108 High Quality Event Management Dissertation Topics

event management dissertation topics

Many students write about event management dissertation topics when pursuing their business, sports, or hospitality studies. After graduation, the learners participate in designing, creating, organizing, and managing beautiful events and parties. Their creative spirits spread their wings upon graduating.

However, a student must complete the pesky thesis writing assignment. Writing a dissertation is among the essential steps on a learner’s journey, and all they do is master it, and they are on their way.

Today, event management is an essential department and part of progressive organizations. Most institutions hire professional event managers to cater to their occasions and parties’ organization or management, whether on a small or large scale. An event’s success is vital to every organization because it portrays it positively. It also communicates a crucial message for the brand.

For this reason, this field has grown into an area for successful business ventures since some organizations opt to outsource event managers. Also, the subject has become a vital research area with college and uni learners investigating it while pursuing higher education. Essentially, the field has garnered significant professional and scholarly interest.

As a subject, this area draws from different disciplines that converge to create an event as a new project. Event management dissertation topics deserve the interest they receive because of their addition to the existing literature body. Also, these topics are relevant because they inform future practitioners while collating academic research.

If you wish to write a dissertation about a topic in this subject but have difficulties selecting or composing a title for your paper, this list will give you ideas for your thesis.

Excellent Event Management Dissertation Topics

Maybe the professor wants you to pick a unique topic in this field and write a dissertation that will go to your school’s digital repository. In that case, select a subject for your thesis from this category.

  1. Meal procurement and planning decisions when managing business events in the U.K.- Preliminary investigations
  2. A primary investigation of the attendees’ composition and spending behaviors during charity dinners
  3. Investigating how management programs prepare learners for business professionalism- A preliminary investigation
  4. Considerations for event venues in developing countries- Safety guidelines and risk management
  5. Sporting events’ risk assessment at the national level
  6. How mock events help with the preparations for mega sporting events- a detailed literature review
  7. IIFA management- a preliminary research
  8. Preliminary investigation on mega-sporting events’ volunteer motivations in the U.K.
  9. Managing and staging cycling events- a thorough literature review
  10. Reviewing the primary considerations when executing or planning charity events at the state level
  11. Critical green practices for event managers- Informed practices literature review
  12. Event cities- a review of risk assessment and planning for planned events’ management
  13. Using ICT to manage events in developing countries- a detailed review
  14. Preliminary investment of event managers in the United States from the guests’ perspective
  15. Marketing events management- A detailed analysis of functions in the U.S.
  16. A primary investigation of consultancy firms and their roles in event procurement and management
  17. A comparative review of functions management quality between developing and developed countries
  18. How political and economic stability affects how organizations manage their events
  19. The role of security systems in the management of events in the U.K.- Detailed investigative analysis
  20. Why students should learn to organize events- A detailed study

Consider these ideas to write a paper that will impress your faculty or the professor to award you excellent grades.

Interesting Dissertation Topics In Event Management

Perhaps, you want to write a dissertation about an eye-catching topic. Maybe you want professors in your faculty to love your paper and even recommend its publication in a major journal. If so, consider these topic ideas for your dissertation.

  1. Comparing how Google, Apple, and Microsoft manage their launch events- A detailed comparison study
  2. Investigating how companies in the U.S. and U.K manage their events- A comparative study
  3. How introducing or inviting celebrities to events attracts more audiences.
  4. Investigating the effects of strategies for managing events when establishing customer relationships- Google I/O events’ case study
  5. How product launch events affect the customers’ buying decisions- Apple case study
  6. Investigating how the economic stability of an organization affects its events
  7. A detailed analysis of the impact of management programs on students’ abilities to manage events
  8. How events managers influence the impacts of functions on the environment
  9. Analyzing the Olympic Games management in 2021 in the U.K. from a visitor’s perspective
  10. Investigating the challenges that event managers face in the U.K. when establishing relationships with customers
  11. Standard issues that event managers face when staging marathon races in the U.K. compared to the U.S. and how they affect the participation rates
  12. Investigating marketing strategies and how they affect event managers
  13. Grammys 2020- reviewing the management strategies and the necessary measures for future events
  14. How Covid-19 influences event managers’ practices- Investigating the challenges that SOPS causes
  15. Information security and challenges that event managers face
  16. How ICT influences the decisions of event managers
  17. A critical review of the primary considerations for event managers when planning and executing functions in non-profit organizations
  18. Easter gathering events- A case study in the U.K. to analyze the attendee rate changes in the last five years
  19. Marketing functions management in the U.K. and U.S.- A detailed analysis
  20. Investigating the 2018 FIFA World Cup management in Russia- What were its success factors?
  21. Detailed research of the ECB Premier League Events’ management strategies and revenue generation
  22. A comparative study of how consultancy firms manage events in Albania and the United Kingdom
  23. Essential considerations for event managers in emerging economies- A detailed analysis of risk management and safety guidelines
  24. How sponsors and brand deals affect technology events on a large scale in the U.K.- Evaluation of the success rate
  25. A persuasive study of the reasons to pursue studies that makes you an event manager
  26. Evaluating Tomorrowland festival’s tactics for managing events over the years- Analyzing how they tackle and overcome issues
  27. Analyzing the 2018’s Olympic Games and their management strategies- How did they affect visitors’ attendance?
  28. Analyzing ways to improve the overall experience during an event- How event managers can use psychology to manage and create the attendees’ moods
  29. Investigating the impact of state-controlled resources and economies on event managers- An analytical study
  30. Investigating the techniques that event managers use to generate interest and enthusiasm in events that would otherwise lack appeal

These are exciting dissertation topics that many educators and scholars will find interesting to read. Nevertheless, prepare to spend enough time researching your topic to write a custom and high-quality paper.

Good Dissertation Topics For Event Management

Maybe you need an excellent topic to research and write about without compromising your grade quickly. In that case, this list has suitable topic ideas for your consideration.

  1. Analyzing the online platforms that event managers can use for virtual meetings- A comparative analysis of Webex, Zoom, Microsoft, and Google
  2. Studying the popularity and effectiveness of online events due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  3. Investigating the factors that prompt many students to pursue event management
  4. Evaluating how the Covid-19 pandemic affects event managers
  5. How science and money management facilitate event planning for organizations with tight budgets
  6. How event managers cater to food preparation and feeding large groups
  7. How the changing the venue at the last minute affects the event’s participants’ mood
  8. How event managers earned their position in the corporate sector as respected professionals
  9. Studying risk assessments in sporting events at the international level
  10. Calculating and estimating service promptness when managing events
  11. Why catering and venue decoration are essential when managing an event
  12. Does a large crowd indicate the success of an event?
  13. Can successful marketing define the event’s success?
  14. How the event venue’s ambiance affects the guests’ mood
  15. How do event managers determine the amount of food to serve functions’ attendees?
  16. Can event managers pull a successful event with a tight budget?
  17. Can an event make a business more accessible and open to people?
  18. Managing people versus managing an event- What is more important?
  19. How a successful event can affect a business’ growth or decline
  20. Challenges that hospitality businesses face when managing events
  21. How challenges that hospitality businesses face are impacting the entire sector
  22. What is the role of event managers in an economy?
  23. How event managers can reduce or overcome the challenges they face when organizing functions.
  24. How terrorism and security threats affect event managers
  25. How event managers should collaborate with clients to ensure the success of their events
  26. What is the company’s role in managing an event?
  27. Do event managers need sponsors for all occasions?
  28. How event managers create a list of the function attendees
  29. How event managers track service providers and sponsors
  30. How to analyze the risk of the systems for managing events

Pick any topic in this category and then conduct in-depth research to draft a winning paper. Nevertheless, seek the help of reliable experts if you cannot write a top-notch essay about your preferred title.

The Best Dissertation Topics For Event Management

Your professor expects you to write a comprehensive and detailed paper. Selecting a title that you’re comfortable working with can influence your ability to achieve this goal. Consider the following topics if you need an idea to enjoy exploring and need some management assignment help with your topics.

  1. Practical strategies for managing events in the modern world
  2. How to organize and manage an event in the best way
  3. Can event managers improve an organization’s overall performance?
  4. What is the role of event managers in non-profit organizations?
  5. How to plan an event- Creating a detailed event plan
  6. How different is managing an event and any other project?
  7. Why is organizing an event in real-life complex than in theory?
  8. Essential elements to consider when working on an event
  9. Managing events during a pandemic- Key considerations
  10. How to manage religious events
  11. How to address pending activities in an event
  12. How a budget affects the management of an event and the outcome
  13. How to choose service providers in an event
  14. Revenue versus expenditure summary of an event
  15. The essence of record-keeping when managing an event
  16. The relationship between event challenges and their success
  17. How to decide on an event timeframe
  18. How to select an event’s venue
  19. How to assess an event’s risks and ways to control them
  20. How to deal with altercations- Controlling crowds during events
  21. How to pick event sponsors
  22. Best ways to communicate to event audiences
  23. How to plan a product launch event
  24. Evaluating an event marketing and management success
  25. Problems that face managers when marketing events
  26. How to manage an international event
  27. The role of human resources in the management of an event
  28. How the internet facilitates the direction of a company’s event

This list comprises some advanced titles for academic papers in this field. Nevertheless, pick a title you will comfortably handle.

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