145 Awesome Extended Essay Topics For Diploma Students

extended essay topics

The IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Program is your chance to engage in independent research on any theme. An extended essay is part of this diploma program, and every IB student from the 146 countries of its operations will one day write these lengthy papers. One of the things that’ll set you up for excellence when the time comes is having enough extended essay topics.

Custom topics to choose from are like a guide. They make it easy to brainstorm, research supporting arguments for any of your choices online, and kick-start your essay without the delay of having to comb through your notes and the internet for essay ideas.

We’ve compiled 145 top-notch IB extended essay topics and ideas that could help you hasten up your brainstorming stage. Before jumping right in, here’s a little about IB extended essays.

What Is An Extended Essay?

An IB extended essay is at the core of the curriculum of every IB student, with papers reaching 3,500 or 4,000 words in length. It’s an essay that contributes to the success of any student’s college application, especially those interested in studying in the US.

The IB decides your submission deadlines, although the school you write reserves the autonomy for when they want to receive your papers. The academic phases to get started include:

  • Choosing your topic.
  • Tendering hour proposals.
  • Meeting your supervisor, researching.
  • Writing your draft.
  • Keeping your supervisors in the loop.
  • Submitting your final draft.

What’s the outline for your essay here?

Typical Outline Of An Extended Essay

Every essay requires an outline, and your extended essay is no exception. An outline lets you know every section you should discuss in your essay. It also makes your work organized and thoughts logical in presentation. Here are what you should consider:

  1. Title Page

    Your title page includes the essay’s title, research question (or thesis), the subject you registered for, the category (especially if it’s a language essay for ENL students), the theme of your essay, and the total word count consumed. You’d need to add any other information if the school requires it.

  2. Content Page

    This is where you include your table of content which includes your title, headings, subheadings, and every other core listing that makes your work navigable.

    It’ll help if you use the Microsoft Word or Google Docs automatic tool for this. Go to your insert toggle to find the table of content function.

  3. Introduction

    This is where you start your essay. It evaluates the research’s focus, scope, and line of argument. Your focus is your core area of centralization in the essay.

    Your scope is your essay’s bandwidth and limitations (as you can’t afford to cover a broad topic). Your introduction should focus on setting the background for the essay.

  4. Essay Body

    This is where you express your ideas on paper. You’ll present your research and analyze them. You should focus on splitting your ideas into paragraphs with supporting sentences for the main idea. You can also split your ideas into subheadings or points to make it easy to keep track of the logical flow.

  5. Conclusion

    This is where you sum up the research focus and what you’ve been able to establish in the paper. It also includes a statement of your limitations and potential for future research.

  6. Reference and Bibliography List

    This is where you cite every relevant source you used for the research. You must understand that your essay is an academic work, and referencing your sources is a way to escape any accusation of creative theft or plagiarism.

    You should consult the school for the referencing style applicable to your discipline and possibly read from Purdue Online Writing Lab for the guide.

  7. Methodology Section

    This is a section that oversees how you approached your essay. You may also include an appendices section if you have supporting materials that solidify your essay’s points.

Now that you know all these, here are some interesting extended essay topics that show you’re knowledgeable in the discipline.

Higher History Extended Essay Topics

History is one of the significant disciplines globally. It sometimes leans into the world of social science to make sense of the world and how societies have evolved. Here are some topic ideas for you:

  1. Explain the similarities and differences between the parliamentary systems in Britain, France, and India
  2. Discuss the basis for Hitler’s rise in power
  3. Explain the activities of Chairman Mao in the revolution of the Chinese
  4. Evaluate the role of Mussolini in the Second World War
  5. The role of Chairman Mao in the civil war between China and Taiwan
  6. Account for rising tensions between India and Pakistan
  7. Account for the tensions between Israel and Palestine
  8. Discuss the role of the UN in the Israeli and Palestinian question
  9. Evaluate the events that occurred before the suicide of Hitler
  10. Give an account of the events leading to the First World War
  11. Explain the measures archaeologists use to understand relics
  12. What are the events leading to the Mexican and American civil war?
  13. Why did President James Polk grow interested in acquiring Texas and many other states from Mexico?
  14. Evaluate how western countries dominate the world
  15. Colonial timeline of the British government: discuss
  16. Discuss the nature of the Nazi German and Polish invasion
  17. The Holocaust: Discuss
  18. How Japan surrendered in World War Two: Discuss
  19. Has Switzerland reneged on its neutral stands with wars, given its support for Ukraine?
  20. Black rights movements: account for the history
  21. How USSR became weak in the 1990s
  22. How Israel won their six days war
  23. The role of language in culture
  24. How the caste system divided societies
  25. Explain the reunification of Germany and the events leading up to it.

IB Business And Management Extended Essay Topics

You already know that the International Baccalaureate® allows you to study high quality international education programs. You need IB business and management topics to choose a unique topic with interesting insights and prepare for your essay. Here are some for you:

  1. Explain the work culture existent in Apple
  2. Account for the union efforts of Amazon staff
  3. How did Coca-Cola dominate the beverage industry?
  4. Cite two food and restaurant businesses that dominate the world and explain how they did it
  5. What makes foreign direct investment possible?
  6. What are the factors that shape companies’ low price strategy in developing countries?
  7. How does a low price strategy help any three companies of your choice?
  8. How Air Asia managed its crisis
  9. The value of PESTLE analysis and Porter’s Five Forces in understanding how companies work
  10. Explain how businesses managed the 2020 pandemic challenge
  11. Discuss factors responsible for e-commerce
  12. Evaluate the activities of any management consulting company of your choice
  13. Explore how Tesla became a success
  14. Evaluate the factors that propel HR activities in Uber
  15. Account for the various leadership styles with practical examples and cases study
  16. Events leading to the French revolution
  17. How the French revolution propelled the American war of independence
  18. An account of the Spanish wars in its colonies
  19. The independence of Brazil
  20. The insurrection of Haiti.

English Extended Essay Topics

This is most likely for you if you undergo ENL classes. One of the ways to be trustworthy as an international student ready to study in the US is to pass this essay. You need to find a unique standpoint for it, and here are some reliable topics for you:

  1. Comment on the American Dream through the lens of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman
  2. The role of other languages in the formation of some English words
  3. The place of grammar rule in language psychology
  4. Variations in the understanding of American and British English
  5. How did the Sanskrit language become naturalized into the English language?
  6. Explain how the English language differs from another mainstream language; consider the learning curve and the grammar, tense, and pronunciations.
  7. Discuss the English phonetics and patterns
  8. Explain the figures of speech you know and what they mean
  9. Discuss the influence of France in the American revolution
  10. Explain the origin of American poetry

Economics Extended Essay Topics

If your field is economics, you also need custom topics for this college application essay. You can express your understanding of how the world works through any of these:

  1. Assess the profitability of ride-sharing companies
  2. Factors contributing to inflation
  3. How customer buying power is calculated
  4. How do companies understand customer acquisition costs and their value for their businesses?
  5. What makes a great business idea?
  6. How profitable are airline companies, and what are the factors that set them up for success?
  7. Assess the financial policies of any government and their effect on the global economy
  8. Examine the economic impact of the Ukraine War on wheat distribution
  9. The role of the Ukraine War in the rising value of the Russian Ruble
  10. Factors that estimate the strength of a currency
  11. India’s contribution to the BRICS agreement: lessons to learn from a developing country
  12. China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Discuss
  13. How does economic strength empower democracy?
  14. Relationship between an aging population and the global economy
  15. Factors leading to the economic growth of South Korea
  16. Economic implications of living in North Korea
  17. Isolation of a country: impact on the economy and international relations
  18. Do sanctions affect the government more than the citizens?
  19. Japan’s economic miracle: discuss
  20. Russia and China’s economy: an overview of the communist countries’ financial power
  21. Is taxation a measure that helps countries?
  22. The economic importance of transport buses
  23. How tax reforms helped America
  24. The impact of taxes on the British citizens
  25. Events leading to UK’s exit from Brexit.

Extended Essay Topics Psychology

Every psychology student must be conscious of how the mind and brain work. You can’t excel in the field if you don’t know a bit of philosophy, the field itself, and how the human mind is wired. Here are some extended essay topics to improve your preparation:

  1. Hormone X: Influence on human behavior
  2. Violence: Why it’s said to be innate human behavior
  3. Explain the factors leading to high divorce rates
  4. Factors responsible for human needs
  5. Role of self-help during therapies
  6. What advice would you give a sexually assaulted person who had nightmares of being raped?
  7. Explain why rape victims undergo severe trauma and the extent it could be
  8. Evaluate how phobias are treated
  9. Discuss Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how it relates to human desires
  10. How does motivation work at a firm?
  11. Diagnose the traits in an adult with an oppressive childhood
  12. What happens when people repress internalizing traumatic events?
  13. Explain the science that occurs when someone loves their violator
  14. Identify the role of memory in trauma
  15. How does space repetition help reinforce modern learning?
  16. Mirror neurons: Roles in empathy
  17. PTSD: What are the various symptoms and lines of action?
  18. Techniques to take over dreams: discuss
  19. How traumatized persons imagine characters as their oppressors
  20. Professional suggestions to cope with anxiety disorders
  21. How effective are drugs for depression?
  22. The consequences of dependence on drugs for healing
  23. The role of cognitive behavioral therapy in human development
  24. Depression: How lack of civic liberties can cause depression
  25. Contributions of religion to a child’s developmental habits.

Extended Essay Chemistry Topics

Here are some chemistry topics to write about if your field is sciences. You can brainstorm and reflect on them before getting started:

  1. Differences in iron intake by country
  2. Factors leading to a variety of iodine in cooking oils
  3. How to reduce caffeine in tea or coffee
  4. Brushing the teeth with pH: reactions
  5. Calorimetry: Factors responsible for error
  6. Milk temperature: how are they sourced?
  7. How do plants react to the sun?
  8. How does the body react to acid?
  9. How genetic mutations work
  10. Why is palm oil an antidote for hangovers?

Extended Essay Geography Topics

Every student of geography needs essays about places. Geography is how you can make sense of new and existing places, and here are some extended topics to get started:

  1. What makes a city viable for business?
  2. How geology inspires Darwin’s Origin of Species
  3. The essence of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef
  4. Effect of climate change on oceanic currents
  5. Caribbean ecosystem: consequences of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
  6. How airplanes contribute to climate change
  7. Prevention of solar storms: Strategies
  8. How to preserve water quality in X city
  9. Colder places: why temperature is different in several regions of the earth
  10. How does waste management protects the environment?
  11. Significance of comfort levels
  12. How does the fertility rate contribute to a country’s employment ratio?
  13. How do gender differences affect economic development?
  14. Biodiversity in any National Park of your choice
  15. Factors leading to a good urban architectural design.

Biology Extended Essay Topics

Interesting essay ideas in biology will help your writing and research efforts. You can also get some help from academic writing services. Some of these ideas cut across plant and animal biology, and they could be:

  1. Effect of climate change on wild animals
  2. Influence of climate change on any two plants
  3. How age affects the human retina
  4. Consequences of aging on memory and the good part about it
  5. Factors affecting the appearance of coral reefs
  6. Significance of hand sanitizer in a pandemic
  7. Evaluate how antioxidants work
  8. Examine how antidepressants work
  9. Discuss veganism from an expert’s view
  10. Metabolic and molecular comparison of fungi in plants and animals
  11. Examine the origin of breeding dogs
  12. Discuss the adaptive traits of humans in harsh regions
  13. Why does the body change living conditions when it migrates to another region?
  14. Siberia: account for the health challenges of living there
  15. Healthcare policies: An overview of the UK.

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