206 Informative History Dissertation Topics For Research Thesis

history dissertation topics

History is the study of the past. The past entails a lot, hence, history helps us to understand the world better, and how things came to be. History consists of past events as well as different inventions that have revolutionized till now. Writing a history dissertation is not that complex.

Essential Parts of A History Dissertation

A history dissertation is much more advanced than simple history homework. But fear not, follow this brief guide and checkout the list of topics to help you out. Most dissertations follow a similar basic structure. Ideal history dissertations include an abstract, introduction, methods, discussion, conclusion, and references.

  • Get An Ideal Topic. First, you will need to find an ideal topic that your professor will approve of. Also, remember, you must stick to your course unit to ensure that you write what is needed. Furthermore, keep in mind the specific length of the dissertation, rules, and regulations that you should stick with.
  • Abstract. Remember to have a great title page, acknowledgment, dedication, and much more. You should then have an abstract that is normally a summary of the whole project, dissertation, or thesis. However, you should write it after you are done with the entire work. It should just be brief.
  • Introduction. This is another major part that illustrates what you will cover while doing your dissertation. Hence, do proper research to ensure that what you write in the introduction is built up in the dissertation. Additionally, you should provide a background to the topic and reasons for choosing the specific topic. Also remember to highlight the key questions to be explored, the structure of the dissertation, and ultimate goals.
  • Methods And Discussion. These are the methods that you will use to research your topic. There are qualitative and quantitative research methods. You need to properly choose a research method that will help you in the collection of data. Once you compile the data, you can then discuss your findings.
  • Conclusion. Once you are done, you will need to provide a conclusion that sums up all that you have done. This will help you to align all your findings easily without any issues. You can have your deductions, inferences, assumptions, and much more. This is a great way to make your assumptions clear or nullify your hypothesis
  • References. Remember to provide references that show the resources that you used in your research. Hence, use credible sources to get your data. Also, do a proper literature review for your dissertation.

Controversial History Dissertation Topics

Are you in college or uni and looking for ideal topics? You can start with these. Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate at school, the topics are ideal.

  1. Evaluate the Mesopotamia civilization back in the day.
  2. The history of the ancient Greek Olympics.
  3. Evaluate the warfare and violence in ancient times.
  4. The various women roles and gender relations over time.
  5. Discuss the Maya empire according to the ancient civilizations.
  6. Compare the burial rituals between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.
  7. How has Geography had an impact on ancient culture development?
  8. The impact of the invention of papyrus on the world.
  9. The cause and effect of art on classical societies
  10. The importance of the Egyptian pyramid.
  11. The evolution of the Stone Age period.
  12. The various cultural practices during the historical period.
  13. The cultural transformation of Rome in the Middle Ages.
  14. Evaluate feudalism development.
  15. The art development in the Middle Ages.

Interesting History Thesis Topics

When choosing a topic, try to choose one that is interesting. Also, you should try to choose a topic that you will feel happy doing its research. However, remember, you will need to consult your professors first.

  1. Evaluate London during the Roman age.
  2. The role of the church in the Middle Ages.
  3. The various defense methods that were used during the Middle Ages.
  4. Analyze the medieval convivencia.
  5. Evaluate nationalism since the 19th century.
  6. Evaluate the religious symbolism in renaissance paintings.
  7. The impact of the industrial revolution on western civilizations.
  8. The major principles of liberalism.
  9. Analyze the history of the Cuban revolution.
  10. The historical influence of Abraham Lincoln.
  11. What were the gender roles during the Spanish Civil War?
  12. The origin of the French Revolution.
  13. The impacts of consumerism in world history.
  14. The development of feminism over time.
  15. The development of patriarchy over time.

In-Depth History Dissertation Ideas

As a student in class, you need to be observant and try your best to succeed while in school. Hence, you can even brainstorm with other students to know how best to do your dissertation.

  1. The importance of Berlin in the Cold War.
  2. The causes and effects of the Cuban missile crisis.
  3. The main cause of the Crimean war.
  4. The major consequences of the Crimean war
  5. The religious role of the Crimean war.
  6. How the Cold War influenced the film industry.
  7. The post-cold war world challenges.
  8. The relationship between the settlers and Native Americans.
  9. The causes of civil war in America.
  10. The major causes of depression during the 1890s.
  11. The major roles of founding fathers in American society and religion.
  12. The causes and consequences of the Spanish-American war.
  13. The major importance of the frontier in American history.
  14. The racism role in American art.
  15. The historical analysis of drug use.

Best Ancient History Dissertation Topics

You need to write a high-quality dissertation to get high grades. These are some of the best ancient history dissertation topics that you can start with.

  1. The impact of British colonization.
  2. The rise and fall of Napoleon.
  3. The causes of revolution in history.
  4. The evolution of the IRA.
  5. Evaluate the history of feudalism.
  6. Europe’s perception of Islam in the different centuries.
  7. The major political conflicts in India.
  8. The impact of the First World war on British policies.
  9. The role of women in Hinduism.
  10. The paradox of Christianity, slavery, and colonialism.
  11. The comparison of classical art and cubism.
  12. Analyze the impact of religion on innovation.
  13. The evolution of advertising and marketing in the UK.
  14. The history of public health.
  15. How history helps in exploring the future of any country.

Good Art History Dissertation Topics

Art is beautiful. Did you know that people started making art even in the early years? Yes, they did, and it looked as amazing as it looks even now. Here are some topics that deal with the history of art.

  1. Evaluate the past architecture.
  2. The development of the human body in the past.
  3. How did Egyptian art change over time?
  4. The relation between feminism and Egyptian art.
  5. Evaluate the development of the Amarna art.
  6. The evolution of paintings.
  7. The impact of the natural world in Indian painting.
  8. Do you think the British era led to a repression of Indian art development?
  9. The Indian temple art.
  10. How did Miro contribute to the surrealist movement?
  11. Evaluate contemporary feminism according to Egyptian art.
  12. Compare the development of Byzantine and Egyptian art.
  13. Evaluate the gothic art through medieval eyes.
  14. Analyze the past Egyptian paintings.
  15. Evaluate art and politics.

Advanced History Dissertation Topics

Finding an ideal topic can take you a considerable amount of time. Hence, you can use any of these topics for your history dissertation. They are all simple, straightforward, and ideal.

  1. The political causes of Britain’s decision to join WW1.
  2. The major political factors that led to the creation of Nazi Germany.
  3. The damages were caused by the great depression in Britain.
  4. An analysis of the German confederation and inevitability.
  5. The role of Napoleon III in the Crimean war.
  6. The major implications of the change of roles in The British Queen.
  7. The contribution of the Victorian era.
  8. How does the Victorian era affect the perceptions of the British culture in popular novels?
  9. The spread of Islam after WWII in the UK.
  10. Explore Britain, the age of romanticism.
  11. The modes of British history have shaped its current culture.
  12. The major British economy changes in the two World wars.
  13. The British mining historical perspective.
  14. Explore British mining and opportunities in the colonial lands.
  15. The role of the British Empire in the creation of the economic disparities in its colonies.

Interesting History Dissertation Topics

While doing a history dissertation, you need to have a goal in mind. What do you exactly want to find out? Why do you want to know more about it? Here are some topics that you can start with.

  1. Evaluate what led to the fall of the British Empire.
  2. The impact of British India in the field of medicine.
  3. Analyze patenting during the Industrial revolution.
  4. The contribution of the Industrial revolution globally.
  5. The evolution of the gas industry over time since inception.
  6. Evaluate the changing roles of the British military over the past century.
  7. Explore communism in the UK.
  8. How can all the UK’s migration patterns over time be traced?
  9. The origin, changes, and current challenges of the history of the British birds.
  10. Labor contribution from underdeveloped regions to the building of the British Empire.
  11. The reasons why it took long for the Berlin Wall to fall.
  12. The reasons that led to the American Revolution stages.
  13. The major causes of the WW1.
  14. Evaluate Hitler in the WW1
  15. The major unions in WW1.

Informative History Of Art Dissertation Topics

Are you a good history student? Then you should try any of these dissertation topics and see how best you can cope with them. They are ideal, and you will be happy in the long run.

  1. How WW1 can be avoided?
  2. The most meaningful decisions that affected the First World War conclusion.
  3. The major causes of the WW1.
  4. Make a comparison between the Great Migration and the Great depression.
  5. The meaning of black Tuesday and its implications.
  6. The various parties that became wealthy during the Great Depression.
  7. Evaluate major disasters in the United States.
  8. Analyze the countries that were destroyed during WW II.
  9. Which are the various things that led to Germany’s defeat.
  10. Which are the major impacts of Napoleons’ leadership style.
  11. Analyze the life of Napoleon over time.
  12. The motivation of Hitler in the past.
  13. The contribution of Hitler in history.
  14. The most relevant battles in Napoleon’s life.
  15. The consequences of the fight of Napoleon vs. Hitler.

Unusual History Dissertation Topics

Yes, these are some of the most unusual history dissertation topics that you wouldn’t have thought of. You just need to know how to do research and choose one for your dissertation.

  1. Evaluate the life of Medieval European peasants.
  2. Analyze the Western world and social stratification.
  3. Compare the World War I and World War II.
  4. Analyze the recent historical development of Japan and China
  5. Which are the significant events of the Ottoman Empire?
  6. Evaluate the impact of nuclear weapons on the world military clashes.
  7. Which is Japanese history?
  8. The key achievements of the World Rights movement.
  9. Review the lessons gotten from the World Wars.
  10. Analyze the common impacts of Roman cultures.
  11. Evaluate imperialism in the 20th century.
  12. The role of the colonial American women in the revolution.
  13. Describe how Martin Luther King Jr assassination occurred.
  14. Evaluate the conflicts, strikes, and labor unions in the 18th century.
  15. Analyze the democratic convention in Chicago during 1968.

Victorian History Dissertation Topics

The Victorian era had a lot of evolutions and great steps. Here are some Victorian history dissertation topics that you can use in your coursework to get top grades.

  1. The diplomatic history of World War I
  2. Evaluate Korean poetry since time immemorial.
  3. Analyze the modern dress versus classical art.
  4. Analyze decorative art and exoticism.
  5. Evaluate the development of Pablo Picasso’s painting.
  6. Analyze the Ancient Greece power versus ancient Rome.
  7. Medieval Europe and city development.
  8. The significance of the Quran in Medieval Europe.
  9. The common protests and demonstrations during the ancient ages.
  10. Evaluate the rise of the Dutch republic.
  11. The decline of the Eastern Empire.
  12. Feudalism decline.
  13. The various queens and kings of Britain since ancient times.
  14. Europe and 18th-century politics.
  15. The rising of the Eastern powers.

African History Dissertation Topics

These are some of the best African history dissertation topics. They are all attributed to the African continent and its development over time.

  1. The emergence of the National Congress of British West Africa.
  2. The politics of transformation in Abuja.
  3. The origins of indirect rule in Nigeria.
  4. The major role of ex-servicemen in nationalism in Kenya.
  5. The Dutch participated in the African slave trade.
  6. The negative impact of the slave trade on the current generations in Africa.
  7. The history of labor emigration from Malawi and its neighborhood.
  8. Evaluate the Afrikaners in Kenya.
  9. The paradox of the indigenous church building.
  10. The historical study of Malawi Lake.
  11. Malawians in the Great War and after.
  12. The development of the transportation sector in Tanzania.
  13. The Rwandan colonial economy.
  14. The state and society in colonial Malawi.
  15. The internal and external dimensions of the Eritrean conflict.

Russian History Dissertation Topics

Russia has developed over time. These are some of the topics that you can use to understand why some things happened as they did, back in Russia.

  1. What is so remarkable about Russian leaders?
  2. The influence of Russian history in the current political practices.
  3. How can Russia’s social interaction be considered different from that of the rest of the world?
  4. The major causes of the coal up springs throughout Russia’s history.
  5. The main Russian obstacles in the quest for industrialization.
  6. The origins of the social classes in Russia.
  7. The major causes of the breakup of the Soviet Union.
  8. The major contributors in the formation of Russia.
  9. The major roles of the former empires of Russia in the current nation.
  10. How was Christianity incorporated into the Russian culture?
  11. What led to the customary war-like culture of the Russian leaders?
  12. The evident impacts of the Soviet Union.
  13. The various social classes in Russia.
  14. The impact of the revolutionary action and the impact of the industrial workers in the early 1900s.
  15. The reasons for the Russian social interaction over time.

American History Dissertation Topics

Are you looking for the best American history dissertation topics? You can start with these! They are ideal, simple, and easy to comprehend.

  1. Evaluate the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
  2. The politics of public health and welfare in the United States.
  3. The impact of the baby boom on American Society.
  4. The secrecy methods used in the Manhattan Project.
  5. The causes of McCarthyism and the effects.
  6. The impact of the midway battle in World War II.
  7. The causes, effects, and events that led to the Harlem renaissance.
  8. What led to the protest of the bonus army?
  9. The causes, effects, and events that led to the Harlem renaissance.
  10. The cause and effects of the spring face race riot of 1908.
  11. The strengths and weaknesses of the two sides of the civil war.
  12. The impact of the United States Abolitionist movement.
  13. Evaluate the Mexican war provoked by the U.S.

Modern History Dissertation Topics

Over time things have changed. These are some of the best modern history dissertation topics that you can use in your course unit.

  1. Does the decline of socialism give rise to the authoritarianism of the past?
  2. Does the loss of faith in democracies produce conservative leaders?
  3. Did the world learn from the rise of Hitler?
  4. The most successful and disastrous vaccines produced by scientists.
  5. How science has changed human behavior over the years.
  6. What changed the world more, the crash of the 1920s or 2000s?
  7. Can the market be trusted even after historical crashes and recessions?
  8. Evaluate the age of digitalization.
  9. The history of the modern world.
  10. How the USA benefitted from industrialization.
  11. The impact of industrialization in Africa.
  12. How can history be termed as the best teacher?
  13. Do you think today’s education system is well-equipped to produce innovators?

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