132 Philosophy Dissertation Topics: Inspirational Ideas List

132 Philosophy Dissertation Topics

Does your philosophy essay need revamping, and you don’t know where to start? Here are 132 top philosophy dissertation topics for your success.

Students pursuing art or social science-related course will have to deal with a philosophy essay at one time. Unpacking the various fundamental truths in different niches and establishing their relationships is not easy. This article provides you with tried and tested writing ideas for your philosophy assignment in college or university. Here is what to expect in this expert guide:

  • Definition of philosophy
  • Different parts of a philosophy dissertation
  • Top-notch philosophy writing prompts

You should be able to write and present a top-tier philosophy paper at the end of this reading. If you still have questions, our experts will be more than glad to help right away.

What Is A Philosophy Essay?

Philosophy refers to studying the elemental nature of reality, existence, and knowledge. As an academic discipline, this field is concerned with various theories and principles guiding a particular behavior. You can term it as people’s understanding of their relationship with the world and each other.

Therefore, philosophy as a discipline is concerned with the following:

  1. A reasoned pursuit of underlying truths
  2. A quest for understanding
  3. An exploration of the various principles of conduct

The definition and the illustrations given above may look technical, but trust me, the inner core is fun and interesting. Otherwise, how would scholars like Immanuel Kant, Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates dedicate their lives to such a study? I know some are already scared at the mention of these names but don’t fret; we are not going any further with them.

Different Types of Philosophy

Again, we will not seek to unravel the complex subfields of philosophy and tire you with philosophical terms. You are here for the topics – that is what you will get in a few. However, in the meantime, here is a brief sketch of the essential subfields of philosophy:

  • Logic: Concerned with reasoning
  • Ethics: Deals with moral concepts
  • Metaphysics: Concerned with the first principles of things
  • Epistemology: Explores the scope and nature of knowledge

I am sure that you now have two or three topics from our discussions above. Before we majestically land on the list of philosophy topics, let us clear the runway with the following important cues.

Parts of a Philosophy Dissertation

Every form of writing has a unique structure with basic elements that define it. A philosophy dissertation also follows a particular format which is crucial for writing such an essay. The vital components of a philosophy dissertation include:

  1. The title: It conveys the main idea of your philosophy paper in a concise but elaborative manner. Every philosophy title should have a particular scope and depth with an interesting angle for the reader. Remember that this will determine the length and breadth of your research and the paper length.
  2. The introduction: This section highlights your main claim and how you intend to prove it. It is where you state your position – your lecturer does not have to agree with it at first. The other sections will help you support it. The thesis statement is also here, and it provides a definite assertion about the topic under discussion. The stance you pick here should be consistent throughout the rest of your paper.
  3. Analysis and explanation of your thesis: This section gives you a chance to explain the meaning of the various terms used in your thesis. You do not present arguments at this stage but explain what you mean by your thesis statement. You should also write a little background information about your subject.
  4. Arguments supporting the thesis statement: Here is the flesh of your paper, requiring you to dig up strong arguments. It involves supporting your philosophy dissertation with evidence while refuting potential arguments from the opposition.
  5. Conclusion: You can summarize your main points, state your conclusion and wind up your dissertation.

Do you see how simple it is to write an outstanding philosophy dissertation? Now let us proceed to the fascinating topics that drew your attention to this professional guide. Furthermore, don’t you forget you can get any assignment help online from our professional team.

Interesting Philosophy Dissertation Topics

  1. Discuss the difference in brain processes between the young and old
  2. Factors that determine the religious beliefs of an individual
  3. The role of desire in causing strife and anxiety
  4. How feelings affect the interaction of people
  5. Discuss events and occurrences that lead to sensations
  6. How passion determines one’s possibility to succeed in a given venture
  7. The role of will in making important decisions and accepting the consequences
  8. Effects of personality on growth and development patterns
  9. Discuss the relationship between reason and religion
  10. How intentions affect the outcome of events
  11. Why do people throw the blame on others when something goes wrong?
  12. The role of ordinary physical events in determining our actions
  13. Can man act freely without being induced by internal or external forces
  14. How biology attempts to explore the field of philosophy
  15. Explore the logic of scientific findings and inventions
  16. Do scientific theories and laws offer a final answer to the questions of nature?
  17. Explain the difference in interactions between adolescent boys and girls

Examples Of Dissertation Topics For Uni

  1. Evaluate the need for compulsory education
  2. What determines the preferential treatment of the silent minority in society?
  3. Discuss the justice of taxation in social philosophy
  4. Analyze the cultural determinants of moral limits
  5. Explain the role of free expression in a democratic state
  6. Factors that determine the relationship between a patient and a physician
  7. Why do special medical procedures attract questions?
  8. Discuss why abortion is still a subject of contention today?
  9. Does euthanasia demean the human right to life?
  10. Discuss the differences in animal and human interactions
  11. Explore the ethical standards for conducting medical research
  12. Is it right to experiment using human subjects?
  13. The science behind art and appeal to emotion
  14. Factors involved in evaluating works of art
  15. Evaluate the relationship between cosmetic appliances and morality
  16. How does science influence the manner of life today?
  17. Determine how words create meaning in communication

The Best Business Philosophy Dissertation Topics

  1. Is profit-making a wrong motive in business ethics?
  2. Discuss the scope and nature of the social responsibilities of corporations
  3. The effects of business monopoly in a free society
  4. How should businesses relate to each other without creating a conflict of interest?
  5. Modern discussions on the fundamental purposes of a company
  6. The pursuit of money and exploitation in business
  7. Effects of commercial civilization on business ethics
  8. Should money always be the end goal in a business venture?
  9. Factors that make a business decision ethical
  10. Character and virtues that determine ethical business undertakings
  11. The role of moral codes of conduct in business
  12. Evaluate the relationship between happiness and making money
  13. The role of corporate moral agencies
  14. Discuss the various important frameworks for business ethics
  15. Evaluate how advertising leads to manipulation
  16. Explain the business ethics behind hiring and firing
  17. Do companies offer meaningful compensation for work done?

Advanced Science Philosophy Topics

  1. Evaluate the philosophy of statistics in science
  2. Explain how the science of numbers is essential in answering the central questions about life
  3. The role of modern physics in shaping reality
  4. Science philosophy and its contribution to causality and determinism questions
  5. Effects of quantum mechanics on making work easier
  6. Does the philosophy of chemistry always confirm findings?
  7. How experimentation leads to solid conclusions
  8. Evaluate the use of indirect measures as evidence in chemistry
  9. How chemical bonds help explain relationships in reality
  10. Discuss the developments made in the philosophy of astronomy
  11. Determine the reliability of theories and formulas used in scientific studies
  12. The difference between philosophical insights and scientific findings
  13. Analyze the mechanisms of obtaining and verifying knowledge using science philosophy
  14. Discuss ethical issues in epistemological studies
  15. Evaluate the rise of the modern synthesis in biology
  16. Genetic engineering and philosophical inferences
  17. Incorporation of scientific study into the psychology

Relevant Topics In Philosophy

  1. How ancient philosophy is shaping modern life
  2. The implication of western civilization on developing nations
  3. Differences between philosophy in Africa and Latin America
  4. The role of stoicism in modern movements
  5. Evaluate ethics and moral philosophy in America
  6. Effects of empiricism on modern-day philosophy
  7. How the philosophy of the mind is crucial in times of pandemics
  8. The role of philosophy in Computer Science and Mathematics in innovations
  9. The crucial role of crowds during political campaigns
  10. Discuss the philosophy of race and racism in the US
  11. Distinguish regional philosophical traditions between the US and UK
  12. Discuss modern problems of ancient philosophy
  13. Emerging issues in environmental philosophy: A case of global warming
  14. Analyze action theory
  15. Why is anarchism more likely today than in the ancient world?
  16. The role of intelligence in success
  17. Importance of logical studies in college

Custom Political Philosophy Dissertation Topics

  1. Evaluate the pressing social and political issues of the 21st century
  2. Discuss the relationship between political and legal philosophy
  3. How social media is changing modern-day politics
  4. The relationship between propaganda and campaigns
  5. Discuss the various theories of political revolution
  6. How do the theories of utopia shape today’s politics?
  7. Criminal justice and authoritarianism
  8. Feminist and liberal traditions in political philosophy
  9. Evaluate the tenets of capitalism versus socialism
  10. How modern-day developments are shrinking or expanding democracy
  11. Does 21st-century politics need a conservative free-market economy?
  12. Explain the impact of government intervention in social affairs
  13. How the Ukraine-Russian war is a reflection of ancient political rivalry
  14. Discuss how nationalism shapes political peace
  15. How group rights play into political campaigns
  16. The effects of colonialism on a country’s political structure
  17. Discuss the problem of technology in modern-day politics

Feminist Philosophy Dissertation Topics

  1. Evaluate the various feminist interventions in philosophy
  2. The role of feminist beliefs and resultant feminist movements
  3. Evaluate the normative and descriptive feminist components
  4. How the society is embracing the diversity of women
  5. Discuss feminism as anti-sexism
  6. Evaluate the general treatment of women in the institution of marriage
  7. The role of feminism in championing gender equity
  8. Differences in how men and women view the subject of love
  9. Explain how the complexities of a woman impact her location
  10. Discuss how the society continues to undervalue women’s problems
  11. Feminism and the rise of civil movements supporting women
  12. The role of feminine subjects in shaping the central concepts of philosophy
  13. Analyze the contribution of feminist philosophers
  14. The place of feminism in classical American philosophy
  15. Analyze emerging feminist philosophical circles
  16. The analytic philosophy methods of understanding feminism
  17. The role of feminist movements in the girl-child empowerment

Reliable Philosophy Of Religion Dissertation Topics

  1. The philosophical reflection of common religious beliefs
  2. The role of religion in encouraging positivism
  3. Evaluate reformed religious epistemology
  4. Discuss theism and emerging alternatives in the 21st century
  5. Discuss the role of religion in answering cosmological arguments
  6. Evaluate the role of religion in dealing with the problems of evil
  7. How religious experience affects societal views
  8. Discuss the effects of religious pluralism in developing nations
  9. How the media is propagating religious beliefs in the modern world
  10. Discuss the emergence of religious extremism in the wake of terrorism
  11. Evaluate the crucial role played by religion in spearheading morals and ethics in the society
  12. How religious differences affect societal relationships
  13. Analyze the conflict between atheism and Christianity

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