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We have all heard the phrase “Music is the food for the soul,” but is it true. It does have positive effects on the body and mind. Music is a source of decreasing pain anxiety, improving mood, and facilitating emotional expression. Studies showed that music could benefit our mental and physical health in numerous ways.

Therapists often use music to treat various mental diseases such as anxiety, depression, pain management, stress, and other neurological disorders. If you love music, you can even opt for musicology, which studies music. Not many people know about this subject, and only a few universities offer this subject to their students. If you study musicology, you will have trouble finding an exciting dissertation topic for your thesis. This article will discuss the basic guidelines for writing a music research paper and list some great ideas for music dissertation topics.

What Is Musicology?

Musicology covers all aspects of music in different cultures, sociology, and historical period. It’s an academic subject that goes beyond performing music to exploring the history of music, the evolution of musical instruments, various music genres, and much more.

Musicology also focuses on popular music and studies its effect on people. Musicologists examine all dimensions of music, including art music which has a great historical significance. There are three principal branches of musicology; we will be discussing each one briefly.

  • Systematic musicology. Systematic musicology is the study of music theories, sound studies, acoustics, and musical instruments. This branch of music is similar to music conservatory education.
  • Ethnomusicology. This discipline studies art music and how popular music of different cultures is connected with its societal history. Ethnomusicology also includes cognitive musicology, which explores the relationship between science and music.
  • Historical musicology. This program examines the history of different types of music genres. A vast number of musicologists mainly traced Western music’s history. However, the trend has changed, and the focus has turned towards exploring the music history of other cultures, including Africa, Latin America, and various regions of Asia.

Steps To Writing A Music Research Paper

Every research paper is divided into three parts introduction (includes a thesis statement, body, and conclusion. To create a good thesis paper, it’s essential to pre-plan and think about each part of the research paper in detail so that you don’t have to struggle while writing the thesis. Follow the steps below to create the best music thesis paper:

  1. Choose a topic
    We have a comprehensive list of music dissertation topics below. Ponder on each one and choose 3 to 4 topics you like. Take some time and analyze each topic in detail, and request your instructor to suggest the one you should go with or how to improve them. After you have got the topic, you will be working on spending enough time on its research so that you are sure to have enough information to create a thesis paper. If you find yourself struggling while looking for information, this might be a good time to change the topic.
  2. Research
    When the teacher approves of a topic, your second step is to research it thoroughly. Find information from as many sources as you can search books, the internet, etc., to find authentic details with credible authors.
  3. Create an outline
    Draft an outline before you start to have the guideline of the structure you need to follow. Lookup for samples on similar topics and see the information they have worked on. Creating an outline will help you stay focused and consistent when you start your research paper and reach the central part of the essay.
  4. Proofread
    After you are done with the conclusion, don’t forget to proofread your essay. Ask a friend to proofread your work so that he can outline the mistakes that you might have missed. If you find errors rewrite the section if you have time; otherwise, edit it.

Music Dissertation Topics

Deciding a topic for a music essay is pretty confusing; you might not know where to look for and which topic to choose! Well, look no further because we have listed 219 engaging and authentic topics to get you excited for your thesis. Whatever your goal is, you will be sure to find something that might interest you. Now that you have an idea of how to begin, hopefully these topics from our best dissertation help writers will inspire you.

Music Research Topics

  1. How is the music portrayed to the general crowd? How is the information gathered to advance, promote and sell to the expected market?
  2. Banes and boons of adopting music as a career
  3. Analysis of mathematical models of synchronization and anticipation
  4. Practical applications of various tones in music synthesis and composition
  5. Nostalgia and nonsense in the Lewis Caroll settings in Gyorgy Ligeti [2020]
  6. Performer’s expression and interpretation of melodic groupings: evidence and representation of an embodiment
  7. Exploring the most famous musicians of the 20th century
  8. How has globalization affected jazz and pop music?
  9. How does music affect fashion?
  10. Which music genre impacts the music most?
  11. Analysis of relationship between dance and music
  12. Music and health: Do they have any connection?
  13. Importance of music theory in music production
  14. Which classical artist is your favorite, and how has he impacted you?
  15. Should the government support newcomers in the music industry?
  16. Current music: Comparative analysis of high and low culture
  17. How is the children’s cognitive development affected by music?
  18. Comparing pop music and rock music
  19. The inclination towards pop music: A result of the decline in quality education
  20. A tendency towards pop music is due to the impact of music evolution?
  21. Classical music: Comparing the roles of men and women in its development
  22. Music theory and music education
  23. Discovering the process of writing and producing music
  24. Exploring human voice and its biological aspects
  25. Subculture and punk music
  26. Psychological conditioning using background music

Interesting Topics on Music

  1. Jazz Music: An insight on its culture
  2. History of jazz music
  3. Why is 1959 considered a turning point for jazz music?
  4. The civil rights movement and jazz music
  5. Studying and reviewing different aspects of jazz
  6. Studying the different forms of jazz dance in America
  7. How has jazz music developed to its current dimension
  8. Comparative analysis of the Chines and Japanese music
  9. Influence of music on the criminal levels
  10. The role of music in the Ancient Rome
  11. Discovering the musical instruments used by different cultures
  12. Musicians and their explorations
  13. Commonly known musical instruments in Ancient Rome
  14. Why is pop culture popular?
  15. Is pop culture a good or bad influence on society today?
  16. Censorship and the music industry
  17. How does modern technology affect pop culture?
  18. Role of music in Shakespeare’s plays
  19. How is music displayed in the movie “Titanic.”
  20. Jazz and pop music culture
  21. Exploring the listeners of jazz music
  22. Exploring country music as one of the most popular genres in the US
  23. Which form of music is best for each age group?
  24. History of Africa’s Reggae music
  25. Tracing the origins of black music and analyzing how it impacts the pop culture of America
  26. Political impact on the music industry
  27. How does artificial intelligence affect music?
  28. Regional influences on different styles of music
  29. What are the traits that make a song popular?
  30. How can music change the future?

Fantastic Dissertation Ideas On Music

  1. Appreciation of music in the 21st century
  2. Analyzing the best music generations
  3. Music and its effect on the mind and soul
  4. What is opera
  5. Michael Jackson, the “Moonwalking” man
  6. Types of music in different continents
  7. The period of romance in music
  8. The love and taste for opera
  9. Music and its welcoming effect on the brain
  10. Studying the different eras of music
  11. How does music therapy work in the American Indian culture?
  12. Music: Theory and importance
  13. Ways in which music can be applied to learning and teaching
  14. Exploring the evolution of music
  15. Music: Philosophy and value
  16. Exploring the effects of American pop culture on the global economy
  17. Classical music and its impact on the pop music
  18. Can music negatively affect one’s health?
  19. Exploring ways in which music is used in advertisements
  20. How does music influence performance while studying or working?
  21. Technological and ethical issues associated with the pop culture
  22. The life and accomplishments of Beethoven
  23. Opera music: History and reasons for popularity in Europe
  24. What is music therapy
  25. Why is the use of music so common in commercials?
  26. The importance of music in different communities
  27. Igor Stravinksy and rhythm

Music History Topics

  1. Effect of advancements on the fate of CDs
  2. Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury: Analysing the music of legends
  3. Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury: How the music of the legends affect the music students
  4. Romanian Roma music: History, identity formation, and its effect
  5. Cross-cultural musician exchanges between India and Western countries, 1800-1950
  6. Comparing the history of hip-hop and jazz music
  7. What are the success secrets of a musician in the 21st century?
  8. Tracing back the history of American music education
  9. History of European music style after World War II
  10. The use of music in times of war
  11. What is the history behind various musical instruments and their roles in creating different genres?
  12. American history of pop music in the 20th century
  13. A study of Beethoven’s works
  14. Afro-beat: History and development across West Africa and around the world
  15. How is music affected by the merging of cultures and societies?
  16. Why was rock music preferred over other genres in cinemas for a long time?
  17. Jazz music: Glorifies oppression or celebrates the black culture
  18. How black women used music to fight and argue over injustice
  19. The 21st-century music styles in England
  20. Exploring different types of music that in the 19th century
  21. Describing the role of women in the development of music
  22. Renaissance music: Its importance in the history
  23. Classical music and its history
  24. The role of music in the ancient culture
  25. Jazz music: History and development in the US

Music Topics For Essays

  1. Music is a language on its own; how is it showcased to the nations?
  2. How has music revolutionized over the years?
  3. Role of the internet in promoting regional music worldwide
  4. American-Chinese operas: How they create innovation, business, and aesthetics
  5. Searching second person lyrics and musical modernism
  6. Music and the modern century
  7. Introduction of the hybrid devices
  8. The most iconic musical instruments
  9. Which music do you prefer and why?
  10. Hybrid mobile: Analysing the physical and the virtual
  11. Creating sounds: Role of gestural interaction in music programming
  12. Music on Radio: Does it influence people’s tastes?
  13. Musicking on the web
  14. Characteristics of good and bad music
  15. Music as a source of fighting stress and psychological problems
  16. A historical perspective of music and related activities
  17. The concept of music as a form of art
  18. Which music genre is the most popular
  19. How do women influence jazz music?
  20. Does music help students concentrate more efficiently while doing assignments?
  21. The most popular form of music
  22. How does marketing for different genres take place?
  23. How are poetry and music related?
  24. Describing the process of music production
  25. Argentinian music and its effect on globalization
  26. Gospel music: How does it impact its listener?
  27. Exploring various piano methods and looking into its history
  28. The fate of music education in schools due to budget cuts

Essays On Music Topic Ideas

  1. How do stardom and manliness affect society?
  2. The film and music industry: The two giants cooperate or compete?
  3. How does political propaganda use music for its advancements
  4. How does music influence clothing style?
  5. Evaluating the impact of music on a country’s culture
  6. The connection between popular and contemporary music
  7. Comparing the music of the US and Latin America
  8. How has music production changed recently?
  9. Can music be used for rehabilitation?
  10. Obstacles faced by the growing music industry
  11. Evaluating the skills an artist should possess to produce a song
  12. Hurdles faced during music production
  13. Assessing the modern approaches of songwriting
  14. What is the importance of rap music in black communities?
  15. Is rap music an effective means of expression?
  16. Does rap music encourage violence?
  17. Contemporary rap music
  18. How has jazz music impacted the American culture?
  19. What are the reasons to listen to music?
  20. Exploring the social issues related to music
  21. Imagining a world with no music
  22. Different aspects of music
  23. Rap music: History and origin
  24. African-American melodies: Tracing their roots
  25. Use of song in warfare
  26. Assessing the importance of using a song in theatre
  27. Ability versus practice in the race to master an instrument
  28. Economic socialization and folk instruments

Controversial Music Topics

  1. Are there any prospects for the growth of classical music in the future?
  2. Does minority play any role in music production?
  3. Why do some musicians ask others to write songs for them?
  4. What factors lead to a slow growth rate of Chinese music compared to western music?
  5. The developments in music: Discovering in the innovations in music technology
  6. Is pirating the biggest threat to the growth of the music industry
  7. How can music influence the way we think
  8. Difference between pop music now and pop music in the 20th century
  9. What is the ethical impact of downloading music? classical music creators
  10. How is music therapy related to intellectual improvement?
  11. The relationship between music and identity
  12. Significance of music education
  13. What is the role of music in political movements?
  14. Management and music business
  15. How does music affect society?
  16. Different eras and their perception of music
  17. A closer look at how is classical music used in the video industry
  18. Does pop culture threaten moral values?
  19. Educational benefits of the pop culture
  20. Contemporary music and the controversies related to it
  21. Humanity’s development and pop culture
  22. Classical music and the role of women
  23. A comparative analysis of one of the two best
  24. How does pop culture adversely affect society?
  25. What are the merits and demerits of a capitalist perception of the music industry?
  26. Human emotion and how it is affected by music?
  27. Who was Rodgers & Hammerstein? How they revolutionized contemporary theater

Fun Topics About Music For An Essay

  1. Analyzing the role of technology in music
  2. Recording, performing, and producing music in acoustics virtually
  3. Analysis and modeling of expressions in music
  4. Effect of expressive timing on the music performance
  5. Melody and rhythm in music
  6. Music and other forms of media
  7. How can music influence a person’s thinking through music
  8. Rap music: History and evolution
  9. The art of rhyme and flow in rap music
  10. Legal implications connected with downloading music
  11. The difference in the production of contemporary and modern music
  12. Analysis of the music production laws in the US and their impact on the industry
  13. Rap dimension: Delivery and tone
  14. The relationship between music, health, and the human body
  15. The music preference in the 21st century
  16. Trending analysis of the modern developments in music
  17. Scope of music therapy
  18. Music videos: How did they start and gain popularity?
  19. The role of technology in the evolution of music production
  20. What is symphonic music? How has its evolution taken place?
  21. The negative and positive effects of rap music
  22. Significance of music in the field of education
  23. The role of music in an advertisement
  24. How is music distribution affected by social media platforms?
  25. How does Mozart’s music differ from other forms of music?
  26. Evaluating traits of people who prefer classical music
  27. Evaluating characteristics of people who like modern music
  28. Tribal percussion and Polyrhythms

Don’t Want To Write Music Dissertation?

A music research paper can be written in several ways; you can connect your topic with the culture, history, and musicians of different regions to gather enough information for your paper. You can also look for information related to other genres, instruments, and composers if it suits your chosen topic. It might look like an easy task but creating a good research paper is not easy.

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