures in Japan and the United States
  12. The Apartheid phenomenon
  13. The Hierarchy of the Chinese communist party
  14. The Ideology of the Soviet Union
  15. Anglo-Saxon Traits within the American government
  16. Politics of international treaties design and implementation
  17. How social media affects political dissent
  18. Civil society’s transformative potential in developing nations
  19. Populism in the European Union
  20. The Vietnam War and aggregation

This category also has excellent political debate topics. That’s because people can take sides when discussing them. However, you must take an empirical approach when writing papers on these topics. That’s because you have to employ comparative methods and provide practical examples that can include institutional analysis, domestic politics, and diverse conflicts.

Controversial Political Topics

Controversial political science topics are ideal for debates, essays, and research papers. That’s because these topics draw the attention of the reader or listener immediately. The adage has always been that “controversy sells.” And this makes controversial issues ideal for research papers, essays, and debates. What’s more, these topics are easy to research and write about. And whenever something controversial arises, people want to give their opinion about it. Here are some of the best controversial political research topics to consider.

  1. Should parliamentarians come up with stricter laws on gun control?
  2. Should religious institutions and churches pay taxes?
  3. Should police officers be retrained on the use of force?
  4. Does a functional society need speech freedom?
  5. How can society justify the ownership of an automatic weapon?
  6. Is the American voting system democratic?
  7. Should the U.S abolish the Electoral College?
  8. Should there be a universal basic salary?
  9. The U.S should lift sanctions on Iran and North Korea
  10. Should the First Amendment be limited?
  11. The government should amend taxation laws and require companies and rich people to pay more taxes
  12. Illegal immigrants are not criminals
  13. The voting age should be lowered to 16 years
  14. The world should abolish monarchies
  15. The U.S should accept more refugees
  16. Brexit- Is it a bad or a good idea?
  17. What role did Russia play in the 2016 Presidential Election?
  18. America should consider illegal immigrants as her citizens
  19. The state should allow the death penalty
  20. The state should legalize abortion
  21. Doctor-assisted suicide should be allowed
  22. The state should legalize recreational cannabis
  23. The election day should be made a public holiday
  24. Patriotism can hurt international relations
  25. The government should quit circulating a penny
  26. Electronic voting enhances the efficiency of the electoral process
  27. Schools should avoid political discussions
  28. Illegal immigrants are not criminals
  29. The state should lower the drinking age
  30. Dictatorship is good for some countries

Most people will be interested to read about most of these political science research paper topics. However, you should take your time to research any of these topics to come up with a paper that will impress the educator to award you the top grade.

Current Political Topics for Research Papers

Current political topics to debate or write about focus on issues that most people are concerned about right now. Any society has political issues that almost anybody will be interested to read about. This category also has some of the best political discussion topics. If interested in such topics, consider these ideas for your research paper or essay.

  1. Freedom of speech in contemporary society
  2. All government branches should obey the constitution
  3. How the government can improve Medicare and social security
  4. How to handle the immigrants living in the U.S illegally
  5. Gun control laws as unacceptable infringements
  6. How terrorism affects American foreign policy
  7. Abortion legalization- A political or moral issue?
  8. Why we need tax reforms
  9. How the government can deal with unemployment
  10. The Role of government in policing religious freedom
  11. Is climate change a political issue?
  12. Does the U.S need political campaign funding reforms?
  13. How prevalent is racism in American politics?
  14. How can the government deal with homelessness?
  15. How politicians can help with students loan
  16. Should politicians continue to agitate for animal rights?
  17. Should politicians agitate for minimum wage?
  18. How can a country enforce border security effectively?
  19. The role of government, politicians, and corporations in ensuring net neutrality
  20. Why the U.S needs healthcare reforms

Pick any of these political research paper topics and then investigate them extensively if you want to write about something current. Nevertheless, be prepared to search for the most recent sources to include current and relevant information in your paper.

International Political Science Paper Topics

This category comprises topics about political issues that occur at an international level. However, the topics in this category can also be grouped into issues like globalization, human rights global poverty, security, and environmental issues. Here are some of the best international political science essay topics.

  1. How American and its allies will benefit from rising China
  2. Viewing globalization from a socioeconomic point
  3. Al Qaeda- Its origin and development
  4. The Russian and American conflict
  5. The U.S foreign policy- Democratization and human rights
  6. The hegemony of America during the cold war
  7. How to solve the global peace
  8. Realism and idealism in international relations
  9. International relations, liberalism, and realism
  10. International relations: The U.S, Lebanon, and Beirut
  11. International relations and humanitarian intervention
  12. International relations between China and Arabs
  13. Liberalism and realism during the cold war
  14. The Sea Region’s power
  15. International relations and power
  16. Impact of the dispute between Japan and China over Senkaku Island
  17. Challenges and expectations regarding China’s intervention in the African continent
  18. International relations and gender: Masculinities and men
  19. Making decisions about foreign policy- Effective approaches
  20. Anti-colonial global justice and inequality

Pick any of these topics and then research it extensively if you love writing about international politics. You can also twist any of these ideas to suit your assignment. Nevertheless, be prepared to spend time and energy researching your topic before you start writing.

Political Psychology Research Topics

Perhaps, you want to write a paper that addresses the scientific aspect of politics. In that case, consider topics in this category. Political psychology refers to an interdisciplinary scientific study field of inquiring about political processes from the psychological perspective. Here are some of the best topics to consider in this category.

  1. Proneness to war-mongering as a psychological trait
  2. Religious beliefs for peace, war, and species survival
  3. Psychological origin of war-mongering, violence-proneness, and new democracy
  4. A review of political psychology
  5. The meaning of new democracy
  6. Emotions in political conflicts and crises
  7. The political psychology of terrorism
  8. Gender, religion, and nationalism identities
  9. The psychology of political violence
  10. Interpersonal dynamics during diplomacy
  11. Empathy and trust in international relations
  12. Defining political psychology
  13. Political psychology in European integration
  14. The psychology of radicalization
  15. Psychological perspectives during political change
  16. Understanding psychology in a political context
  17. Evolutionary psychology application to political attitudes’ study
  18. Psychological symptoms of terror and political ideology
  19. How political diversity improves social psychology
  20. Personality profiles and psychology of political extremists

These are also great political science thesis topics. That because they require an extensive investigation and analysis to come up with an informative, solid paper. Don’t hesitate to ask us for assignment help, if you really need it.

Students have many topics to consider when writing research papers and essays for their politics and political science studies. However, learners should be keen to pick topics they can comfortably research and write about. This is essential since the topic that a student chooses influences their research and writing process.

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