175 Top-Notch Medical Research Topics To Score High Marks

medical research topics

If you’re a medical student, you’re directly or indirectly saving the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re still in college or high school (as soon as you intend to pursue a career in medicine), you are a hero to humankind. Medicine is a large field, and you need to understand how the human body functions to be an efficient medical practitioner.

However, you need to write papers and take tests to pursue academic and professional excellence. This may be a huge milestone, and it’s why we’ve developed medical research topics for you. This article explores 175 medical topics for research papers, reducing the time spent brainstorming for your essay.

What Are Medical Topics And Medicine?

Medicine is applied science; it maximizes the knowledge of the human body to treat it, prescribe and develop drugs, and perform surgical operations when needed. Medicine integrates diagnosis of the human body and prevention of diseases, all through scientific knowledge. Now, what’s medical?

Medical science is the bachelor-level degree students can attain to facilitate their career in human and medicine. It also refers to the procedures and practices to prevent, treat, and relieve people of the symptoms of diseases.

Now that you understand these, what are the characteristics of a good research paper in medical sciences?

Characteristics Of Good Research Papers

Your research paper must exhibit the required characteristics needed to grade it excellently. These are some of the characteristics you should ensure your paper shows:

  • Good Structure
    This is the foundation of your paper. It should include your introduction, where you talk about the problem you intend to address; your methods that show your investigation and processes; your results that talk about your observations; and your discussion, where you analyze your result.
  • Reliable Research
    In-depth research helps you gain knowledge of your topic, easing the writing process, and eventually helps you communicate what you have learned.
  • Great Formatting
    This is the part that makes your paper legible. You should research the best and allowed formatting styles to use. These are some of the standard formats you can consider:

    • Use the Times New Roman font at a 12 pot, or the Arial font at 11pt
    • Set your page margins to 1 inch
    • Use double-line spacing
    • Use APA heading styles (check if your institution says otherwise)
    • Indent the new paragraph by half inches.

Medical Research Topics

Medical research paper topics are a broad spectrum. There are several interesting research topics for medical students under it. You can write papers using numerous existing research, with updated comprehension of the following topics:

1. Explain the science behind uncommon skin disorder
2. What are the effects of ADHD medication on the brain?
3. Explain the side effects of Ritalin on children.
4. Discuss the side effects of oral contraceptives.
5. Is Ibuprofen a reliable solution to pain?
6. Discuss food addiction as a mental illness
7. How does alcoholism cause nerve degeneration?
8. How to manage diabetes in children.
9. Discuss the speech problems associated with Parkinson’s disease
10. The context of epilepsy through genetics
11. Can children develop asthma with consistent inhalation of cigarette smoke?
12. Does stroke alter brain design?
13. Discuss the early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
14. Is depression a symptom of old age?
15. Discuss the contribution of insomnia to bipolar disorder.
16. Give an overview of diabetes in pregnant women and its effect on the baby.

Controversial Medical Topics For Research Papers

There are controversies attached to every area of study. If you want to write about debatable papers, here are 15 controversial medical topics for research paper you can consider:

1. Do you consider euthanasia ethical?
2. Should vaccines be tested on animals?
3. Discuss the passage of genes from a surrogate mother to the child.
4. Discuss the legality of abortion without a guardian’s consent if the situation is life-threatening.
5. Why do ladies prefer female doctors?
6. Is increased life expectancy a burden or a relief?
7. Discuss the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes
8. What are the dangers surrounding vegan diets?
9. The underlying effects of circumcision
10. Should parents get birth-control pills for young students?
11. Abuse of ADHD medication for children and teens.
12. Should animals be used in laboratory research?
13. Should cosmetic plastic surgeries be allowed?
14. Discuss the ethical implications of embryo testing.
15. Are antidepressants really helping, or is it just a placebo effect?
16. Discuss the controversy surrounding pediatric euthanasia.

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

Medical anthropology brings all areas of humanity topics together. You can find topics relating to the human evolutionary origin, social diversity, and several other areas of human knowledge here:

1. What makes the Chinese medical culture unique?
2. Discuss the health hazards of caffeine abuse
3. The evolution of ADHD’s medical view.
4. Discuss how poverty can lead to specific disabilities
5. Discuss the governmental preventive measures for HIV/AIDs since its outbreak
6. Explain the connection between medical anthropology and mental health science
7. Discuss the context of transcultural nursing.
8. How does individual income interfere with health care?
9. Discuss the role of nurses in patient stress management.
10. Discuss the controversy surrounding the treatment of periodontal diseases.
11. Explain the context of women’s sexuality and health.
12. When should a criminal be termed mentally disabled?
13. What are the problems associated with nursing ethics?
14. Explain the difficulties of diagnosing Celiac diseases
15. What are the factors that affect reproductive health?

Medical Research Topics For College Students

You might eventually need to write a paper for your examination or final year project. These are 15 medical research papers topics you can use to write well-researched papers:

1. The benefits and effects of therapy on teenagers
2. Discuss why first aid skills should be taught in schools
3. What are the challenges of medical practitioners?
4. The importance of dental checkups — a case study of college students
5. The effect of long working hours on the mental health of doctors.
6. Discuss the consequence of drug abuse on mental health.
7. Discuss the effects of steroids on the human body.
8. The benefits and risks of vaccination: which one outweighs the other?
9. Write about common sleeping disorders and their causes.
10. Why do people self-hurt?
11. Is obesity a result of a lack of discipline, or should fast-food restaurants be blamed?
12. What is the psychological consequence of anorexia?
13. What is the success ratio of non-surgical cancer treatment?
14. What are the causes of compulsive disorders?
15. Are medical websites misleading?

Medical Sociology Research Topics

Sociology is a diverse aspect of medical science. You can pick some of these topics if you want to write about human social relationships with medical culture:

1. Healthy diets that reduce the risk of diabetes
2. Factors leading to Bulimia and Anorexia
3. How does an unhealthy diet contribute to fast ageing?
4. Differences between pandemic and epidemic: a case study of COVID-19 and measles
5. What are the roles of medical practitioners in altering the context of health as a social value?
6. Discuss the dangers of vegan dieting.
7. Propose new ways to manage eating disorders
8. What are the benefits of social medicine?
9. Explain the effects of noise pollution on mental health patients
10. Postpartum depression: causes, symptoms, and treatment
11. Discuss newly developed ways of treatment
12. Discuss the importance of health insurance.
13. Does the internet deteriorate the mental state?
14. Discuss the negative attitude of caregivers toward mentally unstable patients
15. What are the diseases that accompany old age?

Medical Microbiology Research Topics

Microbiology understands the science of microscopic organisms. It fuses the study of viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, molds, slime, and protozoa know their effects on the human body. Here are some of the microbiology topics you can write under the medical umbrella. But if this sounds too complicated and painful for you, you can always buy assignment online.

1. Discuss the effect of a carb diet on blood glucose.
2. Discuss the fermentation relationship between sugar and yeast
3. What are the positive and negative effects of dogs’ saliva on wounds?
4. Evaluate the benefits of natural antibiotics
5. Analyze mold growth
6. The adverse effects of cannabis on the human system
7. The effect of light on yeast
8. Assess the microbial composition of commercial yoghurts
9. Explain the roles of RND transporters in the living world
10. Discuss the possible prevention of sickle cell anemia
11. Analyze the reaction of garlic with bacteria
12. Does vitamin C increase fruit rot speed?
13. Different mold growth on cheese
14. Discuss recent cloning research development
15. Analyze the controversies associated with gene therapy
16. Discuss the effects of oral bacteria on periodontal diseases
17. Examine microbial development in avocado
18. Why are bacteria susceptible to antibiotics?
19. Explain the importance of nitric oxide to the immune system.
20. Discuss the growing influence of malaria.

Medical Surgical Research Topics

You must write a paper on any excellent medical-surgical topic before graduating. Whether you’re hiring a research paper writer or you’re writing it yourself, these are the best medical-surgical research topics you can write on:

1. Discuss pain management in surgical nursing
2. Analyze the extent of post-surgery care in community health centers
3. The condition of surgery aftercare in state hospitals
4. Discuss the legal consequences of surgical malpractice
5. The importance of technology in modern surgical science
6. Discuss the roles of nurses in operating rooms
7. Analyze the need for preoperative nursing
8. Examine the process of improving patient satisfaction after surgery.
9. How does sepsis occur and metamorphose into a threat?
10. What is the role of medical-surgical nurses in responding to patients’ health deterioration?
11. How do you address the integrated approach to medical surgery?
12. Telehealth: how it has improved surgical care
13. The consequence of tech in the surgical process
14. The role of post-surgery care in community healthcare
15. Learning: How does seeing a surgical process improve a doctor’s ability to perform surgery?
16. Do you believe male doctors conducting childbirth is unusual?
17. What has changed between traditional and contemporary surgical processes?
18. What do leadership abilities have to do with a surgical operation? Explain with examples
19. Evaluate how surgical nursing care can be fast-tracked
20. Discuss the role of the community in easing postpartum depression, especially for women who underwent Cesarean delivery (C-section).

Research Topics In Medical Biochemistry

Medical biochemistry studies the relationship between chemicals and living organisms. You can consider these topics if you’re writing biochemistry-related papers:

1. The role and aggregation significance of the B lymphocyte cell in chicken temperature sensitivity
2. High blood pressure treatment: what’s the significance of cellular and molecular dissection?
3. What are the significant changes in biochemical studies in the past five years?
4. How has the evolution in technology improved biochemistry practice?
5. Evaluate the role of technology in DNA engineering.
6. Analyze the evolution of muscular dystrophy and the role of molecular genetics of a single causative gene
7. High blood pressure medications: What has improved efficiency in the past 20 years?
8. Explore how a piece of hair can be used as a DNA test
9. Explain how genetically modified organism (GMO) crops solve the global food problem
10. Food insecurity: How do biochemical processes improve food storage?
11. Examine how animal models have been used to solve the challenge of human diseases (cite a few case studies)
12. Explain sustainable food supply and how biochemistry improves the process
13. How does DNA define nephrotic disease in the human body?
14. Explain how human genome mapping can help prevent diseases.
15. Do you believe in redesigning human life through human genome mapping?
16. What are good bacteria, what distinguishes them from the “bad” ones, and how are they good for the body?
17. Explore the concept of data analysis in biochemical research
18. Give a thorough overview of existing papers on how structural studies help DNA mapping processes
19. The influence of human genome mapping on society and medicine
20. How does the HPV vaccine affect the human population, and how can the human populace prevent it?

Current Medical Research Topics

It’s okay to be interested in new research and insights. Here are 20 medical research topics on recent development in the medical field:

1. Explain the severe causes of gluten allergy
2. Discuss the effects of virtual reality on medicine
3. What are the effective alcohol control practices
4. Analyze the misconceptions surrounding homoeopathic medicine
5. How does the environment affect psychological health?
6. Discuss the controversies attached to cloning
7. Explain the extreme side effects of female genital mutilation
8. What are the rare kinds of genetic diseases unknown to the public
9. Evaluate the required ethics for post-mortem processes.
10. Should hospitals charge fees for patients who died on the surgical table?
11. Discuss respiratory diseases as an after-effect of overpopulation.
12. How does medicine set standards for healthy diets?
13. Evaluate the dangers of immunization to babies.
14. Discuss the role of medical missionaries in refugee camps
15. What are the common causes of brain injury?

Medical Ethics Research Paper Topics

The debate on right and wrong has always been present in the medical field. You can write well-researched articles explaining your stance and the ethical principles of these debates. These are 20 topics on medical ethics:

1. Should minor be given access to birth control without a guardian’s consent?
2. Discuss the struggles of teen pregnancy
3. The role of social media in patient’s medical decisions
4. Discuss the ethical level of blood donation from a religious stance
5. Discuss the adverse effects of selective reproduction
6. Evaluate the counselling standard for HIV/AIDs patients
7. Do low-income families get reduced health care?
8. Discuss the challenges of family planning
9. Evaluate the ethical stance on pregnancy termination due to congenital disabilities
10. Discuss the legal implication of medical malpractice
11. Analyze the use of technology in monitoring patients
12. Is it ethical to sell your organs after death?
13. Discuss religious views on organ donation
14. Evaluate the legal right of surgical patients
15. The consequence of medical negligence leading to death
16. Discuss the importance of trust between doctors and patients
17. Laws protecting disabled patients
18. Discussing the increasing cyber threats on medical devices
19. Should doctors withhold information on mistakes made during surgery?
20. Biomedical ethics: should doctors save the mother or the child in cases without legal guardians?
21. Is it right to use animals for terminal medical research?
22. Evaluate the human genome as an ethical approach
23. Discuss the best approach for dealing with patients that refuse medication.

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