230 Original Process Analysis Essay Topics To Write About

process analysis essay topics

Are you struggling to come up with good process essay topics for an assignment? This is common among students at all levels. Students may feel pressure to find ideas that their audience will find intriguing and worth the time they will spend reading.

In most situations, students are only writing assignments for one reader, the teacher, or the professor, but it’s just as important to come up with good process analysis essay topics. First, we will define what a process analysis essay is and then we will give some tips on finding process essay ideas for your assignment.

What Is A Process Analysis Essay?

The purpose of a process analysis is to explain how to do something or explain how something works. It’s an educational and informative piece of writing that provides definitive steps like how to ride a bike, how to bake a cake, or how a federal law is written. This kind of writing is straightforward and is like a step-by-step guide. A well-written process analysis easy will take extra care to highlight each necessary step and then present the step as clearly and concisely as possible.

How To Find Good Ideas For A Process Essay?

Topics for process analysis essay can be found anywhere around us. It’s easiest to choose an idea you are already familiar with, but you still want to write about something that challenges you to learn something more and will be of genuine help and interest to your audience. Write a list of 10 – 15 ideas for a process essay and then narrow your options to one that you know you can complete given the assignment requirements and deadline.

Original Ideas For Process Essays

Do you need a little help finding an idea? Our expert writers and editors have put together this list of process analysis essay topics that cover a wide range of ideas for your consideration. They are free to use and modify in any way to fit your specific assignment requirements.

Easy Process Analysis Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Some of the best process and analysis essay topics are the ones that students already have some background knowledge in. Middle school students are just learning the basics of structuring and organizing a written assignment and these ideas are great places to start for this kind of assignment:

  1. How to bake a perfect cake in just a few hours.
  2. How to improve your basketball free throw percentage.
  3. How to get the attention of the person you like.
  4. How to finish a landscape job in less than 4 hours.
  5. How to earn a good grade while binge-watching television.
  6. How to write a book report when you haven’t read the book.
  7. How to program a remote control for multiple devices.
  8. How to lose and keep weight off after the holiday season.
  9. How to groom your dog to look like a million bucks.
  10. How to take a great selfie in poor lighting.
  11. How to make the best out of summer school.
  12. How to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie.
  13. How to wash a cashmere sweater without damaging it.
  14. How to use computer software to organize your homework.
  15. How to put up a tent in heavy rain.
  16. How to win a video game tournament.
  17. How to make the perfect party dessert.
  18. How to find a perfect summer job to earn extra money.
  19. How to gain self-confidence in middle school.
  20. How to bat over .300 in recreational baseball leagues.
  21. How to pitch a curveball in baseball.
  22. How to get your laptop to work faster.
  23. How to start a recycling program at your school.
  24. How to build a state-of-the-art dog house.
  25. How to establish a relationship with your teachers.
  26. How to make the most of your weekend when you have homework.
  27. How to develop good school habits for academic success.
  28. How to find afterschool volunteer opportunities.
  29. How to make new friends in middle school.
  30. How to live an eco-friendly lifestyle to help the environment.
  31. How to effectively use a homework planner.
  32. How to use social media to organize your projects.
  33. How to kick a bad habit for good without acquiring another.
  34. How to take a leadership role in a group project.
  35. How to use the internet to prepare for a standardized test.
  36. How to remove stubborn stains from your clothing.
  37. How to get around without having your parents drive you.
  38. How to get a date for your first dance.
  39. How to write a movie review without spoiling the outcome.
  40. How to plan your first middle school party.
  41. How to set up your DVR when you are not at home.
  42. How to earn money each week by babysitting.
  43. How to avoid getting addicted to reality television shows.
  44. How to make the perfect cup of tea.
  45. How to make great-tasting homemade ice cream.
  46. How to brighten your teeth naturally.

Process Analysis Essay Topics Ideas For High School Students

These process paragraph topics deal with much more complex ideas. Students should be focused on clear and concise writing and will need to simplify their processes into ways that someone who has no idea about the subject would be able to follow with ease:

  1. How to give yourself a haircut while social distancing.
  2. How to write and submit a comedy script for filming.
  3. How to use video games to improve hand-eye coordination.
  4. How to get rid of unsightly mold around your house.
  5. How to plan your meals each week to eat healthier.
  6. How to plan and organize a high school dance.
  7. How to conduct scientific experiments at home.
  8. How to use the public transportation system to your advantage.
  9. How to do exceptionally well in a job interview.
  10. How to plan a birthday party for your best friend.
  11. How to study for an important exam the night before.
  12. How to develop a study plan for the SATs and ACTs.
  13. How to look fashionable without going broke.
  14. How to plan your first garden party with your friends.
  15. How to succeed academically without studying too much.
  16. How to manage a storage company to earn extra cash.
  17. How to make sure you stand out from other job applicants.
  18. How to pass the written driving exam without studying.
  19. How to tie a bowtie for a formal family event.
  20. How to use internet searches effectively when writing a paper.
  21. How to build a successful summer moving company.
  22. How to become a good poker player in 1 week.
  23. How to teach high school students how to be responsible.
  24. How to ask your teacher for a letter of recommendation.
  25. How to select the right college major for your professional goals.
  26. How to use social media effectively to make new friends.
  27. How to make a simple great-tasting meal in 30 minutes.
  28. How to prepare for your college applications.
  29. How to avoid becoming addicted to tobacco.
  30. How to learn to play any instrument in a few months.
  31. How to negotiate a great deal on your first car.
  32. How to change a flat tire in less than 10 minutes.
  33. How to win every game of HORSE you play with others.
  34. How to apply for a student grant or scholarship.
  35. How to end a relationship without heartbreak or anger.
  36. How to train for an athletic competition without losing studies.
  37. How to learn how to sew your clothes correctly.
  38. How to cut your hair during the pandemic.
  39. How to properly clean your teeth for good hygiene.
  40. How to ask a girl to your first middle school dance.
  41. How to choose a college major before starting school.
  42. How to leverage your college grades to prepare for a job.
  43. How to earn good grades in a subject you hate.
  44. How to write a college application essay that gets noticed.
  45. How to use online hacks to ensure you always pay less.
  46. How to pass your driver’s license on the first attempt.
  47. How to make the high school team in any sport.
  48. How to insert contact lenses without irritation.

Process Analysis Essay Topics For College Students

College students should have mastered the skill of writing well-structured, straightforward argumentative essays across several disciplines. But dealing with process analysis topics is a different kind of animal that should provide clear instructions to complete or understand an idea. Here are some topics to consider:

  1. How to gain followers on your social media accounts.
  2. How to write a cover letter that stands apart from the rest.
  3. How to furnish your first apartment when you don’t have a large budget.
  4. How to make sure you don’t miss a day of class throughout the semester.
  5. How to hide a pet tarantula in your dorm room.
  6. How to upgrade your smartphone without a contract.
  7. How to use ATS to your advantage when applying for a job.
  8. How to write a compelling essay for a college transfer.
  9. How to attain alcohol when you are under the legal drinking age.
  10. How to keep yourself from getting sick during the school term.
  11. How to have your artwork displayed in a gallery.
  12. How to learn the latest dance crazes.
  13. How to travel abroad on your own without knowing a foreign language.
  14. How to make sure you arrive early to class each day.
  15. How to make traditional New York-style bagels.
  16. How to manage a budget during your college years.
  17. How to make the best of an international exchange program.
  18. How to find a great college roommate without placing an advertisement.
  19. How nuclear power is used to provide energy to large cities.
  20. How to memorize things quickly and accurately.
  21. How to get rid of a bad roommate without getting in trouble.
  22. How to install an overhead ceiling fan to keep cool.
  23. How a magician makes his assistant disappear on stage.
  24. How to make time to meditate and improve mental health.
  25. How to cook the perfect rice for sushi dishes.
  26. How to improve your test scores within two weeks.
  27. How to make your scrambled eggs perfectly fluffy.
  28. How to quit smoking for good without using nicotine patches.
  29. How to write a great resume to land your first job after college.
  30. How to correctly assess the nutritional value of restaurant foods.
  31. How to organize an intramural league at your school.
  32. How to learn cooking methods to make the best of available ingredients.
  33. How to build a wood deck on a small budget.
  34. How to effectively pack luggage for a weekend trip.
  35. How to switch majors midway in your college career.
  36. How to get organized to earn better grades in college.
  37. How to create a learning environment to promote concentration.
  38. How to sell you a car and get a great value in return.
  39. How to train your dog to play fetch.
  40. How to acquire international ingredients to make traditional foreign dishes.
  41. How to cook a great vegan burger on the grill.
  42. How to naturally brew Kombucha at home in less than a week.
  43. How to become a referee for a recreational league.
  44. How to build a realistic and scaled solar system.

Informative Process Analysis Essay Topics

Informative process analysis essay topics are different from the ideas we have listed so far because they explain the process without giving instructions to follow. For example, these types of essays will explain the process of photosynthesis or the greenhouse effect without giving the step-by-step direction to this yourself:

  1. How water evaporates into gas to form clouds.
  2. How to carry out a safe chemical experiment in class.
  3. How companies use blockchains to secure information.
  4. How stem cells are used in bone procedures.
  5. How to write and pass a new Amendment in the United States.
  6. How electronic and hybrid cars reduce carbon emissions.
  7. How the internet processes and sends information around the world.
  8. How the federal courts handle court appeals.
  9. How DNA is used to trace a person’s ancestry.
  10. How satellites generate power to navigate in space.
  11. How school institutions determine student loan eligibility.
  12. How companies build security intrusion systems for detection.
  13. How recycling plants work to reduce unnecessary waste.
  14. How companies develop apps to help facilitate daily activities.
  15. How to find trace elements in certain plants.
  16. How solar panels retain and store energy.
  17. How we can use DNA to solve violent crimes.
  18. How electricity originates from the earth’s atmosphere.
  19. How the human central nervous system works.
  20. How cell phone towers help people stay connected.
  21. How scientists can predict the path of hurricanes.
  22. How city engineers prepare for natural disasters.
  23. How to pass a new federal law in our current system of government.
  24. How to adopt a child in the United States.
  25. How different types of clouds are formed in the sky.
  26. How satellites work to spread information around the world.
  27. How black holes are formed in deep space.
  28. How our bodies break down nutrients to keep us alive.
  29. How satellites are controlled from the surface of the Earth.
  30. How the human body’s cardiovascular system works.
  31. How rockets work to take shuttles into space.
  32. How friction can produce electrical currents.
  33. How closed-circuit security cameras work.
  34. How pharmaceutical companies test their products.
  35. How meteorologists accurately forecast the weather.
  36. How bees can fly despite their dimensions.
  37. How scientists can determine the age of a star using light waves.
  38. How we can predict earthquakes minutes before they occur.
  39. How to detect dangerous heavy metals in water.
  40. How cameras can capture high-resolution videos.
  41. How casinos make sure people aren’t cheating.
  42. How admissions officers decide which students are accepted.
  43. How structures are made to avoid collapse.
  44. How lawyers can include DNA evidence in support of their cases.
  45. How cockroaches can survive for a week without their heads.
  46. How muscles and bones work together to help us move.
  47. How we can discover the distance of the star using the speed of light.

Several Funny Process Analysis Essay Topics

Using humor in your writing can be difficult in other types of assignments, but the process analysis provides a great opportunity to write about something funny. Here are some topics for a process essay if you want to bring some laughter to your work:

  1. How to embarrass your parents at a dinner party.
  2. How to do something dumb and become a YouTube star.
  3. How to go to sleep in class without getting caught.
  4. How to convince people you are a celebrity.
  5. How to get out of a bad date by acting awkward.
  6. How to get a teacher to give you the answers for an exam.
  7. How to get out of talking with someone you find boring.
  8. How to prevent someone stupid from ruining a group project.
  9. How to use karma to get whatever you want.
  10. How to make the ugliest Christmas sweater for a holiday party.
  11. How to be sarcastic with someone and not get caught.
  12. How to fake speaking a foreign language to get out of trouble.
  13. How to get people to overcome their fears of spiders.
  14. How to upload a prank video that will make you famous.
  15. How to spend a day hiding from the school bully.
  16. How to eat food while taking a shower.
  17. How to make a funeral awkward for everyone attending.
  18. How to clear a room by flatulating in front of everyone.
  19. How to get away without having to do any chores.
  20. How to avoid solicitors from bothering you when you are home.
  21. How to fake your way through an amateur boxing match.
  22. How to urinate in a public pool without getting caught.
  23. How to fake an illness to get out of an exam.
  24. How to keep people busy without them being productive.
  25. How to pretend you are listening to someone you find boring.
  26. How to go dumpster diving in upscale neighborhoods.
  27. How to fool your family into thinking you are sober at a family dinner.
  28. How to crash the school computers to erase your bad grades.
  29. How to pretend you know what you are doing at the gym.
  30. How to hide your toy collection from your friends.
  31. How to fake a blackout to distract people from other situations.
  32. How to trick your neighbors into giving you their wi-fi codes.
  33. How to learn how to swim as an adult without embarrassing yourself.
  34. How to go on a date and spend less than $5.00.
  35. How to write an outstanding animated comedy show.
  36. How to effectively play pranks on teachers without getting caught.
  37. How to watch streaming networks without having an account.
  38. How to run away from a skunk without getting sprayed.
  39. How to entertain people with bad celebrity impersonations.
  40. How to look good in workout gear when you are overweight.
  41. How to trick a barista into paying for your drink.
  42. How to get out of getting a speeding ticket in any situation.
  43. How to create an outrageous out for a “Come as You Are” party.
  44. How to get away with wearing pajamas all day when working from home.
  45. How to get through a work meeting when you are inebriated.

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