193 Best Accounting Dissertation Topics For Perfect Thesis

accounting dissertation topics

By the time you’re searching for accounting dissertation topics, you’re already an accountant. That means you need relevant and exciting topics for your dissertations.

Accounting is a study subject covering many sub-domains.

As a process, accounting entails keeping many financial records to perform internal business or organizational audits. Accounting’s primary purpose is to determine an organization’s overall liquidity, wealth, and profitability.

In business, accounting involves bookkeeping and preparing financial statements, including loss and profits, management accounts, and balance sheets. A good accounting dissertation reflects in-depth research and excellent writing skills. It adds new and relevant information to the student’s study field.

Unfortunately, many students don’t have the meticulous guidance and knowledge to write brilliant accounting dissertations. In most cases, selecting a compelling topic is the primary challenge. That’s because the title that a student picks determines how they write the paper. If struggling to choose a title for your thesis, this article lists many ideas that you can consider for your paper.

Top Accounting Dissertation Topics

Maybe you’re looking for a list of the top accounting topics from which you can pick a title for your paper. In that case, this category has brilliant ideas for you.

  1. Describe the basics of financial market investing
  2. Describe how far the CA should plan for the future
  3. Compare the relationship between accounting and banking
  4. What is the ethical motive for tax evasion?
  5. How critical is a large-scale business audit?
  6. Should countries review their tax policies?
  7. How significant is management accounting?
  8. Is financial reporting and auditing essential to corporate governance?
  9. What are the challenges and issues in environmental accounting measurement?
  10. The influence of accounting information on the capital cost of a company
  11. Accounting conservation and institutional ownership composition
  12. How poor account methods affect a business
  13. Is taking a significant risk a worthwhile move for a small business?
  14. Why you should hire an accountant to take care of your finances
  15. Does accounting have a gender bias?
  16. The role of assets, currency, and stock in the establishment of a financial stock market
  17. How analysis can control circular debt
  18. Effective bookkeeping strategies
  19. The perks of an accounting information system
  20. Why self-employed individuals should hire accountants
  21. Women prevalence in the accounting field
  22. Accounting conservatism- Financial institutions and debt contracts
  23. Does the organizational culture influence the accountancy department?
  24. Debt management implications currently and in the future
  25. How accountancy companies handle and organize business payroll requirements
  26. Business accounting and technology- What are the benefits?
  27. The criteria for bank loans
  28. The effect of cash flow change on accounting
  29. The role of technology in accounting
  30. How audit committees can review business accounts
  31. A comparison of two accounting software instances that aim at medium and small businesses

These are brilliant topics to consider for your accounting dissertation. However, take the time to research your preferred topic to write a winning paper.

Accounting and Finance Dissertation Topics

As a professional concept, finance covers raising funds and investing them, while accounting aims to collate sufficient information to help investors and business owners to make informed decisions. Here are brilliant dissertation topics in accounting and finance.

  1. Financial institution practices and accounting standards in the western world
  2. Financial and accounting reporting issues in financial institutions
  3. Investigating the relationship between economic growth and financial accounting
  4. Accounting and finance in Ancient Mesopotamia- How did it influence modern times?
  5. Investigating the accounting meaning and language role in its formation
  6. The origins of accounting and finance terms and their modern uses
  7. How Luca Pacioli promoted financial accounting
  8. Ancient Rome accounting and its role in molding modern financial institutions
  9. Exploring the income statement concept and its financial statements correlation
  10. How Societies Publicanorum Set practice established the Share markets foundation
  11. The structure of the stock market and the Dutch Indian Trade Company Agreement of 1602
  12. The essence of establishing international standards for the accounting profession
  13. Finance and accounting role in societal building
  14. Exploring different financial accounting fields and their implementation
  15. Forensic accounting role in law enforcement
  16. RICO laws, forensic accounting, and the criminal justice system in the 19th century
  17. Mathematics role in developing ancient finance and accounting practices
  18. Certification primary accounting exam history and its role in establishing financial institutions
  19. Analyzing and comparing multinational corporations organizational structure in Australia, Europe, and the USA
  20. The banking sector revolution because of the micro-finance inception
  21. Empirical analysis of the mergers’ effect on corporations acquisitions and the national economy
  22. Analyzing the multinational corporations’ limitations concerning the foreign exchange rate
  23. How academic training equips undergraduate students in finance and business with the skills they need to venture into the financial sector
  24. Identifying leadership role in transforming business ideas into successful concepts
  25. Financial limitations in the tourism and hotel industry- How this can lead to fraudulent activities
  26. The role of the board of directors and organizational structure in employee performance and their earnings
  27. The interest rates intensity in accounting and finance
  28. Market analysis and cryptocurrencies perspectives
  29. How digital currencies affect accounting and finance
  30. Expected returns in accounting and finance
  31. Corporate governance and disclosure
  32. Investigating health finance during the COVID-19 pandemic
  33. COVID-19 and the international finance corporation
  34. Considerations for global accounting because of COVID-19
  35. COVID-19 and the international accounting standards
  36. What’s the job of an auditor with third parties and the clients?
  37. The relationship between discretionary accruals and earnings management

These are good topics to consider if interested in writing about accounting and finance. But like those in the other categories, take your time to research your preferred topic idea to develop a strong paper.

Best Accounting Topics for Research

Maybe you’re looking for topics that many people will find interesting to read. In that case, this list has some of the best topic ideas to consider.

  1. Studying the effects of public information and market in market share index fluctuation
  2. Analyze your country’s tax system
  3. Analyze the essence of big corporate houses’ audit
  4. Financial markets investing and the essential consideration
  5. The accounting information role in capital cost in an extensive business framework
  6. Reviewing financial accounting tools that organizations can use to monitor liquidity levels
  7. SMEs capital structure determinants
  8. Asset liability management in the banking sector
  9. Valuation for acquisitions and mergers- The primary determinants
  10. How the financial crisis affects the health sector
  11. How non-specialists and specialists in the retail industry affect accounting quality
  12. Investigating economic accounting relevance in Islamic trade organizations
  13. The importance of the accounting environment in a country for accounting quality
  14. How fraud grows in the private organizations’ accounting environment in the UK
  15. The relevance of financial ratios in fraud detection for SMEs in developed nations
  16. Can companies use financial ratios to predict bankruptcy?
  17. Why a balance sheet is essential in a financial company
  18. The managerial accountant responsibilities
  19. Analyzing receivable accounts
  20. Introduction and essence of contribution margin
  21. How cost accounting differs from financial accounting
  22. The primary inventory control methods
  23. Bank statement definition and importance
  24. Common problems in shares and debentures
  25. Investigating the essence of net present value
  26. The American red cross commendable financial aid during the catastrophic 9/11 2001 incident
  27. The electronic accounting system’s importance in the modern business environment
  28. Adjustable-rate mortgages introduction and the ARM tendency to be transmissible
  29. Corporate scandals frequency and their relation with accounts management
  30. Analyzing depreciation methods in accounting
  31. The accounting tendency to damage businesses
  32. Organizational culture and accounting ethics- the contention points and similarities
  33. Business accounting benefits from the introduction of modern technology
  34. Investigating accounting procedures that every company should undertake
  35. Capital budgeting methods perceived via payback, ROI, and IRR

These are fantastic topics to consider for your accounting dissertation. Nevertheless, take adequate time to research your title to write a winning paper.

Unique Finance Dissertation Topics

Maybe you want to write an informative dissertation on a finance topic. If so, consider any of these ideas for your paper.

  1. Capital structure’s effect on stock returns within the petrochemical sector
  2. Analyzing market interest and asymmetric information
  3. Maximizing the banking supply chain finance for boosting efficiency
  4. Brexit impact on the United Kingdom’s foreign investment
  5. Small and medium enterprises capital structure and its influence
  6. Why insurance interest is part of the insurance contracts’ requirements
  7. Moral cognitive development theory- What is moral maturity for finance and accounting professionals?
  8. Opportunism and cooperation in venture capital financed firms.
  9. Development and gender via western eyes- Analyzing microfinance as the solution to poverty and neo-liberalism in third world countries.
  10. Multi-level quadratic stochastic volatility and its application in insurance and finance
  11. Quantitative study on the effects of innovation-related investments and performance in corporate financial profit.
  12. Efficient investment approaches in non-point pollution management from a local government perspective.
  13. Service-based settlement support structure for municipal infrastructure investment
  14. Investing opportunities and obstacles in Pakistan’s energy industry
  15. Effects of foreign investments on Zambia’s economic growth
  16. Corporation investments and their impact on a country’s economic development
  17. How microfinance companies help the poor in a society
  18. How Saudi economic reforms affect foreign direct investments
  19. A comparison of financial advancements in Europe and Asia
  20. Microfinance and its negative impact on developing nations
  21. How banks helped with the SMEs growth in the last decade
  22. Analyzing MasterCard and VISA financial statements
  23. Are foreign banks profitable than domestic banks?
  24. Do corporate strategy and capital structure have a link?
  25. How microfinance empowers women globally
  26. Investigating the real estate sector in China from the perspective of a banker
  27. IFRS implementation in the UK- What are the reactions and concerns?
  28. Essential successful microfinance institution traits- A case study
  29. Poverty alleviation and microfinancing
  30. How IT has transformed finance and the banking industry
  31. The essence of credit flow in the agronomic industry
  32. The PATRIOT Act in the US and its impact on international banking
  33. Trade blocks and how they affect the banking sector
  34. Analyzing the future of internet banking
  35. Is the current supervision necessary for the banks?
  36. The essence of relationship banking
  37. Why banks are opposed to digital currencies

These are great topic ideas to consider for your dissertation. However, prepare to research your preferred topic idea, analyze information and write a good paper.

Simple Accounting Research Topics

Perhaps, you’re looking for a simple accounting thesis topic that you can work on relatively faster. If so, consider any of these ideas for your dissertation.

  1. Cost minimization and profit maximization using capital management
  2. Common tax administration issues incorporate
  3. Best practices implementation in government organizations- How accounting influence them
  4. What are the ethical issues surrounding tax evasion?
  5. How total quality management affect productivity- Explaining the effects with a profit model
  6. The impact of information technology on accounting management systems of developing nations
  7. The effect of accounting information on banks portfolio management
  8. Accountability and transparency role in local governments’ financial management
  9. Why organizations in the public sector depend on accounting information
  10. The impact of tax evasion and avoidance on economic development
  11. Why financial balance sheets are essential in efficient account management
  12. Are accounting standards relevant in the contemporary world?
  13. Why live information is necessary for accountants
  14. Why companies should invest in sophisticated accounting software
  15. Describe everyday ethics dilemmas in the accounting
  16. Why an accountant can make false entries in their records
  17. What are the risks of accounting software’s use in companies?
  18. Are strict regulations necessary in financial reporting?
  19. How companies can update accounting systems effectively
  20. Analyzing online accounting risks
  21. Effective inventory management methods in management firms
  22. Exploring effective ways to plan profits
  23. The information technology influence on tax management
  24. Effects of budgetary control on an industry
  25. Why financial ratio analysis is essential for small enterprise appraisal
  26. The essence of financial statements when making investment decisions

These accounting research topics are relatively easier to work with when writing a dissertation. However, you still require time to research them before writing your paper about your preferred topic idea.

Accounting Thesis Topics for Undergraduate Students

Maybe you’re an undergraduate student looking for good topics for your thesis paper. In that case, this list has exciting ideas to consider.

  1. Manual versus computerized accounting- What are the pros and cons?
  2. Current accounting standards- Are they relevant in the contemporary world?
  3. The essence of government regulation in modern financial reporting
  4. The theoretical models of mental accounting
  5. Best practices for verifying an asset’s annual depreciation
  6. Factors determining accounting and financial reporting progress
  7. How marginal costing and differential costing very- Use examples to explain
  8. The fundamental dynamics of corporate governance
  9. The role of time in a cash flow process
  10. How the internet influences accounting practices
  11. Earning management significance
  12. Evaluating debt management significance
  13. Best ideas for reducing debt growth
  14. How accounting information assists accountants in making strategic decisions for their organizations
  15. Best practices for cutting off taxes in an organization
  16. The risks of advanced technology on accounting
  17. Why updating the accounting software is necessary
  18. Ethical accounting challenges

These are exciting accounting topics for undergraduate dissertations. However, learners that pick these topics should take adequate time researching and writing about these topic ideas.

Auditing Topics for Research Paper

An audit is a fact-finding mission involving investigative work. If interested in writing a dissertation about an auditing topic, here are some of the best ideas to consider.

  1. Organization environmental impacts on international auditing standards’ adoption
  2. How global legal environments affect the auditor’s behavior- Literature synthesis
  3. The effects of outsourced internal audit works and how they compare to an in-house department’s operations
  4. Analyzing the Islamic financial institutions auditing- Synthesizing the literature
  5. How internal audits function in banks and their effects on fraud detection rates and practices
  6. Studying the auditing differences between private and public enterprises
  7. How does the inclusion of primary audit issues on financial statements affect the social image of an organization?
  8. Digital environment’s fraud detection- Exploring the challenges and prospects
  9. Compatibility challenges facing Islamic institutions in traditional auditing environments
  10. The difference between Audit assurance progress compared to ambiguities in financial statement
  11. Exploring different audit services that private consultancy firms offer
  12. How internal audits assist companies in managing compliance risk

Consider any of these topics if interested in writing a thesis on an auditing topic. However, prepare to spend a significant amount of time researching and writing about the issue.

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