213 International Relations Dissertation Topics That Will Help You Succeed

international relations dissertation topics

International relations dissertation topics cover the relations between different nations, regions, economies, and governments. They also explore the essence of economic ties, trade, global security, diplomacy, and foreign policies. Essentially, these topics don’t focus on one country. Instead, they cover events and their impact on regions or countries. Virtually every country should ensure that its economic and international relations with other nations are longstanding and valuable.

International relations studies enable students to understand the operations and connections of different countries. It also allows learners to know the effects of policy changes and other significant incidents among countries. If struggling to select a topic for your paper in this subject, these ideas should guide you.

Dissertation Topics in International Relations

If looking for a topic that will capture your educator’s attention and compel them to award you the top grade, consider any of these topic ideas. These are some of the best topics that can capture the educator’s attention, but you still will have to take your time to research your preferred topic idea thoroughly and write a brilliant paper to impress the educator.

  1. Brexit implications for the European Union and the United Kingdom
  2. Current globalization trends of financial markets
  3. The primary energy and fuel resources suppliers and consumers
  4. What is the American interest Promotion system or lobbying?
  5. What is democracy retreat?
  6. International relations- What are the direct humanitarian interventions?
  7. The US global leadership evolution in a contemporary strategy for international relations
  8. Investigating the international refugee laws
  9. Modern geopolitics- Celebrating realism instead of idealism
  10. Differentiating the League of Nations from the United Nations
  11. How a rising China can benefit the United States and her allies
  12. Viewing globalization from a socioeconomic perspective
  13. Lessons from the Russian and American conflict
  14. How the American foreign policy affects democratization and human rights
  15. The structure of the International Monetary Fund
  16. Controversies around Amnesty International
  17. Human rights violation in Uganda
  18. What causes global poverty?
  19. Causes and effects of the Syrian conflict
  20. Power battles in the Arctic Circle
  21. Investigating the Non-State actors’ roles in Japan Corporations
  22. Global distribution of the GM foods market
  23. What are the ethical guidelines for NGOs?
  24. Analyzing the global security networks
  25. Neo-globalization- Investigating international cooperation
  26. Anti-globalization movement and globalization
  27. Analyzing patriotism during trans-nationalism
  28. How to negotiate for hostages in a foreign country
  29. How UMSCA affects international trade
  30. The impact of the US exit from the Paris Climate Change Treaty
  31. How feminists approach international relations theory
  32. Comparing Japan’s and China’s foreign aid policies
  33. How the UN has failed in its nuclear disarmament plans
  34. How China-Soviet conflict affects the US-China relations
  35. Effects of China-Taiwan-Hong Kong relations on the international economy
  36. Examining the US foreign policy
  37. Why domestic policies matter to international relations
  38. Analyzing global anti-colonial justice and inequality
  39. Why anti-dumping is necessary for international trade legislation
  40. Approaches for foreign policy decision making

Politics and International Relations Dissertation Topics

If interested in international relations and politics, you may want to write a paper on a topic in this category. Here are ideas that can earn learners high grades when researched extensively. Your professor will be interested in any of these topics in international relations and politics. However, take your time to research and analyze information extensively to develop a top-notch paper about your preferred topic.

  1. World Health Organization- Benefits of international relations for a global medical system
  2. International politics on feminism- Analyzing the constant efforts for ensuring gender equality worldwide
  3. The American amendments- Analyzing the US laws and their applications
  4. Why foreign labor matters- How immigrants help countries develop their cities
  5. Economic alliances between nations- How partnerships provide financial support
  6. The Israel conflict- Analyzing the historical conflict between Israel and Palestine
  7. Investigating the NATO role in military defense
  8. The European Union formation and why it’s important
  9. The Arab Spring- Investigating revolutions in Arab countries
  10. Religion involvement in politics- Religious and governmental roles
  11. The origins of right and left parties- the Interesting story behind the segregation
  12. Investigating international relations between democratic and communist countries
  13. Cold war Studying its causes and effects on political relations
  14. The Communist regime- Investigating the hard times in Europe during communism
  15. The First World War- Political situations that facilitated World War 1
  16. How the Soviet Union’s collapse influenced international relations between the West and Eastern Europe
  17. How Single Europe formation opened up the EU to Eastern European nations while hindering or helping this ideal
  18. Why countries in Eastern Europe are susceptible to the Soviet rule
  19. Has the integration of Eastern European countries into the EU succeeded?
  20. How rising China will affect the relationship between Russia and the West
  21. Discussing the primary problems that prompted Eastern European countries to enter the EU
  22. Why Russia remains a threat to the Western ideals
  23. Has the Cold war ended?
  24. Will the pre-eminent role of Russia in Eurasian politics continue with the growing power of China?
  25. How Russia influences the fragmented EU
  26. Considering the relations between the US and Russia, why have they never declared war?
  27. Based on past links, why is Russia always distancing itself from the West?
  28. Is hybrid war a part of the Russian threat to Western countries?
  29. How Crimea’s annexation by Russia can break relations with Western countries
  30. Has the world neglected the Russian threat to Eastern European countries?

Best International Relations Ph.D. Ideas

Do you want to write a Ph.D. dissertation about the latest or topical issue? In that case, pick your dissertation title from this list. These are exciting topics for an international relations dissertation in 2022. Nevertheless, research the issue you choose extensively to gather the latest information to incorporate in your paper.

  1. Policy shifts in the US-Russia relations after President Donald Trump
  2. What role has the UN played in resolving the Indian annexation of Kashmir?
  3. Investigating the intervention of Russia in Syria and its effect on US-Europe relations
  4. How the economic growth of China will affect the world
  5. Should the world be concerned by the India-China border conflict?
  6. Investigating the causes of the China-India conflict
  7. Should the US feel threatened by the growth of China as a superpower?
  8. Should the US change its stance towards Russia?
  9. How the US-China trade war affects global trade
  10. Investigating the pulling out of the US military from Germany
  11. How cryptocurrencies will affect global business and international relations
  12. Why is China emerging as an economic power?
  13. What caused Brexit?
  14. How the Affordable Care Act affects the healthcare system in the US
  15. Impact of the Black Lives Matter movement on the view and discussions about racism
  16. Changes in the immigration laws in the US over the past years
  17. How the immigration laws in the US compare to those of other countries
  18. Effects of states with increased minimum wages
  19. Factors that have increased the unemployment rate globally
  20. Analyzing the relationship between North Korea and the United States
  21. Changes in international relations during the Trump presidency
  22. How feminist goals changed in the last ten years
  23. How China’s One belt One Road project affected the Indian economy
  24. Is Iran a strategic Middle East threat to the US?
  25. How US sanctions affect the Interest of Iran in Iraq
  26. Implications of sanctions by the US on Iran for Pakistan or India
  27. What’s the peacemaker role of Iran in Afghanistan following the US withdrawal?
  28. Discuss the Indo-Pacific New Great Game
  29. Discuss the Afghanistan-Iran relations following the US withdrawal
  30. Iran militia’s effect on Israel-Palestine conflict

Interesting International Relations Thesis Topics

Your thesis topic should be exciting to read about for the educator to award you the top grade. This category has suitable topics for you if looking for interesting international relations and politics dissertation ideas. Pick any of these ideas and then develop them through research to create a thesis that will earn you the top grade.

  1. Global policeman- Could the US be using this terminology to cover bullying?
  2. Analyzing the differences between the foreign policies of democratic and republican secretaries of State
  3. Why political relationships matter in fostering global peace
  4. Analyzing the China/Hong Kong relationship and its role in Gaza
  5. How weapons trade affects relationships between sellers and buyers
  6. Analyzing BRIC countries and their relationships’ economic benefits in the African States
  7. Analyzing the relationship between the West and the developing world- Is exploitation or co-dependency?
  8. Analyzing the essence of sports, competition, and trade between countries as a way of establishing lasting relationships
  9. Investigating the crisis in Qatar international relationship- How to prevent future political problems
  10. Analyzing foreign intervention in Political processes in a country and its impact
  11. Interpreting the public law and international policies- Do they shield or aid criminals from the laws of their countries?
  12. Why is continental currency essential to trade?
  13. How can a continental currency aid the Africa economies?
  14. Analyzing Britain’s exit from the European Union- How will it affect the European continent?
  15. How NATO affects the relationships between Russia and member states
  16. Analyzing Ancient Greece’s foreign policies and their impact on nearby states
  17. The prominent role of China in modern times regarding Sino-African relations
  18. How customs, beliefs, and language define the international policies of a country
  19. The impact of religious beliefs on the foreign policy of a country and interactions with other states
  20. US actions in the pursuit of national interests- Are they always legit under international law?
  21. Decoupling from China- For how long this Trump policy will continue?
  22. The long-term effects of Trumpism rise in the US- Dealing with the growing anti-war and isolationist trend.
  23. Competing priorities in Western, Eastern Europe, Indo-Pacific, and the Middle East- Does the USA foreign policy lack strategic focus?
  24. How will the US approach Brexit?
  25. What the Geopolitical influence and power of Russia means for the US foreign policy
  26. How does the wall between the US and Mexico affect the global economy?
  27. Will liberal internationalism remain the guide for the US foreign policy even with China’s growing power?
  28. What is the primary threat to the United States?
  29. Who controls the foreign policy of a country, and how does that affects its international relations?
  30. How can a perceived threat to a country affect its relations with other nations?

Human Rights Dissertation Topics

Internationally, students have many frameworks and policies addressing human rights that they can consider for their dissertation. Here are some of the topics in this category. Pick any of these topics if interested in international human rights. Investigate the idea extensively to develop an exciting paper.

  1. Analyzing critical human rights law elements at an international level
  2. A review of human rights from an international law’s perspective
  3. How human rights and international relations complement each other at a global level
  4. Human rights and their custodian at an international level
  5. How do the rules governing international human rights differ from those of your country?
  6. Does the UK safeguard the immigrant’s social rights?
  7. Do the UK’s legal immigrants get equal economic and social rights with the natives?
  8. Transnational attitudes and cultural rights- How globalization affects the UK nationals’ rights
  9. A perspective on democratic rights, international human rights, and culture
  10. How international human rights shape the legal discipline in the academic world
  11. Public trust and international human rights- A domestic perspective
  12. Who should safeguard human rights laws at the international level?
  13. Who suffers because of conflicts against militias?
  14. Exploring international human rights within the tort laws context
  15. The implementation challenges facing policies on international human rights
  16. Enforcing the international human rights laws- Investigating challenges and achievements
  17. Unaccompanied children and international human rights- Reviewing the transnational borders with this issue
  18. Cultural, religious, and ethnic rights from the perspective of the international human rights
  19. Human rights laws violation- Who should be responsible?
  20. International human rights- The view of people suffering from armed atrocities and political oppression
  21. Human trafficking- How to address this violation of human rights at a global level
  22. Gendering documentation- Is it a manual for defending women’s human rights?

Terrorism Dissertation ideas

Terrorism is an international threat, and countries should combine efforts to fight it. Here are sample topics to consider in this category. These brilliant topics on international relations and terrorism will help you narrow your research extensively before writing your dissertation.

  1. How the Western security policy has progressed since the 9/11 terrorist attack
  2. How the ongoing war against terrorism has suppressed civil liberties
  3. Do the recent terror attacks mean that efforts to fight terrorists have failed?
  4. Longitudinal and cross-national comparisons of the public opinion on studies regarding supporting and opposing the war against terrorism
  5. Evaluating and measuring counter-terrorism policies
  6. Unexpected and unwanted side- The boomerang effects on counter-terrorism
  7. Addressing the disconnect in terrorism and counter-terrorism intelligence
  8. Gender and terrorism
  9. The internet and terrorism
  10. Investigating civil war and state repression from an international perspective
  11. The media and terrorism- How do they shape public opinion?
  12. International counter-terrorism policies
  13. Counter-terrorism tactics, strategies, and operations
  14. Terrorism groups, actors, and incidents
  15. How the 9/11 events support Samuel Huntingdon’s idea of a civilization clash
  16. Did the world take enough measures to prevent another terrorism act after the 9/11 attack?
  17. Were the United States’ actions following the 9/11 attack legit and proportionate?
  18. How did the 9/11 events affect international relations?
  19. How did the 9/11 attack influence international relations between the Arab world and the West?
  20. Discuss the political lessons that the world has learned from the ongoing terror war
  21. How trade between countries has continued despite the overshadowing context of the terror war
  22. Defining international terrorism- Is the use of drone attacks and targeted killings a legit response to terror attacks?
  23. The impact of international terrorism fears on domestic security laws
  24. How countries use their war on terror to justify their security measures
  25. How the 9/11 attack acted as a catalyst for the Arab spring’s political upheaval
  26. Strategies for countering extremist ideologies at the international level
  27. How to strengthen the international resilience against terrorism
  28. Conspiracy theories for countering terrorism

More Topics in International Relations

Perhaps, you’re yet to find a topic you would like to work with from the above list. In that case, consider these international relations research topics for more ideas.

  1. Why did the Soviet Union sign the Non-Aggression treat in 1939?
  2. Why power is central to the perspectives of realists on international relations
  3. Why international relations are vital to any country
  4. China and Russia- Which is the more significant threat to the US national security?
  5. Western countries and security concerns
  6. China-US forthcomings
  7. China-US conflict or cooperation
  8. US involvement in Chile and Peru
  9. Present and past US foreign policy
  10. Defense and foreign policies in the US
  11. The Ukraine crisis and Vladimir Putin
  12. The State of EU-US relations
  13. International politics theories
  14. International theory traditions
  15. Israel creation and Truman
  16. International relations- The structural theory
  17. Weaknesses and strengths of the international law
  18. International relations and the second industrial revolution
  19. International relations and democracy in the 19th century
  20. The European Union and Britain- Analyzing their relations
  21. How realists approach international relations
  22. International war maturation
  23. Negative realism role in world politics
  24. The global system and new sovereignty
  25. Effects of the Nixon doctrine on international relations
  26. International relations problems
  27. Overseas military bases- What are their problems?
  28. Globalization and its impact on international relations
  29. Analyzing the good neighbor policy
  30. How liberalism affects international relations
  31. Why military ethics matter during the global war
  32. Relationship issues between the US and Iran
  33. International relations in North Korea- A realistic interpretation

Pick any of these ideas and develop them into a winning dissertation. If unable to do it alone, seek professional assistance online. Use cheap services of expert US, British, or UK writers to complete your dissertation fast without compromising quality. That way, you’ll get a custom dissertation from ENL writers with a proven track record of delivering superior papers for college and university students.

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