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Are you looking for a long list of original presentation topics? You have arrived at the right place! Our experts have just finished creating a new list of presentation topics ideas for students of all ages. You will find 284 brand new English presentation topics that you can use in any way you like – for free. You can use our topics as they are or you can reword them. There is no need to give us any credit. What are you waiting for? Go through our neatly-organized list and pick the perfect topic in minutes!

Writing An Awesome Presentation

Let’s be honest, writing an awesome presentation is not that difficult. However, you need to keep some things in mind. Here are the most useful tips and tricks that should help you write the perfect presentation in no time:

  • Look for ideas for a presentation topic only in places you trust (like our website).
  • Never use your slides as notes.
  • Strive to simplify your sentences and be as clear and concise as possible.
  • Make sure you discuss a single main idea in every slide.
  • Show your passing through your writing.
  • Take a moment to think about your audience.
  • Don’t forget why you are writing the presentation.
  • Chain the slides in a logical sequence.
  • Don’t make your presentation too long. 10 to 15 slides should suffice, but this depends on the complexity of the topic.
  • Don’t fill your slides with words; make effective use of graphics, charts, graphs, and other visual representation items.
  • Use a professional font and stick to it throughout the entire presentation.
  • Edit each slide to perfection. You want your presentation to get a top grade, don’t you?
  • Finally, always start your presentation with a strong opening. Think about something that would pique the curiosity of your audience and that will keep people hooked.

Now, it’s time to show you our awesome list of 284 interesting presentation topics. Keep in mind that we are constantly updating this list. This means that you will most probably be able to find new topics when you return.

Funny Presentation Topics

Our experts have compiled a list of funny presentation topics that should absolutely impress your professor. Choose one of these ideas and start writing your paper right now:
1. Is China really the superpower it boasts it is?
2. Are my fingerprints really unique?
3. Why should we ban social media in the classroom?
4. Let’s make college education free for everyone
5. How easy is it to make money on YouTube?
6. Talk about your worst ex
7. Things not to write on a Happy Birthday card
8. Discuss the worst joke you have ever heard
9. Do boys gossip more than girls?
10. Here is why clowns are so scary
11. Why you should never start dieting on a Monday
12. What would money say if they could talk?
13. Why would you want to eat at McDonald’s?
14. Things to wear and things not to wear for your prom

Interesting Topics For Presentation

This is the section where you will find what we consider to be the most interesting topics for the presentation. All of these ideas are free, so you can use them as you see fit:
1. Talk about the Greek Tragedy
2. Steve Jobs and his contribution to the tech world
3. Talk about the history of jazz in the US
4. Why are GMOs dangerous?
5. The Best way to market a new product
6. Should we clone humans?
7. Making an organ donation mandatory
8. Talk about the latest advancements in AI
9. Humans should colonize Mars
10. Did we really set foot on the Moon?

Good Presentation Topics

If you are looking for some good presentation topics, you have definitely arrived at the right place. These ideas have been selected by our experts and the list will be updated soon:
1. Why did the chicken cross the road?
2. Talk about Sharia Law and what it means
3. An in-depth look at the latest MacBook Pro
4. Why did Russia attack Ukraine?
5. Did the Covid pandemic end?
6. Talk about the importance of studying physics
7. The negative effects of smoking
8. The importance of knowing how to do CPR
9. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989
10. The necessary skills to be a great cook
11. Talk about emotional intelligence
12. The life and works of William Shakespeare
13. Talk about augmented reality and the tech behind it

Fun Topics For Presentations

Are you looking for some fun topics for presentations? We have just the ideas you seek. Use any of the following topics for your next project and get an A+ from your teacher:
1. Is there such a thing as freedom of the press?
2. Are dogs better pets than cats?
3. Stop making us wear school uniforms
4. The truth about standardized testing
5. The ideal mother
6. Skinny jeans on men
7. Interesting facts about camping
8. What to do when you’re chased by a puma
9. Learn to be lazy like a professional
10. Funny auto-correction mishaps

Complex Ideas For Presentation Topics

In case you want to really impress your professor, you could choose one of these complex ideas for presentation topics. Just keep in mind that the following ideas take longer to write about:
1. Negative effects of genetically modified organisms on our health
2. The negative effects of globalization
3. Proven remedies for type 2 diabetes
4. Dawn Syndrome patients and their reaction to music
5. Imagine a world where no human being has to work
6. Discuss a potential end to the Israel-Palestine conflict
7. An in-depth look at racism in UK schools
8. Talk about the benefits of reading about the human brain
9. Discuss cultural appropriation in the United States of America
10. The role of journalists in the world’s democracies
11. An in-depth look at skin cancer
12. Discuss the Generalized Anxiety Disorder
13. How dangerous is depression today?

Unique Topics For Presentation

Below, you will find an extensive list of unique topics for presentation. These topics have not appeared anywhere else on the Internet, so you are guaranteed some bonus points for originality:
1. Discuss the pay gap in the UK
2. How important is volunteering for your career?
3. A closer look at discrimination in the workplace
4. Analyze the franchise system
5. Talk about the term “digital nomad”
6. Writing an awesome cover letter
7. The impact of the COVID pandemic on work-from-home moms
8. Relevant figures in quantum physics
9. The rise of influencers in India
10. Talk about 3 of your favorite novels

Easy Presentation Topics

If you want to spend as little time creating your next presentation as possible, you should choose one of our easy presentation topics. Here is the list (and it’s expanding quickly):
1. Talk about your favorite pet
2. Who was Michael Jackson?
3. What do you think about your best friend?
4. Talk about what love means to you
5. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
6. Discuss the alternatives to fossil fuel
7. An in-depth look at global warming
8. Is Windows better than Mac OS?
9. Compare Samsung smartphones with Apple smartphones
10. What kind of tech do we need in our classroom?
11. Methods to unclog a toilet the right way
12. The works of Isaac Asimov
13. Augmented reality: is this the future?
14. The rise and fall of blogging and the blogosphere

5 Minute Presentation Topics

Have you been tasked with writing a 5 minute presentation? No problem, our experienced academic writers and editors have compiled a brand new list of 5 minute presentation topics for you:
1. Protecting the environment in 2022
2. How to stop hiccups
3. Benefits of a vegan diet
4. Interesting medical treatments from the 18th century
5. Surviving a nuclear holocaust
6. How to escape a shark
7. How to be responsible
8. The sad truth behind electric vehicles
9. Is Facebook hurting my social life?
10. Talk about ethics in medicine
11. Useless professions in 2023
12. Do humans need a third arm?

10 Minute Presentation Topics

Looking for some awesome 10 minute presentation topics? No problem, we have the best ones right here. Check out the list below and choose the one you like the most:
1. The best joke you’ve heard
2. Protecting the puma population in the US
3. Benefits of playing video games
4. 3 very bizarre sports
5. Best way to promote a product online
6. Dealing with ads on the Internet
7. Organizing a monster party
8. Describe your BFF
9. Cleaning your room the right way
10. Talk about tattoos
11. How to become a millionaire
12. How to survive college

Presentation Topics For High School

Our experienced staff has spent days thinking about original presentation topics for high school. The list of ideas is ready, but we are periodically adding new ones to it:
1. Best way to cook a turkey
2. Saving money in high school
3. Should I take a part-time job?
4. The perfect paper airplane
5. Becoming a millionaire by the time you turn 18
6. Benefits of a vegetarian diet
7. 3 funny TV ads
8. Weird foods in India
9. The world’s most famous big game hunter
10. Fun things to do in recess
11. Becoming a hit on YouTube
12. Are 3 best pranks ever
13. Little-known facts about cows
14. My first day in school

PowerPoint Presentation Topics

If you are looking for some ideas for your next PowerPoint presentation, you have arrived at the right place. Here is a comprehensive list of unique PowerPoint presentation topics:
1. Advancements in genetic science
2. The link between music and happiness
3. How to lose weight fast
4. Banning fossil fuels
5. Installing solar panels
6. Setting up a new business
7. Talk about Chinese exports
8. Should you miss lectures?
9. Can humans levitate?
10. Cheating during an exam
11. How does a CPU work?
12. The perfect storm

Interview Presentation Topics

Are you preparing for an interview? You must be pretty nervous. Don’t worry too much though because you can find a long list of interview presentation topics right here on this page:
1. Why I need this job
2. My work in computer engineering
3. Advancements in Nursing
4. Talk about Internet addiction
5. Talk about your dream job
6. Things to do to pass a job interview
7. Dealing with stress at the workplace
8. Talk about workplace injuries
9. 3 must-have management skills
10. The importance of communication
11. 5 must-have computer skills

T.O.K Presentation Topics

A Theory of Knowledge presentation is not easy to create, we know. You need to analyze a real-life situation in great detail, so the topic is very important. Here are some excellent T.O.K presentation topics for you:
1. Your views on sexuality
2. Your views on gender
3. The importance of greed
4. The Asian culture
5. Ethical punishment
6. Your views on obesity
7. 3 major ethical dilemmas
8. Communication in dance
9. The best form of art
10. Benefits of listening to classical music

Science Topics For Presentation

Do you love writing about science topics? If you do, we have a nice list of science topics for presentation right here for you. Take a look at the list and use any of our ideas as your own:
1. Talk about space exploration
2. The human genome
3. An in-depth look at Alzheimer’s
4. Discuss the colonization of Mars
5. Negative effects of smartphones
6. Using social media effectively
7. The Big Bang Theory
8. Talk about the Kepler telescope
9. The human DNA
10. The role of antioxidants

Safety Presentation Topics

There is much to talk about when it comes to public safety or safety at the workplace. Truth be told, you won’t be able to find these safety presentation topics anywhere else online:
1. Safety in structural engineering
2. Safety at the workplace
3. Safety in a hospital
4. Industrial safety concerns
5. Talk about occupational safety
6. Safety of beach waters in the US
7. Talk about road safety in the UK
8. Safety risks posed by food
9. Safety in the military
10. Fire safety drills

Nursing Presentation Topics

Creating an exceptional presentation on a topic related to nursing can be difficult – but only if you choose the wrong topic. Fortunately, we have a list of relatively simple nursing presentation topics for you:
1. Patient data collection
2. Talk about infertility treatments
3. Discuss home nursing
4. Improving mental health
5. Making euthanasia legal in the US
6. Organ donation principles
7. Top 5 skills a nurse needs
8. Discuss midwifery in Asia
9. Discuss geriatrics ethics
10. Gender discrimination in nursing

Presentation Topics For College Students

As a college student, you should write your presentation on topics that are more complex than those used by high school students. Here are the absolute best presentation topics for college students:
1. The basic principles of nursing
2. Benefits of online teaching
3. How to plan a budget correctly
4. Discuss the concept of microfinance
5. The rise of crypto
6. The tech behind the moon landing
7. Applications of nanotechnology
8. How does 5G work?
9. Advancements in battery technology
10. Little-known facts about the human brain

Psychology Topics For Presentation

If you are interested in creating a presentation on a topic in the field of psychology, this list is all you need. Take a look at our latest and most interesting psychology topics for presentation:
1. Talk about learning disabilities
2. Different parenting styles
3. Bullying in UK schools
4. Discuss the effects of child abuse
5. Treating PTSD patients
6. What is an anxiety disorder?
7. Talk about the Apert syndrome
8. The concepts behind social psychology
9. Talk about addiction
10. Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?

GCSE Presentation Topics

Are you preparing to get the General Certificate of Secondary Education qualification? Then you should prepare to deliver an exceptional individual presentation. To help you out, we have put together a list of interesting, unique GCSE presentation topics:
1. Talk about your favorite artist
2. Talk about animals in circuses
3. Paperback vs. e-book
4. How important is homework?
5. Work smarter, not harder
6. The rise of fake news in 2022
7. Free public transportation
8. Banning standardized testing
9. The use of AI in the classroom
10. Learning a third language fast
11. Violent video games: good or bad?
12. A random act of kindness
13. Why it’s important to vote
14. Getting rid of a bad habit

Interesting Math Topics For Presentation

Even though it’s not common to make presentations on math subjects, some professors do ask for them. So, if you are looking for some interesting math topics for presentation, take a look at the list below:
1. Talk about the many uses of number theory
2. Discuss the theory of random variables in probability
3. An in-depth look at homological algebra
4. Talk about tessellations and their use
5. How do kaleidoscopes work and why are they important?
6. Discuss 3 of the most interesting Millennium Prize problems
7. Why is math so important in our lives?
8. The subtle relation between math and music
9. The math behind a game of chess
10. Solving a Rubik’s Cube using mathematics
11. Talk about patterns in the Chaos Theory
12. A closer look at mathematics in Ancient Egypt
13. An in-depth look at the Möbius strip

Controversial Presentation Topics For Students

Why would you be afraid to talk about controversial topics? Your professor will most likely appreciate your courage. Here are some very captivating controversial presentation topics for students:
1. The effects of global warming in the UK
2. What are the benefits of wearing school uniforms?
3. How effective is the death penalty today?
4. Talk about the current tax system in the United States
5. Talk about the trade of ivory in Asia
6. Discuss the pressing issue of global climate change
7. What are my views on torture?
8. Talk about the controversies surrounding Trump’s election as President of the US
9. Discuss the wars that were caused by religion
10. Are politics a “dirty game” every time?
11. Talk about the rise of the feminist movement
12. How good was Trump as president of the United States?
13. Talk about high level corruption in Western Europe
14. Discuss the use of animals in experiments

Rare Topics For Presentation

In this section, you will find some topics that students generally avoid. However, these ideas are actually pretty good. Here is our brand new list of rare topics for presentation. But if none of the topics suits you, you can use online assignment help, which will allow you to delegate all your assignments.
1. Depression in college
2. Drug addiction in the US
3. The Syrian conflict today
4. The truth behind World War II
5. Talk about dyslexia
6. Effects of reading on the human brain
7. Discuss the term “polyglot”
8. What makes a good journalist?
9. Talk about Area 51
10. Are we being watched by aliens?

Latest Technology Presentation Topics

Are you tech-savvy? If putting together presentations about breaking developments in the field of technology sounds like something you love, check out our list of the latest technology presentation topics:
1. Advancements in artificial intelligence over the last 10 years
2. Talk about a pressing issue related to cybersecurity
3. Discuss the difficulties of conformance testing
4. The many positive effects of technology on human fertility
5. Talk about the use of tech in the classroom
6. Medical technology during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK
7. The use of technology in the Ukraine-Russia War
8. Effects of technology on the way people travel
9. My opinion on the “robots replacing human labor” issue
10. Genetic engineering and its uses in 2023
11. Talk about how tech has helped online education
12. Negative effects of playing video games
13. Talk about self-driving cars in the United States
14. The rise and fall of cloud computing in the US

Social Media Presentation Topics

Social media is a very important part of our lives (at the time of writing), so why wouldn’t you consider creating a presentation on a topic on social media? Check out these original social media presentation topics, choose one and start putting together the presentation today:
1. The advantages of using social media in 2023
2. Social media effects on our identity
3. Social media from the perspective of human society
4. Using social media as a powerful marketing tool
5. Talk about staling on social media
6. The disadvantages of social media use
7. Discuss the effects of bullying on social media
8. Talk about the positive effects of using social media in the workplace
9. Race and religion in social media
10. Discuss 3 ethical issues related to the use of social media
11. Talk about privacy (and issues of privacy) on social media
12. Positive effects of social media use of college students
13. The complex mechanisms of social media marketing
14. Social media in North Korea

Need More Presentation Topic Ideas?

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